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why is he such a naive retard?
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lelouch is the realist
suzu is an idealist, and an extreme one at that
I implied that it makes him a more realistic character, retard.

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Why does she smell like pee?
Why does she have to cause so much trouble for the others?
lolis always smell like pee

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>an anime girl will never sit on your head or face
>anime girl will never hold you in her arms and tell you everything is alright
>anime girl will never hold your hand as you walk in the park
>you'll never play split screen games with anime girl
>anime girl will never kiss you
>you'll never lose your virginity
Why live again? What's stopping me from swallowing the some hundred pills I have tonight,
Because if you're going to die anyway you might as well enjoy some escapism for the next few decades. Plus you'll make any remaining family feel guilty if you an hero.

>14 years old
Why would they feel guilty? They know it's not them that drove me to this point.

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I miss Haruhi
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kys desu senpai
I want to cum inside Haruhi
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Me too.

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Thoughts on this?
(the show)
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It may actually look better than berserk
I think so too, at least the animation, or at least I got used to it.

That final episode was pretty fucking good

Waiting for S2 in Fall

post background waifus
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Was this show good?
It was alright. Nothing special

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/a/, what do you consider to be the worst anime of all time? You can be as subjective as you want. I just want opinions.
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Your favorite anime.
Little Busters was really fucking bad.
Fuck off with your rec thread, OP

ITT: girls literally no one likes
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>he thinks there are actually girls that nobody has shit enough taste to like
I can't even post a face for this level of retardation.
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When does the loli get some lewd
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>You'll never come home to a loli making you diner
Should I just kill myself already or wait until the show is over just to get as much of her as I can?
Volume 4. So the last arc of the anime I guess.
Might as well get it over with.

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>4 days to go...
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can't wait. i hope you guys don't croak too much
I want Lalaco to crush my dick with her tits.

Could Ghostbusters work as an anime?
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there's been like more than half a dozen different shows that could count count as Japanese variants of hunting ghosts / spirits / etc.

A legit GB animu would probably end up being a literal monster-of-the-week show with silliness.
No. Golden Time was garbage.

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Happy birthday Illyasviel Von Einzbern!
How do you guys celebrate your waifus' birthdays?
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Illya (137).jpg
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Happy birthday Ilya.
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Celebrate with some of her VA's great cover songs.

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Ainz vs Guts.jpg
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Ainz Ooal Gown using spells and his full equipment vs Guts in Berserker Armor

Both are fighting all out, neither has help from anyone else, both are in peak condition, the area they're fighting is an empty coliseum which favors neither of them

Who wins?
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Papa Bones will appear to lose but pull a premium item out of his assbag of holding at the last minute, that just happens to counter whatever guts has him by the balls with. I hate it, but that's how the show he comes from works.
Nah guts entire life is beating the odds and fighting causality.
Exactly how is Gattsu supposed to hurt AOG? Did you forget that AOG has immunity from low level damage? At least send in a maid...wait, ok send in Hamsuke.

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How do you stop a Yotsuba?
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you don't

Steal her strawberries
You don't. You turn her into your four leaf lover and the two of you live happily ever after.

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Why is Berserk so tonally inconsistent? You'll have a serious scene or a battle, and in one panel there's always the fairy guy doing a silly face.
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It would be too dark without him!

Because Guts would actually be dead without it.
humorously big sword/disfigured guy
Grim dark/ fairies and witches

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