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hunter x hunter 2011 is the best anime ever made imo
everything about it is intresting, the fights are good, most arcs are decent

and you can literally expand on it as much as you want

>hisoka's backstory would be awsome
>the young troupe members would be amazing
>how ging got so strong
>netero's past

literally everything about is so good
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zoldyck family is a whole nother story
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Except HxH is nothing but a ripoff of other anime
>annoying quiet faggot has eye powers and it out for revenge for his people who were killed by a shadowy organization
Wow, really fucking original. Not to mention the power creep is hilariously bad. It's like they wait last minute to write their shit.
>there is a world mob that does a black market auction, they all work together so pulling any shit and ruining it is nearly impossible!
>oh shit those dangerous spider guys are going to rob the place!
>haha they are so strong and the mob security is actually so shit (not because they are shit but because the secret spider guys are so cool and strong!) that most of them didn't even need to be there, only three guys did anything!
>oh shit someone got to the vault first and took everything!
>oh shit the mob is going to send their "Shadow Beasts" after them, holy shit they are the best most dangerous assassins possible!
>oh wow this strong spider guy is not only bullet but rocket proof! He's so cool and badass that the other secret spider guys can play cards looking board while he solos hundreds of mobsters!
>oh shit here come three shadow beasts, wow they look like they are going to kill him!
>oh just kidding spider guy was way to strong for them, still none of the other secret spider guys have to do anything!
>oh shit the strong spider guy just got taken by the super serious out for revenge protagonist! His super cool chain makes super strong spider guy basically a weakling!
>oh shit the spider guys are chasing but now here come the rest of the shadow beasts!
>oh wow they were overconfident and got fucking destroyed so easily by the secret sprider guys!! (original idea, do not steal this)
Now I'd go on and say more about this pinnacle of trash-tier shonen anime but I have to go on a multi-year hiatus.

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Are Aria nightly threads still a thing? I also recall a few YKK threads a long while ago.

If not here's some choro music!
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^that's the closest thing there is. It's monthly.

Search for the same subject on external archives.
what breed is Pokoteng?

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New episode soon!
No more bully!
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We yo friends Minori
Real friends?

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Explain the point of this character.
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Defacto eye candy now that every other girl is dead.
fanservice and yuuya wife
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Ishtarin (2).jpg
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Why could Rin channel Ishtar and not Sakura?
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Because Rin was goddess already
Because some qualities of Ishtar were more fit for Rin than for Sakura (not the "goddess of prostitutes" part) even though some parts directly clashes with each other.
>(not the "goddess of prostitutes" part)
But it was most fitting


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The raws are out here:
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File: 3.jpg (169KB, 960x1364px)Image search: [Google]
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ITT: Things that don't happen enough in anime.
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They are always filled with dozens of thirsty dykes.
Isn't that why OP wants more of them?
Thirsty for dicks yeah.

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What has anime taught you?
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adults are pure evil
the cock always win

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Thee isn't a purer girl in existence than pic related.
come on now, the bitch is a size queen

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Why is he so great?
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damn name?
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Misogi Kumagawa from Medaka Box. Also one of the main reasons people read the series.
Intelligent, nihilistic and wicked sense of humor

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Are they going anywhere with the 2 Zeno's thing? What's their end game?
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I think it is really fucking dumb that there is 2 "literal actual" Gods now. Like were they thinking at all?
It makes absolutely no sense, they travel into the future and bring God back to the past so now there's two God's? Surely being the actual full-on omnipotent beyond-universes god that created the entire multiverse puts him out of the bounds of time, seeing as he created it and all.
This isn't the Abrahamic god, anon.

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Tsukihime is good, major problem is it being a doujin game which means it has very few cgs and sprites.

If the art was better it would be 9/10.
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anime was good too
The anime was unironically better than the VN. Mainly because we saw less of the trash character that is Akiha.
Manga is far better.

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>he's watching Kakegurui
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>he just discovered Fukumoto and pretend to be hardcore on /a/
>he pretends to be hardcore by calling out other people who pretend to be hardcore
>they think they're more hardcore than me

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[HorribleSubs] Gamers! - 02.jpg
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Literally me.
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Literally me.
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Literally me.
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Exactly me.

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