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Please keep discussion as civil and related to /cgl/ as possible.
> I fucking love bonnets, and I think they look the best in gothic lolita coords.
> I don't mind seeing side-swept bangs/fringe on a hairstyle as long as it doesn't look like a mess and is styled accordingly. IMO there's too much of an expectation now to have straight bangs as part of your hairstyle. Let's be honest - some people's facial structures don't go well with straight bangs.
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Wait, are bonnets unpopular now? I've always loved them.
I think bonnets in sweet are more frowned upon since it gives off a much more "baby" vibe then in classic and gothic.
It doesn't fucking matter if you don't think bittersweet or country sweet are real styles or even substyles. Just let people use those terms without being cunts about it. Using labels helps people find what they're looking for better. It hurts no one.

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Share your favourites, your own (if you want), etc. Jfash & Cosplay welcome.
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I'll start. I'd rather not share mine (it's really boring right now), but some favs are:

Opened my app, here's some lolitas I follow:

Oh yay, ive been waiting for one of these threads.
I'm looking to follow more lolitas, and i usually f4f.

My account name is snackysnad. I post my outfits and things i eat. https://www.instagram.com/snackysnad/

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I'm planning on going to Otakon in my home city of Baltimore. Time isn't an issue, I have plenty of time to prepare my costume. The problem is I'm Black. I have airsoft guns with the bright orange safety tips but I'm scared to walk around with them.
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Then don't. Is it worth getting shot over cosplay?
Airsoft guns usually aren't allowed in conventions anyway.

Also this is prolly bait but whatevs.

As long as you aren't stupid with them, you should be fine. Like don't wave them around carelessly, stow them away when you're not on convention grounds, make sure your weapons align with the weapons policy etc.

If you wanna be creative and not have to worry, just use one of dante's other weapons. Like lucifer or pandora. My life for a really good Gilgamesh or Luciferrrr
are you just going to make lame threads all night

Hi there, I'm super new to cosplay but fell in love with a background character from the new Star Wars. He has a pretty killer helmet but I'm not quite sure how to make helmets at all and all the instructions from a cursory google are pretty "high tier learning" situations.

TLDR could you give me some good links and tips for helmet creation in cosplay? Please?
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What's with the recent string of newfags unable to use the catalog? Con season's starting up?
I love it when little boys lik you post here- but this is not the place to make your own thread! Mommy is very dissapointed and is going to punish you for not posting in the help thread like a good boy.

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Shoutout to armored Undyne edition.

Old thread >>8795103

What's everyone working on? How many Frisks will we see at every con this year? Going to a con soon? Dont forget to take pictures of Undertale cosplay and share it here! (so we can talk shit)
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The armor don't look like Undyne's armor, but at least she did an effort
I'll going to work in this armor too, nobody did it, at least, a good one.
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The pic you have is her genocide armor though. I think OPs pic looks reasonably like Undyne's normal armor. Its pretty difficult to translate a sprite into a cosplay, anyway.

I would love to see one of her genocide armor, though.
That frisk in the background looks adorable af. Also what is up with all the fatties? I get that the game panders to tumblr but jesus fuck.

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A design for the pokemon espeon. Thoughts on this sort of cosplay?

(background : so I have a degree in Costume design and construction. Yes that is actually a university course! I love anime and cosplay but my designson are a little different to what I've seen at comic con. More performance based. I'd just like a few opinions on if you would like to see this sort of cosplay. Or if I'm deluded and wasting my time... I just want to make things for a living! Not work in a kitchen xx
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looks like you're gonna be spending a lot more time in that kitchen.
I suggest you trash this design and first google and study how other people have done an Espeon gijinka.
I kind of like it and I especially love the skirt/tail
Hate the bra-triangle part though.

Also, don't expect too much actual helpful and constructive critisism on here, you're better off asking your teachers.

Marvel Cosplay Thread
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Shilling my Daredevil
Wow that's a shitty selfpost of X23
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Old thread >>8774114
Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first
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also selling chiffon blouse for 7 dollars and offbrand bag for free. I charge in euros. shipping from the Netherlands. open to trades for dark colored oldschool (small size).

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Reposting from last thread! Selling this beautiful old school btssb jsk. This dress has full shirring and is made of a thick warm material. Comes with matching head bow. I cannot find the official name of the dress but the measurements appear to be as follows
Bust: 66-120 cm
Waist: 60-100 cm
Length: 92 cm

giver or take (except on length course ha)

and here is the listing

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I haven't seen a thread like this in a while, but what are some rarely-cosplayed pieces of media that you wish had more attention in the community? What about characters (from popular or unpopular series) that you'd like to see more of?

For me, it's Rhyhm Heaven. I love the series and think it has a lot of potential for cute cosplays but I've never seen much from it.
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Characters from bemani games (iidx, pop'n, DDR, sdvx, etc.)

Characters from cave games (mushihimesama, deathsmiles)

90s anime (90-99)

Nadia Secret of Blue Water (the whole cast not just nadia or jean)

I really want the last one, but the show is over 25 years old now and is not that memorable to most people besides the fact the main character is black. I can dream though.
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Endless variants, especially elaborate costumes.

Especially-especially the alternate Dreams from Overture.

There are so many options and Sandman cosplayers tend to stick to the basics.
Bioshock 1 and 2 they just died down and now it's nothing but a zillion Elizabeths

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New feels thread

Old thread:
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>dream dress MTO
>makes reservation
>next week
>dream dress on LM
>buys it
>next week
>dream dress being re-released as a MTO
>makes reservation
>the next day
>another dream dress on LM

This is what I get for signing that contract. Why does it keep happening to me? WHY?
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>Study literature in university.
>Know it's a useless degree.
>But discussing poetry with educated people makes me feel so elegant and refined.
>Wish I could organize a poetry meet in my comm.
>Already know that no one would be interested.
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>have feelings for a guy
>full blown doki sickness
>reduced appetite
>fluttering heart
>gooey smiles
>all for the past 6 months

>only see him in person once a year for four days
>only real contact is through social media
>sempai contacts me on facebook about styling wigs for him
>nearly cry

its so hard gulls i dont even know if hes [spoiler]gay ;_;[/nospoilersoncgl]

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New CoF thread, the old one is saging.
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Beluga makes me think of tiny whales in IW dresses. I wish IW would make a classic whale print.

I love this with all of my cold dead heart

about time we had another bad photo thread, post the worst photoshop/photography jobs you've seen for us all to cringe at together
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Damn. And she looks like she could be really cute too. This guy or girl sucks.

Make sure you name the photographer responsible if their watermarks aren't on the photos.
same photographer
the watermark is in the bottom right corner

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If anime characters didn't wear as skimpy clothes as they do, would you still be interested in cosplay?

Be honest.
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fanboy go home, grownups are working and swapping tales here
probably but id be going to larps instead of cons

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Can we have a /cgl/ reaction picture thread? My folder is kill.
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File: 1452380426077.jpg (610KB, 1694x1180px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
610KB, 1694x1180px

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Arisia thread, Go.

How's the new "watch" holding up, been hearing with the new bounce castles that it looks like Dashcon 2
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Things were better with gorman truart leading the watch

It almost looks...sadder.

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