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Peeled cucumber edition
Old thread >>8767100
Seriously considering making some kind of AE copy paste guide thing, like when you should chose it over taobao and vice versa.
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What the fuck is this and why do I kind of want one?
File: 1452809627555.png (984KB, 601x568px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
984KB, 601x568px

>[...] Making an AE copy paste guide thing

Can peeled cuc be the mascot? Or perhaps pic related?
That would be awesome, I really want to get the blouse in the pic related along with some other items from this shop

(from AliExpress Android)

But idk if there is a taobao shop with the items at better prices.

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We always have cosplay horror stories, so let's get some funny /cgl/ related tales. Anything funny ever happen to you at a con? Out fabric shopping? At a meet-up? Tell us.
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Fabric shopping? I love my store.

>Meeting shop attendants who get interested in what I'm making.

It's a pretty large store which sells fabric only, from godawful furniture coverings, to wedding dress material, and most of my cosplaying dreams. The workers often have to help their customers find the what suits their need, nerds like me included. Once I bought fabric for a cape and the lady was nice and excited enough to help me roll out enough fabric to shake about, understanding what the final product would behave like. There's a reason I only shop there, holy hell, they're always so nice.
File: YuseiD-Wheel.jpg (38KB, 786x416px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Live next to one of the most dangerous, ghetto towns in the country. It's been getting better in recent years though.
>Regularly drive through it
>Going with family to some lunch thing. Drive through ghetto town
>Run down houses, township can't be assed to pick up trash on time, graffiti.
>Suddenly there is a D-Wheel parked in one of the driveways.
>Parents stop at light. Craning my neck to see if I was imagining it.
>No, there was a frigging D-Wheel parked in this run down duplex driveway. Crew of youngish black guys just hanging out on the porch drinking and playing a cardgame.

It was built around a bicycle but oh my god it was the most random thing to see.
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From a Joanns thread way back.

Akumakon is on the 22nd.
Who's going? Any plans for cosplay? Any panels you guys are planning to go to?

I would've liked to go to the later panels /pub quiz on Friday, but I can't make it that day (or that late regardless)
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Got banned. Let my doppel get loose in a local knacker's yard and basically fucked the local satellite internet.

Anyone got to Kaizoku?

Are the VIP passes really a load of expensive bollox?
First time going to a con lads. Any dos or don'ts?
Do bathe and wear deoderant.
Dont act like a cunt

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Can we have a listing pic vs actual product thread? Stuff from China is always a huge chance and we buy enough as a board.

Give us your worst taobao, aliexpress, ebay, etc...
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I'll bump with some to start, but would love for some OC to pass through.
File: N8MERtZ.jpg (118KB, 1024x866px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: COSTtBh.jpg (100KB, 447x416px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 447x416px

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Love these kinds of threads. Post good bodyline coords or just ones you really like. Post your own if you want or need help with it.
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I'll post some that I have saved
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These threads are great. Does anyone have good Bodyline coords with other fashions like fairy kei or something like that?
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Last one saged >>8770647

Gurokawaii is a j-fashion that mixes the grotesque with the cute. Menhera is very similar, but uses medical themes rather than spooky and horror themes.

There might be themes that some people may not be comfortable with in this thread, browse at your own discretion.
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I'm in love with these syringe accessories that I keep seeing. Mini pic spam.

File: Captureh.jpg (25KB, 488x142px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 488x142px

there's already so many posted are they all worth looking at?
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Just look at the first picture and you will see whether the picture quality is worth it.
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I'm still waiting for the old school wardrobes but so far HD-chan, Amytsukada & xlempickax are my favorites.
I'm a sucker for Meta, Baby/AatP, Atelier Pierrot, BoZ, Moitie, gothic in general and old school sweet & gothic wardrobes so I hope more of those pop up soon.

Pic: part of HD-chan's Hospitality Doll collection. HNNGGG.
Is EGL the only place people usually post wardrobe posts? I want to make a wardrobe post just so I can kinda track my wardrobe progress but I've never used EGL. Would it seem weird to make an account just to post my wardrobe?

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christmas seagull.jpg
26KB, 236x400px
Who was waiting to open gifts on Christmas Day? Let's see your presents!
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old thread >>8759347
File: QZ2tyaX.jpg (18KB, 218x184px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>card/gifts were never posted, just a two-word reply
>didn't receive anything

Bah humbug.
Packages might be taking slower than usual. What was supposed to take a week took almost two and a half for the package I sent to my mum.

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Vkei thread lets go!! Gambatte!
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Is dead
File: image.jpg (44KB, 301x398px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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no pls
VK has been dead since the mid 10s

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>after 6y i finally get to buy my first lolita piece
>poor student,grew with old school and think it might be wise to begin with something simple
>find a white Karami JSK for 80$ shipped
>My "friend" C. orders it for me as i cant use paypal atm
>C. is a lone lolita since 8 years, closet full of AP,living at her grandma house, all bills payed by her so she can spend all her salary on lolita and her grandma love lolita. She wears it near everyday except to work
>kinda admire her since i wish to do the same
>also buy a cute anna house skirt that was cheap and actually good quality
>feeling quite happy and enthusiastic
>having a Paris trip this week and C. told me she will lend me some lolita stuff so i can wear it there if i get her a crinoline from a girl
>super happy i will get to wear lolita
>she mp me today to say she will go to the post office for her Little Bear Cafe and mine
>"ok thank you i am looking forward to it"
>"but anon that karami jsk...its not great t b h"
>"what do you mean?"
>"my grandma said "i am kinda disappointed this dress is not pretty" but was reassured when i told her its not mine
>heart dropping in my chest
>"oh is that so..?"
>yeah and i dont like the cut the material or the lace and its going to be difficult to sell it
>Suddenly feel really sad
>she finds someone to get the crinoline for her
>ask if she is still ok to lend some stuff to me
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Second part. Sorry for the bother
>"i just washed all my wardrobe so it would kinda bother me..."
>"it's fine it's your stuff not mine"
>"i COULD give you some offbrand shit and a pair of shoes but my bf got them for me
>"no it's fine please don't bother plus i dont want to risk damaging your beautiful items"

I just feel sad now. I should sell that shit already. I see her tomorrow to get the dress and the skirt but i don't even want it anymore...it feels ugly and basic and stupid. I am a complete idiot i should have bought something better maybe i just jumped ln it because cheap and burando..i shouldnt care about what people think but even then my enthusiasm just disappeared.
She sounds like a bitch desu, you realistically need to start your wardrobe with simple pieces, and karami jsks are generally really nice.
Are you the same anon that posted awhile ago about getting (and coording) the white Karami JSK and pink/white AH skirt? Don't let C's opinion get to you, it's what you think that matters; they're your clothes after all. Maybe she doesn't like BTSSB's older style, that's fine, it's her opinion, it doesn't mean that what you bought is shit.
I understand that you're upset but don't think about selling your stuff yet. Wait until you have the JSK and skirt in your hands, try them on, coord them if you can, then see if you feel differently about them.

Old thread is falling fast

Upcoming cons for 2016:

G-Anime Winter - Jan 22-24 (Gatineau)
Anime Shogatsu - Jan 30 (Toronto)
AniRevo: Winter - Feb 7-8 (Vancouver)
Tsukino-con - Feb 12-14 (Victoria)
FanExpo Regina - April 23-24 (Regina)
Anime North - May 27-29 (Toronto)
YetiCon - June 10-12 (Blue Mountain)
Atomic Lollipop - TBA (Toronto)
Otafest - Jul 1-3 (Calgary)
Otaku Palooza - Jul 2-3 (Regina)
G-Anime Summer - Jul 15-16 (Gatineau)
ConBravo! - Jul 29-31 (Hamilton)
Otakuthon - Aug 7-8 (Montreal)
FanExpo Toronto - Sep 1-4 (Toronto)
Animara Con - Sep 17-18 (Sherbrooke)
FanExpo Vancouver - Nov 11-13 (Vancouver)

Who's going to what? Cosplays? Who sucked which dick and is gonna be a lil bitch about it at what gathering?

How fucking bad is AniRevo gonna be this year?

Add picnics, skates, etc if you like.
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>what is the catalog
>old thread is falling fast.
Can you read?
OP here
I didn't see the other thread, mostly because if you ctrl+f "Canada" it doesn't come up and I'm not wading through a mess of thumbnails.

Funny that we used the same image though.

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Can we have a nail thread?

I am working on growing out my nails and I am using pretty nail photos to remind myself to use my cuticle oil every night.

Post your favorites pictures and tips for nails that go with different Jfashions.
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i just started doing acrylics again. i really want to go to rounge in NYC for some awesome gal nails cause all i can get here are gems and similar things. but my salon has a lot of them. will post some inspo!

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Wig thread.

Question: Is there any easy way to make sure the colors on a two-tone wig stay separated? I bought a wig that's half white, half dark purple and no matter how I put it on the white migrates to the dark purple and it ends up looking grey.
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How would I cut a Sonico style wig or whatever this style is called?
Razor comb
Thanks anon! I just finished it. Thank god I have one of those on hand

File: 1408187836038.jpg (171KB, 678x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is there a website with a tutorial on how to cosplay as a generic SWAT team member?
Things like helmet type, BDU prices, tactical vest comparisons, boots, and all that?

I'm planning on going to Fanime as one for the many generic SWAT members seen in numerous anime.
I also love wearing uniforms and like the attention I get from girls when they see me.
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No, that's the weapons board, I'm looking for cosplay guides.
I'm just gonna use some plastic guns and a banana for my pistol holster.
Literally go to a surplus store and buy an outfit.
Fucking google whatever SWAT team you want to imitate to see the uniform.

I know its still 4 months away, but is anyone doing A=next despite the location change to atlantic city?
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>was thinking of making an ANEXT thread

Thank you for being a step ahead, anon.

I'm going for sure, it's become a tradition between my close group of friends and I. We're just trying to find a place to stay (which our one friend is supposed to ask her mom about their timeshare in AC).

I've never been to AC and I'm used to the greenery and quiet of Somerset so I'm curious to see how things will turn out this year.
>actual black jack and hookers
>go to con and spend money doing nothing

Well now that it's in AC I no longer have to make the choice. Fuck Anext. They've been going downhill for years and they've almost hit the rocks on the bottom.
went for the fist time last year, had no idea that this had been going on literally down the street from me. I think that having the beach nearby will present some nice photo ops, but nowhere near the diversity in location that somerset had

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