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Maou no Hajimekata thread start.
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So, uh, yeah, uh, is this really something anyone on /a/ actually wants to read?
I both read and enjoy this.

No one cares about this anymore, but new chapter got translated.
Wave lives...for now.
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Those eyes are definitely the weakpoints.
It sad mc die.

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post yfw
>delusional onodoormat cucks get ntr'd after reading 200+ chapters
>onodera herself on suicide watch after being blown the fuck out by her own best friend
>best girl finally wins the mc-bowl
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I'm glad I dropped it.
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I feel sorry for Onodera but it's glorious how her fans are anally devastated.
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>there are people who actually thought Onodera would win
The blandest piece of shit of our generation

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Girls can't love girls.

A girl loving a girl is like a girl loving a toaster. You can thrust up against it and moan but that's all you're doing really. The fact you are aroused by it means very little because the toaster does not have a penis and thus cannot give you the things that conventionally a romantic relationship will give you.

Therefore it can be assumed that girl on girl is meaningless. Sure they could adopt but ultimately it would all just be a placebo. You would know in your heart of hearts that your relationship is an illusion.

If there is no willy involved you might as well be getting turned on by two rocks being banged together.
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>two rocks being banged together.
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> If there is no willy involved you might as well be getting turned on by two rocks being banged together
It's true.
Anime women cannot love anime women for they are brainless non-entities. They are fictional and only exist on moving pictures for real humans to gaze upon. The same holds true for anime men, anime girls, anime boys, anime lolis, anime futas, anime robots, anime deities, anime animals, anime aliens, anime monsters, and anime plants loving other anime things.

When did you realize that Gorillafags are literal cuckolds and that Onodera "losing" is the best thing that could've happened? Can you believe it? Chitogefags literally get off to their favorite girl being with another man. While us Onodera intellectuals get to have her all to ourselves. Really makes you think doesn't it?
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Damn this bitch skinny.
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>being this mad

Yeah and if Chitoge lost you'd be laughing at her instead.

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How do we save the moe genre?
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It doesn't need to be saved, it's already great.
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>moe genre

>be a shut-in Japanese neet
>get transported to another world
>have the ability to talk and negotiate with princesses, knights, royal candidates, and merchants

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These and many more useful abilities are available for you at /pol/.
Especially the merchants one.
The language is the same and he got in good with some higher ups to grab connections?
It's not that hard to understand.
He had to die like three times before he was able to do that dude, use your head

ITT: Underrated anime movies.
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I think it's one of the best
Lil bit rushed,
but it's a movie so restrictions apply
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Nice rec thread you got going there OP.

What is Chiaki looking at?
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Something lewd.

Also based anons have been releasing scanlations super fast.
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What is Takeru-ojisan looking at?
If he is a real man, he is looking at Boss.

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>king of the pirates
>no fruit, only haki

remember the good old days when you were imagining gol d. rogers ability? surely it had to be some ridiculously strong fruit, you thought to yourself....but no, just haki

why did it go the way it did? why...
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It's been a while since I last watched wan piss, but I kinda always wished that the greatest pirate didn't "cheat" with fruits.
how many eps are there currently out? I think I stopped watching after Whitebeard died.
the will to power is the strongest ability
one piece is trash
it hasn't been confirmed yet that he had no devil fruit abilities

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Post best girls that have been forgotten by their authors and their fans
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useless meat
Dont worry OP, she will appear in the next volume
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>/a/ says that Himouto Umaru-chan is an absolute piece of trash
>decided it to give a try
>it's actually pretty fun and comfy

Not to mention that Umaru is a cute little nugget.

Let's have a nice and cozy Umaru thread.
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Yeah, it is a fun show. Something that you would watch on a Sunday morning with tea and cookies.
/a/ says it's shit because /v/ and other boards like it.
I thought this was popular? Where is season 2?

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I noticed there's no 3x3 thread. Anyone up for one?
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Not with that shit taste
what would you suggest?

Don't mind me, just posting the best girl
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OP is not a faggot for once.
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>Eri and Chitoge wins : good
Lisesharte soon
Silvia wins too but eco (louise 2.0) had to ruin seikoku no dragonar light novel ending

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Worst Gundam anime
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SEED Destiny still exist.
Stardust memory still exisy
you literally couldnt have worse taste

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