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This show is about attaining world peace through mutual love for foreign food.
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Except for vegans.

Nobody likes obnoxious natto-loving vegans.
Wish this show had bigger cultural exchange of food.

Its all one way right now, the restaurant gives food to people from other worlds, what about the food from the other world?

Why can't the chef also learn of the food from the other world?
Is the one on the right a succubus?
I'd probably fuck her anyway.

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riko dead.jpg
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Good night sweet princess.
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I know, right?! SO DEEP
Never watched this because it looked like a show for little kids. What the fuck?

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You can make anyone anime, but you have to give up something of equal value
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*any one*
Another season of Teekyu.
I'll give up the spare change in my wallet.
I'll give my life to experience real love even just for a single minute.

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Well, it's a quick chapter, so this shouldn't be too bad
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[Book] Math 1A
"Need enough...?"
The proposition says empty sets yadda yadda...

"Whoa, that scared me!!"

"Don't suddenly shout loudly on the train!!"
"You sure can deal with this... Maa-kun..."

"I ended up taking a break from club..."
"Couldn't move my body for days and days..."
"Then study x20"

"I hate this!!"
"Let's go blow some stress off!!!"

"I wanna feel refreshed..."
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89: Nice job there...
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On a certain day after school during exam prep,
[Can't really read the side because too tiny, think that's a place name]
Amano's stress levels reached its max.

So we got off the train on their way home.
I ended up wandering into a batting center after being dragged around by Amano.

Yaaay! Time to hit!
I come here every so often.
...why am I even...

"Hey, don't say that!! Sometimes we need a change of pace!"
We could just pay separately.
"If I drink a lot of coffee, that's good enough for me..."

"Besides, she said she wanted to get refreshed, so I thought of something weird..."
I wanna feel refreshed...
Mysterious image

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Just in case you needed more dark magical girl story, anime adaptation in 2018

Asagiri Aya is a middle school girl who has problems both at school with bullying, and at home from physical abuse by her brother. While browsing online, a website pops up on her computer featuring a creepy looking person. This person appears to take pity on her, and announces that she has granted Asagiri magical powers. Later at school she is cornered by bullies, and with nothing to lose fires a gun that had mysteriously appeared in her locker earlier that day at them. The shot causes the bullies to disappear, but to her horror she finds out that they somehow had been hit by a train nearby. Asagiri feels as though she had killed them somehow, and is confused to find herself with longer red hair with eyes that flow blood. She later finds that she is not alone when a classmate reveals that she is also a magical girl. Asagiri learns about magical girls, and the power she has acquired from her new friend who has offered to help her. The two girls though can't explain why there is something that looks like a countdown clock on the website, and fear it might be something bad.
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I forgot about this edgy trash. Its been awhile since I read this
>Just in case you needed more dark magical girl story
No I didn't.
Shitty madoka ripoff

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>HxH-fags unironically believe that this series is 'deep' and 'complex', with 'mature' themes.

It's just a kid series with some edgier elements.
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who are you quoting and why did this need its own thread?
Op is a faggot that falls for false-flagging and make a thead about it.

>anon thinks he is clever and mature because he cant identify interesting themes in media so he just calls it a kid series with edgy elements and calls it a day.

Op is a faggot

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>has a group of well adjusted friends in high school

She became a normalscum

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>Hayao Miyazaki wanted to direct the film but was busy filming Howl's Moving Castle (2004) at the time. Producer Toshio Suzuki choose GorĂ´ Miyazaki to direct since he was impressed by Goro's talent of making decisions quickly and properly while working in the Ghibli Museum, and his ability to draw pictures. Hayao was against Goro directing and production was very tense.

Who was in the right, Hayao saying Goro wasn't good enough or Goro taking a step foward and directing the film by himself?

Is Tales from Earthsea any good?
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The film is widely considered shit and is never brought up.
Miyazaki is known to try and sabotage other directors at Ghibli. He helped push an anti-Kaguya campaign and did some PR to help Big Hero Six win because he wanted to be the only Japanese director with an Oscar.
This movie is so bad. I don't think he single handedly fucked it up, the whole thing was a mess not just the directing.

Ha, it seems that the anime will go with an original route for the last 2 episodes.
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the threads are good just because of the stitches to be honest.

Sudo has been busy
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too much mexican food i presume?
My wife Kushida is not a slut like this whore
Well when Sudo and Horikita became a couple they fuck like rabbits..
Horikitafags can never accept that Sudo and Horikita is the end ship.

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Watari Kun - Satsuki.png
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Watari Kun Chapter 29 (Break 26) Raw
Album : https://imgur.com/a/i3z2o

Just a little foot job, I mean, massage.
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Netori development fairy?
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anime girl 743025.jpg
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No glasses-kun no read
when were the raws released?

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Let's have thread to celebrate the announcement of the English version of the mobile game.
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That's nothing to celebrate
Bandori is on fire!

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OP when he opens the door
File: IMG_2395.jpg (101KB, 439x399px)Image search: [Google]
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Both of em
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ITT: Great reaction pics
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8) ok.jpg
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Why did they think that an ultra obnoxious furfag mary-sue stubborn hippie retard would be an enjoyable leading character? Is this a joke?
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Anime is always pro nature in general

I suggest to find another medium if it triggers you so much
File: 1494735128321.png (180KB, 900x927px)Image search: [Google]
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are you new here or too young
>complaining about enviromentalism in a fucking Miyazaki movie

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