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Post any and all of your favourite shop girls/models/street snapees

Going to dump goddess Hirari for now, might do different girls/styles later if you guys don't beat me to them
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What style do you think beginning lolitas should start with ?
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Whichever they want to. Faggot.
Start by researching the sub styles. Look to Lolita Senpais for examples. What brand appeals to you the most?
Look at the Ita thread. If you have any sense of style, you'll know what you're aiming for.
off topic, but that hairstyle is super cute. love hime cuts with braids.

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What's your favorite way of meeting local cosplayers?
Do you meet them at cons or local cosplay gatherings?
Other than a con or gathering, how did you meet the most other cosplayers?
Has social media helped you find other local cosplayers?
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I usually talk with local cosplayers about their cosplays to learn some
But I want to befriend, I don't know what to do. "Hey I like your cosplay" but I want to be your friend too. Notice me.
I usually browse instagram tags for the con I plan on going to. If I see anyone cosplaying from the same series I'll comment saying something along the lines of "Hey, love your cosplay! I'm cosplaying ____ to __-con too! If I see you I'll say hey and get a photo!" It's a nice way to meet people without much obligation to carry out a whole convo with them. And if you keep seeing them at cons, keep saying hi and getting to know them a little better each time, and maybe message them on social media if you guys hit it off. It's how I've made a lot of my con friends.

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Harry Potter themed meets have been really popular lately, so let's brainstorm some other themed meet ideas!

I would personally love a Fate series themed meet since a lot of characters either wear ballgowns (Arturia, Nero, etc.) or have dresses with lolita-esque silhouettes (Elizabeth Bathory).
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I love the idea of themed meets! My comm is so small were lucky if people attend at all. I feel like my comm will never get to do something like this.
I kind of worry about themed meets I mean what if nothing you have fits the theme? Do you buy a new coord with the express intent of only wearing it for this one meet? Borrow something from another comm member? What if they're not willing? What if nothing will fit? Do you just sit this one out and wait till the next meet?

So many worries.
My comm has been pretty chill about them, allowing people to comm even if they don't dress for the theme. We're also pretty small, though, and I think I would feel awkward going if I couldn't do the theme at all.
I think broader themes (flowers, animals, holiday, etc.) are best for smaller comms since more people will be able to dress for it. If you don't have a main piece that works, you can always accessorize! My comm had a floral meet up, and a girl who owns basically no prints made some elaborate accessories for it.

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Hello! I'm cosplaying for my first time this summer, however I need some help. Does anybody have a multi-profiled photo of Sakuya? Also, what would be the best material for her outfit? (Patterns would also be much appreciated)
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>photo is Sakuya

Your choice. Broadcloth maybe.

Also google.
Do you want me also sew it for you and fap you tonight so you can relax?

Fuck off, lurk more.
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Hi /cgl/ the gf just told me she would wear a umaru-chan cloak if i bought her one, but only if it was "comfy and warm".
So here i am taking this golden opportunity asking where you guys recommend i buy it from!
I really dont want to buy the first shit i see on amazon for $13 and the shit is made out of fuckin discount fleece.
so yeah, suggestions?
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sweet, thanks!
I have the $13 one from Amazon! Very comfortable, it wraps me up completely and it's perfect for lounging, I'm 4'10" for reference.

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Post your favorite J-fashion coords using bloomers / pumpkin pants!
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bloomers and pumpkin pants are two totally different things
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Bloomers are like underwear. It's not supposed to be shown in public.
I just want to know what wig this girl is using.

German thread! Let's have some nice cosplay talk again, German anons!
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C'mon Germans, LBM is coming!
A german thread!
Guess there is not much going on right now. LBM is still too far away and so are Lolita events.

Not much to talk about sadly.
Since it is not that far until May:
What do fellow German anons think about Japantag in D├╝sseldorf?

I was there twice a couple of years ago (I guess it was 2011 and 2012) and was fairly disappointed besides the whole hype it gets.

A few booths with merch, a big stage with different japanese related stuff and I smaller one for dunno what kind of stuff (was always unused when I passed it). The firework as the grande finale is nice to watch but doesn't make up for the long wait IMO.

Shops @ Immermanstra├če don't bother me that much since I live 20min. away by train and therefore not quite an argument to go there exactly on that date.

Is there really nothing else to see there? How do you spend your time on Japantag?

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Old thread autosaging >>8763375

Does anyone have recommendations for BB creams with heavy coverage? Korean or otherwise doesn't matter, I'm trying to reach moon face status.
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You are likely going to have to pick something other than a bb or a hybrid due to most bbs are more like tinted moisturizers. I believe that lancome has a really nice lightweight heavy coverage foundation.
>ywn have rin rin doll's face
why live
Does anybody hand any good rec for an eye primer?
My eyes fold a little, get oily and crease heavily.

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What's the most amount of money you've ever spent on a fabric? Most expensive costume you've made?
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I once spent $80 on a yard of Japanese silk.

Most I've spent on a whole cosplay is about $1500.
I think the most expensive fabric I've bought was fake fur at $30/yard.

The most expensive costume I've ever made was around $700. 10 yards of bridal satin, 50 yards of organza, and then a floor length wig, drywall stilts, aluminum tubing and feathers for wings, and some Wonderflex. And ultimately it was still kind of rubbish because it was 2009 and I didn't know what I was doing.

Jesus, for $80 a yard it better have been a hagoromo or had unicorn-hair warp threads or something.
I can't believe Yaya's fabrics cost 20-40 bucks a yard and you can't use coupons on them

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Pepakura based Cosplay
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This is me. I've never been more honored to find someone else post my work.

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Reservations almost closed.

Anyone going to Detour? Meet ups?
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Any big photographers showing up? I know it's Minnesota, not a very important state to the cosplay community.

I'm not into a con that's all about staff power trips.

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post here the wonders of lowcost cosplay
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<insert any homestuck cosplayer ever>
but that's wrong nigga
that's a temmie


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How do you think about it?
Personally I fucking hate people who makes one to post buyed cosplays or made it by other persons.

I want to see cool cosplays, not shitty buyed on internet.
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Some people just use it as a way to stay in contact with people while still keeping their personal facebook private.

I'd only create one if I considered cosplay more of a job than a hobby, personally.
It is a way to keep personal facebook private and a cosplay fanpage for people who really just want to follow them for cosplay.

I personally do not have one and feel a lot of pressure from friends to get one. I honestly don't see the appeal in some random creeper I don't want following me on Facebook to know what I do every con on a "fan page".
OP here.

Anyone ever hear of Cosplay Foam Fighting? I played it at Ramencon and Midoricon. Are they competing with Sleeping Samurai or something?
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imagine that but if it was TF2 themed that would be fucking awesome
It's just boffer weapons. Nothing fancy.
that fat plutia

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