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We don't have one up at the moment, so Youtube general?

I want to get into convention vlogging (alongside jfash vlogging, skincare/make up reviews, etc.). Who are your favourite vloggers who attend cons? Any tips, anything you particularly like/dislike, have you done it? Advice for not ending up on the farm?

>who is your favourite jfash/cosplay Youtuber
>what type of video is your favourite - haul, what's in my bag, tutorial, etc.
>do you vlog? how many subscribers do you have? what do you like/dislike about it?
>technical bits, what camera/mic do you use
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I just recently got into videomaking, I'm still pretty mediocre but it's a lot of fun so far.

Mango Sirene is pretty neat, not super interesting content but it's well made.
Any cosplay youtubers who're NOTjust doing "cosplay 101"?
I am going to start vlogging but I am curious about cameras and setups, I know basic ideas about it, but alot of it is a mystery. Any tips would be helpful! I am obviously looking up resources but incase anyone here who vlogs already has any hands on experience I'd like to hear it.

Old thread is nearly gone >>8792947

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet

I'd like to request pics of shared table setups. I only ever see full table setups, and I'll be sharing a table next month. Looking for inspiration!
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Reposting from the previous thread.

Where can I get stuff like notepads/notebooks and card wallets made? Getmeds and jimi agency are pricey and their slots fill up fast, so I searched around alibaba but couldn't find any good suppliers. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
Also reposting, anyone have tips for drawing double sided charms? I get that the back is a reverse of the front, but trying to figure out how I'm gonna get the lineart for the outer edge to be exactly the same (unless you're usually just supposed erase the inside??).
Yeah, you erase the inside and basically "fill it in" for the backside. If you're worried one side sticks out a little, you could always overlay each side on the other as a mask. Then they'll match up exactly.
I usually put an extra stroke around the outside because I like the look of it, which also makes it easier to match front to back.
(This is only an issue for clear charms, anyway.)

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couldn't find one in the catalogue, post your worst
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Good body and nice face though.
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Uh oh Eevee's getting a little risky!

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Last one is autosaging, new one here!
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Nothing in particular, show me everything on your list if you can! Thank you anon!

Reviewed a pair of shoes in the old one and didn't realize it was autosaging already.
These are the ones i had (I don't own any though so can't tell you if theyre good or not):
One-piece swimwear:
Watermelon bikinis:
Black bikinis:
Nautical bikinis:
Other bikinis:

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I was thinking of putting together Batman's League of Shadows costume as seen in this picture.

The only problem is, I have no idea what combination is used on the top portion of the costume. It looks like a japanese tunic of some sort plus some undergarment, but I'm not completely sure.

Can someone help this idiot out?
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Another clearer picture of the entire outfit.
uhm a judo gi? and thick woolen clothes underneath?

Hmmm. What would the linen beltbuckle be then? Is it traditionally part of another kind of outfit?

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I'm a professional makeup artist (licensed esthetician actually), and was wondering if it would be a good idea for me to find a way to provide services to cosplayers for conventions?

I worked in the dealer's room at Animazement last year, and I saw a decent amount of people that if they had their makeup professionally done, or done at all, their whole look would have been much better. Not to knock on their effort, because I'm aware of how difficult it can be to put together a costume--especially if it's from scratch.

It's also really fun for me when I branch away from what I do for my regular clientele, which is bridal and event (prom, bridesmaids, special night out, etc) makeup. I enjoy doing it, but it doesn't leave too much room for creativity as even with event makeup not a lot of people want to go all out. Conventions are THE time to go all out and I feel like there aren't enough resources to allow for that to happen for a lot of people. Be it lack of materials, skill or otherwise.

I've also been trying to drum up some ideas on exactly how to do it. I've considered getting a hotel room and operating out of it, but I don't want to sketch anyone out. Thoughts?

>tfw captcha thinks quiche is a pie
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I think it's a good idea in theory, but I don't know how many congoers (especially the ones who aren't wearing makeup or are wearing it poorly, who tend to be the younger crowd or those who care less about their appearance in general) can afford or are willing to pay for professionally-done makeup for a con.

You're absolutely right. I forgot to mention I had already planned on providing my services for the congoers at a rate lower than what I would normally charge, on a sliding, time based scale.

Purely for example: $25 for a 30 minute application, lashes/other adornments a la carte, discount if you book an appointment ahead of time, yadda yadda. I can get a lot done in 30 minutes, especially with airbrushing. I want to charge reasonably, and be flexible with my pricing. I don't want to be taken advantage of, but I also don't want those in my chair to feel as though they spent "too much" on my services (though that will eventually happen as some people want everything for free)

I'm aiming to use this as an opportunity to help get my name out in the community, as well as possibly add a couple images to my portfolio. I don't really mind "cheapening" myself because of this as it'd be a win-win.
sounds like a pretty good idea to me; i've actually been looking around for someone to do the same at a local con in my area and seen one or two people advertising on tumblr for it. I think you've definitely gotta make sure to book specific times/locations like photographers do in advance, agree upon the looks you'll be doing, show plenty examples of your work and agree on/pay the price upfront (because you and i both know how much of an issue convention budgeting can be, and you dont want to end up the victim of "whoops i thought it'd cost less, i dont have enough here" or flaky "i changed my mind and dont need it anymore" buyers last minute).
you probably wont be able to turn an overall positive profit what with hotel costs etc, but if you're already going to the con anyways and want to offset costs/get your name out there, it's a pretty good way of doing it.

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Does anyone have experience with buying fabric from this site? I've bought other things from them in the past, but now i'm into hand making lolita, I was wondering i their fabrics were any good.
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I bought some fabric from them a while ago. they are just resellers, but they do state the makers. with any other reseller, it depends on the source of the fabric for what quality you get, I got a japanese fabric and the quality was really nice.
Their price also includes shipping, so consider buying their "78 bucks to get free shipping" offer if you don't want to spend double...

Old thread >>8810752

Closet of frills >>8809163
Coord help thread >>8791454
Nitpick thread >>8806124
Handmade Lolita >>8776803
Lolita Communities thread >>8799979
Dream dress thread >>8807220

IW doing the AP style
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Echoing I really dislike this sudden deluge of AP-esque star/pegasus/sky theme fad prints from IW. Sure it's only a handful amongst all their releases but in just one season they've already churned out... this is the 4th?

Of all of them this is at least the most tasteful in that it's a bit more reminiscent of their past embroidery prints. You could say they've already done things like this in the past like Astronomical Clock but imo that print with its classical illustrations and architectural elements is much more typical of IW than these more recent ones.
Lmao this is hideous

Also how is this AP at all? Looks like the rest of IWs simple print dresses
It's because it is Innocent World, you cuck.

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Puu plush.jpg
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Apparently was a prize for Japanese arcades. I have a con coming up soon and I'm going as Yusuke. I could really use one of these plushies to go with the costume.
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You're better off commissioning someone to make you one, anon. Good Puu plushes are really hard to come by or are stupidly expensive.
Also use the help thread next time.

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Hanayo Onigiri.png
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So how do you look for roommates to bunk with at a con to get a better rate?
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You go to your favorite cosplayers on Tumblr and Facebook and beg to stay in their room.
networking at cons before hand helps. I'm on pretty good terms with most of my local cosplay comm. You figure out whose going to what and ask any one if they are up for room sharing.

Alternatively look on Cosplay.com or the cons facebook page for people looking for room mates. What I did for a few cons and two up coming ones.

It is just my friend is a concerned people will bail on them or wouldn't pay. He had a previous unpleasant experience from that.

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Can we just have a general cgl related rant thread? I'll start: I hate it when cosplayers don't take out their ugly piercings for the costume. It looks so trashy to me and makes the entire thing look a thousand times worse, especially if they're cosplaying a "cute" style character. It makes me so salty.
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I've just started cosplaying characters with helmets/masks to hide my piercings, because my skin closes up abnormally quickly. I no longer have earrings because I took them out for a few hours once. Thought I was safe because I had them in for two years.
You know, there are people that rather cosplay for fun at conventions instead of trying to win a popularity contest.
Who are you? Fuckin' Wolverine?

Can we get some inspiration for super casual lolita coords - ones that would make normies think you're simply dressed kind of quirky, but not quirky enough that they would feel the need to ask you if you were wearing a costume? Some that normies might even - dare I say - like? Outfits that aren't actually lolita but use lolita main pieces are okay too, anything so long as it's a way to wear your lolita without standing out a whole lot!
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I believe what you are looking for is otome.

Also I hope sweet cream house never has to suffer that bad of a coord irl.
Don't live in fear anon, just come out of the lolita closet.
Don't pin this on otome. For one thing, the print is way off.

Old thread is saging

This thing showed up to an event in Austin and called herself a Harajuku Fashion Lolita. Before, she got offended by a few who told her what she wears wasn't Lolita or Harajuku fashion and won't shut up about how everyone in the fashion is bullies and wants to do Lolita her own way.
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Dumping a few from the Tumblr tags

> uses they/them pronouns
> wears clothing that is categorized as feminine

Someone didn't get enough attention as a child
Despite the snowflake that has nothing to do with ita or not... I can't see enough of the outfit to judge. Try to keep up full coord shots anon!
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OH GOD HELP ME I am going to a birthday tomorrow and the birthday girl got it in her head that it be a theme party where everyone cosplays characters from animal crossing.

Anyone got an idea on something that would be easier to whip up in a day than pic related?
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Go as the Villager.

Next time, check the catalogue for the help thread.
Holy shit I'm so jealous anon I love animal crossing.

You could do a cute sweatervest and bowtie and be blathers. Honestly just go search Animal Crossing NPC they're all recognizable.
You don't get to go because you didn't use the help thread.

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Goodnight, sweet prince.
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fuck i'm too sad to continue
Oh my god, anon, no. I didn't even realise.

>going to watch labyrinth today and cry

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