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Lolita Guidebook
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I feel like shit right now because I just spent $120 of birthday money on an OP and a bolero when I am supposed to be saving money for College, which starts soon. What do?
regret then either have a closet cleanout or stick your non-essential money in a proper savings account that you can't get it out of
it's ok to occasionally impulse get shit just don't let it become a habit
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Just had to share this:
>google "lolita reaction images"
>first result is a google ad
>"Child abuse is a crime. Even on the internet"
What the hell nooo

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Who's going? Any gulls cosplaying despite the huge cosplay restrictions? I'm hoping my sailor Jupiter skirt isn't too short
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What cosplay restrictions? Last I heard there were no restrictions except maybe nudity.
They really want to be "family friendly" this year for some reason. Skirts two inches from the knee, no bare shoulders, etc etc
Can I see your cosplay?

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I was recently looking through some old cosplay pictures on my computer when I got reminded of this.

>Had been out of cosplaying for almost 3 years
>Decide to make super-eleborate costume as a comeback, worked on it for almost a year
>Pretty damn proud
>Contact photographers from back then, almost everybody quit or asks big amounts of money now
>Character is ultra-niche so nobody is going to ask for pictures if I just go to the con.
>Decide to throw some shout-outs online for the con where I'm planning to debut.
>Time passes, no replies.

1 week before the con
>Finally a photographer replies
>Young, new guy. Quality of his photo's is not the highest, but not bad.
>"Yeah, sure we can shoot. I only want you to buy the entrance ticket to the con for me,"
>Nope, I'm not buying a random stranger a convention ticket and hope he makes good pictures.

2 days before the con
>Another photographer replies, thank God.
>"I'm new and not that good, but let me know if you want to shoot!"
>Check portfolio
>Pretty damn good.
>He's also excited.
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>>8814023 continue

At the con
>Meet photographer. First impression was very bad: small, unhygenic guy with a very pervy face,
>As long as he doesn't touch me or tries anything weird it's okay I guess.
>During shooting he keeps on reminding me how he's new. So I give him tips about directing me and telling me if any part of my costume starts failing to notice me asap (I had a few "weak spots", such as the wig styling that would obstruct my face and some small ribbons that would move in the wrong direction).
>He seems to understand. Points me at places to look, tells me how to improve poses, he lets me know if any makeup is wrong etc.
>Except for a few almost-touches his creep-level seems lower than expected.
>Seems like the guy has a few same interests as me, so we also have a nice chat here and there.
>Leave the con and shoot satisfied.

Get pictures 3 day after the con

>Real hair showing, coming from underneath the wig in every picture.
>Unflattering poses that make me look constipated
>Half-closed eyes
>Bad lighting
>People or distractions in background
>Close-ups so close you can see every small mistake in my make-up.
>This list can go on for ages.
>>8814025 continue

>Photographer asks for feedback in the same message with the horrible pictures attached.
>Take hours to give him feedback that is honest, but doesn't bash him.
>He replies with "Oh...okay, I was hoping you would like them, but you don't?"
>Feel guilty and don't want to crush this newbie guys' heart, so I come up with a plan (if I could reverse time I wouldn't have said this)
>Choose least bad looking picture.
>I ask him if it's okay if I make some small edits on this one, then send it back to him and if he's okay with it we can both put it on our pages/portfolio. Only edits would be editing out my visible real hair and fixing some lighting.

>Photographer undergoes completely personality switch in next message.
>and I shit you not, he quotes this article in the lawbook about how I would commit a crime if I change any of his works.
>I try to calmly let him know I didn't mean anything with it, I just wanted a picture that would make both of us as happy as possible, but if he doesn't want it. I don't edit.
>He replies back that if I do any editing and he finds out, he will sue me.
>What the fuck.

Interesting to add is that after this shoot, he never went to any convention with cosplayers again and he started removing all pictures with cosplayers from his portfolio.

I'm most annoyed that my heavily announced costume debut ended up not getting any pictures I could share online. I would make up fake excuses whenever someone asked me about it and on a convention a month later I managed to find a good photographer for this costume, so I could completely act like this never happened.
Why did you want to shoot at the convention wouldn't it be better to shoot outside at a better location that represents the character you are cosplaying. Con photos arent always the best. I mean I've had one or 2 bad shoots before but didn't give up.

Hunger Games cosplay thread? Bonus if book inspired.
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Last thread reached autosage: >>8697142

This thread is for ouji and aristocrat (aka "boystyle") discussion. Boystyle refers to the masculine counterparts of lolita and aristocrat fashions. Google ouji, aristocrat, EGA, etc., before asking questions here.

Read the whole thread before asking any questions here.

OC and selfposts encouraged! Picspam discouraged, we've seen most of it by now.

DISCUSSION PROMPT: With Buttcape's blog down, what's the best up-to-date boystyle guide to link to in future OPs? Should we make our own, like the lolitas did?
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>from an anon in the last thread:

I did some poking on archive.org and you can find copies of buttcape's posts there:


And from her twitter: "Taking a break from online activity. I took down my blogs, but I will still be using Twitter and Instagram."
>Also, I went by the fabric store today and got some dark brown striped wool-rayon, and a black-on-black herringbone stripe wool. Probably going to make a coat with the black, but anyone have any favorite earthtone coords for inspiration?

posting a few

I need to find more indie brands, gulls. Please help!
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If I had the time I would make a list or a link to a list of indie brands.

Pic Related is Strawberry Witch from Taobao (no charge for custom when through taobao's SS)
I'm sure there must be an indie list somewhere right?

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Thread numero dos.

How you seagulls getting to the con? Train, bus, carpool? By some sort of jumbo sized slingshot perhaps?
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File: 1453103063157.gif (2MB, 313x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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MFW anime LA isn't in LA this year
File: i3krWo8.jpg (66KB, 1366x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Should have renamed it anime San Bernardino desu

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I often see the photographer horror stories thread. But do you photographers have horror stories about cosplayers ?

>met some cosplayer at a con
>asian, quite ugly but tons of make-up make her look rather cute on pics
>she always want to redo 2-3 times each pic cuz she doesn't want her ugly chin to be seen but anyways

>a few weeks after the con, she asks for a shoot
>she was a bit pissing me off but her costumes were nice so anyway
>she already shot with some photographers i know, so i assume if they had any problem she'd already have a reputation

>comes at shoot with costume in her bag
>undresses publicly to put her costume
>she needs to put 2-3 pins cuz costume isn't really finished (actually ~10 pins)
>asks me to hold her costume while she pins
>it's a sort of kimono so it was always somewhere awkwardly near here boobs
>her pin pinning lasts like 15 minutes
>someone i know from college passes by
>"hey ! not a pervert"
>end of the shoot, she changes once again in public
>starts asking me where i live and if there's someone at home

That's when I really understood what a cosplayer could feel in con.
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I love you for this thread. I was trying to make it, but was too busy too. Will support wholeheartedly.
I have a jfash one, I'm a grill for reference.

>photoshoot with a group of girls in an alley with graffiti and stuff
>it's cold, like 7C
>one girl has on fishnets, booty shorts, a pleather crop and a jacket with buckle sleeves
>not even jfash why
>"aaaaah i'm so cold"
>why don't you just unbutton the sleeves while you wait for your turn for photos?
>fast forward to her turn
>trying to get her to smile without deadeyes
>can't do it
>she then complains that I didn't capture any emotions in her photos

Also, before that, I got very exasperated and upset that, because I was mainly a photographer, none of my friend offered me a spot in their cosplay groups, which kind of hurt. They all just assumed I was happy behind the lens. After I said this one girl posted the 'you're not a photographer, you're a teenager with a camera' thing onto her tumblr.
>never gave her any flattering photos after that kek
Anon, this is a thread specifically for photographers to share their side of horror stories. There's already a photographer horror thread for cosplayers/lolitas

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Does anyone know how much the hat in the black colourway goes for? Or the jacket and hat in the green colourway?
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i don't know the prices but good luck anon you're probably gonna have a hard time finding these
I have my heart set on this set but the only seller is asking for 350-370 which seems obscene considering the conversion to USD leaves it at just under 200.
Am I wrong?
Don't look for special sets or lucky packs on the western market, you'll get ripped off. Try the auction sites, you might get lucky. It was going for around 30000 yen on the Japanese market when it first came out.

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Where, oh where is my ita thread, oh where, oh where could it be?
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kids are allowed an ita phase, anon. if they could make good choices they wouldn't be children.

> homestuck ita

there's poor choices and there's this.

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swiggity swag.png
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What are your must haves for con going?
Mine looks something like pic related, post photos of what you like to carry and what its use is.
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File: download.jpg (210KB, 1280x921px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am going to my first convention so I am getting all my stuff ready. I tend to go to video game and art events but nothing as massive as this. Pic related will be pretty much what I will bring since I know my friends will bring nothing at all and I will be the first aid kit person with everything on hand.
>hello kitty first aid kit

Kek i thought of our ol' kotex (KotaKoti)
OP here, I have the same first aid kit, forgot to put it in my pic! DS is a good addition.

File: 1394318883444[1].jpg (450KB, 500x659px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Old one is in autosage >>8808953

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet
>how to order from Vograce
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Do post suggestions on what the next thread image should be.
Is Corky-Lunn's guide in the right place here, or should it be placed in one of the other sheets? I get the feeling people might not find it then.
Not quite sure if I understand your question you think it should be attached to one of the spreadsheets???
Yeah, sorry, that was worded a bit vague. Should the link be in the OP, or should it instead be inside one of the spreadsheets, is what I meant. It could be in the Taobao/Alibaba spreadsheet, but I guess it's OK like this, because it's the easiest way to find it. It'll prevent most of the basic questions.

Let's get comfy today /cgl/
tell us about what make you feel comfy, try to keep it /cgl/ related.

For myself
>seeing old kera snapshots of lolita
>seeing old interviews when gothic lolita was more obscure
>wearing lolita and listening to game osts in fall in the leaves, or in the winter snow,strolling down the street with blooming japanese cherry trees in spring or on a warm summer afternoon... stereotypical but makes me happy
>harvest moon ds
(this one is out topic but childhood game,i passed hours on it and the tiny pixelated cute graphics and music makes my heart all fuzzy when i see them)
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choosing what wigs to display on my wig heads when cleaning my room

doing a long image dump and having an anon call me a hero or the best, etc.
Don't they get dusty, anon? I wanna display mine but I don't want to wash them all the time.
Relaxing in a bubble bath while flipping through Kera and GLB

Happy New Year gulls, old one is sagging.
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That coord is so damn adorable.

I feel lost on a couple things with this coord. I'm not sure what kind of bag would look good and what color to make my accessories. I have a rough idea, pic related.
File: IMG_8513.jpg (639KB, 703x942px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm planning a Kuro Coord!
The hat on the image is on its way to my home, so I can't show it yet.
I plan to adorn it with ostrich feathers :)

I think it's a bit plain though. any tips for making it more interesting or you think it's fine that way?
I'd go with the IW bag and maybe white shoes instead of blue.

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