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The fact that so many /a/nons still name Lucky Star as "the greatest or most significant or most influential" SOL ever only tells you how far SOL still is from becoming a serious anime. Mecha critics have long recognized that the greatest mecha of all times are Macross and TTGL, which were not the most famous or viewed or best sellers of their times, let alone of all times. Shounen critics rank the highly controversial Jojo's Bizarre Adventure over Dragon Ball which was highly popular in viewers around Europe and South America. SOL critics are still blinded by commercial success. Lucky Star sold more than anyone else (not true, by the way), therefore they must have been the greatest. Mecha critics grow up watching a lot of mecha of the past, shounen critics grow up reading a lot of shounen of the past. SOL critics are often totally ignorant of the SOL music of the past, they barely know the best sellers. No wonder they will think that Lucky Star did anything worthy of being saved.
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Gimme a tl;dr
Op is a faggot
He played madlibs with a /mu/ pasta

Will you dance with me?
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Will anyone (good) do a release for the BD?
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I wish this series had merchandise to blow my money on.
Honestly the best anime ever made to this day.

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Is this how lesbians mate?
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Aoi is NOT a lesbian, she has two boyfriends!
Kill yourselves.
ova is out?

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ITT: Villains that got away with it.
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Ao is best girl, not a villain.
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Best for what?

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Wow this sucks
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epic post!
Thanks! You too!
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You can't just insult our lord and savior like that.

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I've accepted some bullshit anime couples in my time... But really?
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Its always fatties/betas/shotas who get girls.
Where are my bara guys getting a girl,
>interested in women
>SAO is bad! Kirito is a bland Gary Stu who's perfect at everything!
>Accel World is bad! Haru is a fat and short beta who's way too insecure!

SAO is bad, but it isn't the most horrible thing to have ever aired on screen. The Aincrad arc would've been salvagable if the end wasn't so horribly fucked up.
Accel World is somewhere between mediocre and decent, it had actual characters and the main couple is cute. It also sort of vaguely appeals to my fetish for dominant women.

Wanna fight about it?

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Was this really necessary?
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In Shinji's defense, those were some pretty nice titties.
No, japs are sick perverts.
those are the otaku fans that fap to Asuka.

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Man Boruto's dad seems cool, I wish there was some spin-off or prequel thingy to show his story. I'm sure it would be fun.
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Sarada's dad is really cool man
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Her mom is pretty beautiful

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>release multiple soundtracks
>leave out like 20 or so iconic tracks from the show

Why do they do this?
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Only in this thread because of Juri
They almost never do this though? Am I missing something? Maybe I just listen to good soundtracks or never notice they're missing?

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Is there a daughter equivalent of 'waifu'?
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waifu works just fine

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>He doesn't writes fanfiction of his favourite anime
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>He doesn't draw porn of himself cosplaying as his favorite little girl character
Get on my level pleb.
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Why is Karen so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
But I do, what now?

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Voynich Hotel was licensed.

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Is Seven Seas one we like?

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Post undeniable worst girls. Ones that drag the series down every page they're in.
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All right, you start
That's not sensei.
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wow now that's a terminal case of shit taste

end yourself

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Why are professional translations so often so worse than fanmade ones?
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because they learned english from the education system and not by themselves in a more efficient way by interacting with native english speakers/people they associate with
>they learned english from the education system
What? Professional translators are generally native speakers. The typical problems are either not knowing Japanese well, or just being fucking retarded and changing what stuff says (or the diction used) simply because they can.
>being fucking retarded and changing what stuff says (or the diction used) simply because they can
>simply because they can
then they're not professional, or independent. As you said, fucking retarded

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>Godlike protagonist in Part 2
>gets the worst stand of all the Crusaders in Part 3
>stops using Hamon, even though it does all sorts of cool shit like heal his wounds, control water, walk on spikes, possess people's bodies, etc.
>becomes the buttmonkey of the group, with only two fights in the entire part
>doesn't use clackers, or hide Tommy guns in his ass like he used to
>in Part 4, it's shown that he cheated on his wife
>literally going senile
>doesn't even get to visit Josuke's mom a single time
>not even mentioned in Part 6, probably died offscreen

Has a character ever fallen from grace as hard as best Jojo?
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He wasn't that bad. Aside from Jotaro, he was probably the second closest member in the crusaders capable of stopping DIO.
None of the protagonists in Jojo are good, much less godlike.
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Everything else I'll give you but Hermit Purple absolutely wasn't the worst stand. As a matter of fact what really adds insult to injury is that people just treat it as a lame version of the rose whip when in reality if Joseph had been as young, spry and cunning as he was in BT with full hamon mastery he could've soloed damn near all of SDC with his wits armed by something so absurdly versatile and perfectly tailored for his combat style.
Keep in mind this is the man who killed an immortal ancient super-vampire lord with a wool fucking hat in the middle of a field of spikes, and now we're giving him an indefinitely extending hamon conductor that can manipulate electronics to give him any information he needs and can even make a pinpoint accurate map to victory out of fucking incense. Considering how many fights he's won against opponents no mere man should've ever beaten by exploiting his circumstances and resources in absurdly creative ways giving him an ability like this is basically cheating.
He had to almost completely lose his cunning edge and abandon his hamon training in his old age or else he would've won most of the fights in part three.

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