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Do you think skirts are falling out of favor in lolita fashion? Lately been seeing brand releases sans skirts.
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JSKs are just the most popular main piece. They are a perfect balance between versatility and ease.
JSKs and OPs have always been more popular, I wouldn't say they're in or out of favour any more than they've ever been.
Skirts just aren't as versitile as Jsks. I know I only have one skirt in a wardrobe of over twenty pieces because I find them hard to work with and prefer the look of Jsks.

It's also worth noting that while Brands have begun offering Ops and Jsks with more plus size friendly measurements skirts throughout all major brands don't go much beyond a 61-70cm waist measurement that many skinny western lolitas would have trouble fitting properly.

Looking to fill up my inspo folder with general cute jfashion related outfits this can be nanchatte, larme, otome, mori, lolita, etc.
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Liking jfashion while being tall is difficult: discuss.

I recently got into lolita and purchased a jsk and op. I'm 5'9" but got medium sizes and I find the waist tends to sit too high, like an inch or more above my actual waist. Would sizing up help with this or would it mess up the overall fit of the dresses (like the bust and waist being too big even with waist ties...)?
How do you girls deal with your height?
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>singled out
lol for what being more genetically superior..?
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I'm 6ft tall and I have to be honest, jfash made me hate my height way more then I did before.

Before I wanted to get into lolita and otome I already had issues wearing dresses and they would be way to short or ill-fitting, but the realization that I could buy so many dresses and probably none of them would fit right really made me dislike my height.

It doesn't help my height is in my torso and not my legs, so any of those "oh anon but tall girls have such nice legs' don't work for me because if you saw a picture of me you'd think I'm a 5ft tall stump.
>It doesn't help my height is in my torso and not my legs, so any of those "oh anon but tall girls have such nice legs' don't work for me because if you saw a picture of me you'd think I'm a 5ft tall stump

My sympathies anon. That must suck.

Old Thread >>8809163
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Lolita Guidebook
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Hey does anyone know of any other dresses with buttons down the front? I think they're so cute
Putomayo check sailor op has bottons down the front.
Apollonia from Mary Magdalene
I noticed it's been popping up a lot recently. Just check around for classic brands like IW, MM, VM...

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This is what we are working with here. What else can we do?
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Also this.
>what else can we do?
Use the recommendations thread.

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Post impressive feats of cosplay craftsmanship.

Starting with makeup/SFX because that is my jam. LARP is fine too, I know y'all got some mad props and shit.
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Weird topic, gulls: I know how you guys like to cosplay things like Sakizou drawings, and I know some of you like LARPing. This is neither of those, and is closer to period costuming. Have any of you ever seen classical paintings or statues and really wanted to cosplay them? (Pic related, the Vestal Virgin statue that was in the 2005 P&P) Where would you wear such a specific costume? Ren faires? Have you ever been so jealous of someone's outfit in a Vermeer that you wanted to recreate it?
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I wish I could get a whole group of people together and do all of these happy monks
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Habits are really easy anon I'll do it with you
Also my life will not be complete until I can be all of the Gustav Klint paintings
A bit more modern, but damn, Mucha's art is just begging to be made into costumes

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The Good The Bad and the WTF

Leave it to Tracy Hines to come up with something as head-scratching as Ariel Fett. Really sick of this "Disney Princess Re-imagined as a ___________" trend.
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Disney x Star Wars is here to stay, baby.
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Who's the one on the left?

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Last thread went pretty well.

>post your favorite original character cosplay
>post your own of character
>post your og character cosplay
>post cosplays of popular original designs for existing characters. (not crossovers)
>characters from video games with customization options also accepted.
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The last thread was cool, I'll share this time.
Part of me wishes my OCs were popular enough to inspire more terrible faun make-up on tumblr. That's when I'll know I've made it.
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I finished another one of my idol witch characters. She was originally going to have green colors but that didn't make much sense with the bat wings. Shy personality offstage, flirty on stage

Im thinking the next girl would be moon/cloud themed. a girl who loves to sleep
Previous thread >>8779780

Your style is so cute anon, I love the soft amavel-style colours of the school uniform

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Only four days away. Who here is going?

Do you think there will be less people after the price bump for the tickets?
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Went a year ago and this was literally the shittiest con I've ever been to
What didn't you like?
The panels were pretty shit. Specially the ones where people were acting as the characters.
Name an anime convention that *wasn't* shitty its second year.

protip: You can't

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I'm going to be participating in my first lolita fashion show and I'd really appreciate a photo dump full of cute poses, lolita or other J-fashion. Bonus for twinning.
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I'm confused. What did I do?
I think lolitas need help with posing in general. I think this will be a helpful thread.
Shut up, this thread is fine.

I like this pose, but I wish she'd made the twist of her midsection/hips a little less extreme,

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Starting off with a question;
what does /cgl/ think of The sushi times? Love it, hate it?
I've always found it rather...annoying...not sure why. But I must admit most articles are well written.
I like it, though the typos are annoying.

who else is going to the summer tales teaparty?

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I didn't see one in the catalog.
Any fun plans, cosplay lineups, good stories to share?
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Two years ago when they announced the theme as Kaiju vs Mecha at closing ceremonies I remember the entire place exploded in excitement and last year when they announced the theme as "field day" you could hear literal crickets chirping and t.b.h I still laugh about that.
I was in closing and I didn't understand what they were announcing (why would you call it "field day" and not just "sports"?) I got a lot more interested after the con when I realized what they were talking about. My friends were planning a big haikyuu group anyway so I'm excited.

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