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>[HorribleSubs] Nana Maru San Batsu - 11 [1080p]. mkv
>[Erai-raws] Nana Maru San Batsu - 11 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle][EF80D62F]. mkv
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>dazai pose

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Continuation never
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Best girl.
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Loli twin is the best.

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What if people in Pokemon belong to Pokemon species not a normal animals?
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Why can't humans learn any moves then like fireblast? Why are we so cunty to our pokemon brethren by shoving them in balls and forcing them to fight for our amusement?
>Humans are pokemons.
I think you are tired, go to sleep.
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one step towards utopia

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Why do so many boys want to fuck Shinji?
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the best girl.png
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Shinji is a cute girl
Hes cute
Cover his shirt, and the sides of his head. He literally looks like a woman

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Moments in an anime that made you feel sincere happiness.

Yes my life is that empty.
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Bump my dudes, I wanna see why you enjoy these Korean hand puppet animations.
I am a pit of endless despair, happiness is an emotion more foreign to me than moon runes are to all of you weebs. I have transcended happiness.
You should probably kill yourself.

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You get a hold of a deathnote and have to cleanse the world of all evil, just like Light in the show.
One of these characters will help you. The other 3 will hunt you but will not cooperate.
Who do you pick?
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i pick no one
why the fuck do you think light lost
I'd go for Daiz and finally save anime.
Fucking none of them, let them all hunt me. The fuck are they going to do? I'm not going to be a retard, I'll kill people in different ways all over the globe at different hours and I'm not as stupid as to kill someone who challenges me on TV.

They can't do shit.

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This is just too cute. Now just Shiro and Mayumi need to get their shit together and it's a wrap.
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84 where?
Some anon dumped it few threads back, I have it but I'm not sure if order is correct. Also I'm too lazy to write 20+ captchas, so if you are okay with possibly wrong order (looks correctly) I can dump it on imgur.
Yeah, might as well anon. I'll check it against a raw or something if I can find one. Thanks. I've tried the archives twice but can't find it for some reason, and I can usually find what I'm looking for.

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He is bored and will kill you unless you entertain him. How would you entertain him to save your life
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i'd kill myself
I will make him read One Piece.
You ded

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Which are some of the most misunderstood characters?

PS: Pic related did nothing wrong. I don't see why so many of you hate her so much.
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She was the perfect wife and that faggot ruined it.
File: hayao_miyazaki_2905000c.jpg (45KB, 460x468px)Image search: [Google]
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>try to stop a wrong incestuous relationship
>is somehow the bad girl
She deserved better.

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What was his name again?
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>no one knows this fucking show
File: 1432861184325.jpg (703KB, 2265x1698px)Image search: [Google]
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>you'll never pilot Dann of Thursday
Thats a throwback time to rewatch cause I remember literally nothing.

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imprengate shinji
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shota butte
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You okay there anon?
If you were to impregnate Shinji and he didn't want it to happen, would he get an abortion or raise your child despite crying every night about how different his life would have been?

How did you fill the void /a/? I still can't. Why doesn't kubo make a new manga already?
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I found rereading better manga enjoyable.
I now devote more of my time to Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul threads
>How did you fill the void /a/?
MHA and PN mostly, Magi when it gets updated.

>Why doesn't kubo make a new manga already?
It's only been a year, give Kubo a break.

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Why wouldn't she just leave her kid since it's obvious no matter what she does the kid is fucked anyways.
Name? Image search can't find a damn thing.
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It's her imouto, she couldn't just leave her behind.


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Is Chiaki taller than Amano?
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Fucking whore
des des
He's even shorter than his girlfriend. Sad!

Is this the cutest JC out there?
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File: usami is my wife.webm (171KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
usami is my wife.webm
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Usami is bae
File: usami6.gif (859KB, 540x304px)Image search: [Google]
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Made for impregnating.

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