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What the hell is this fucking garbage? I just wanted some cute girls bathing. God damn first episode had that shit for more than half of the time but then they suddenly hit me with this?

Oh come the fuck on I don't want GRIMDARK in my silly mobage adaptations. Fuck you Ange Vierge.
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C3bu of the Fantasista Doll genre
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>not frozen naked
One job

Bro, you could literealy smell it miles away that shit is about to go down. Haven't you learn anything?

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You have been visited by the Master of Butterfly Style Yamazaki Sosuke.

Good fortune and a better time with your best stroke will fall upon you, but only if you post SOSUKE'S DELTOIDS in this thread.
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what the fuck.jpg
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How about this?
Nice delts.
What's your routine, bruh?


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meme anime
It's okay, unlike most meme anime this one is harmless.

Would you take responsibility?
it's a boy
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>draw a girl
>call it a boy
Why is this allowed?
>Would you take responsibility?
>it's a boy
It only makes me harder.
Left or Right?

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How does one mangaka ruin a decent series over the span of so few chapters? If I had known they were going the cliche netorare or fear of one of two characters being unfaithful, I would have dropped this shit like a hot metal pipe after the Goodbye Breathers ark.
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>Not recognising the development went to shit after tomboy was introduced and nothing happened with her after 2nd breather.

It's your fault for not recognising the signs, toad never got better and excessive lip licking isn't a sign of development.
He should do more girls with dicks and less froglike NTR.
Holy fuck, what's happening here? I thought this shit ended years ago.

And now he's just pissing all over it?

Is this actual NTR or just a bondage rival showing up?

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Official art
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I want to lick Mugi's official anus.
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I think the Keions have the best official art out of any show.

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You have 5 seconds to tell me why you don't worship Blanc and the ground she walks on
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She's shit
She's not real.
But I do. She's the best and only Nep Goddess I worship.

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How is he so cool?
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火車開到北海道的札幌, 第二次試驗的場地在距離市區公車數十分鐘車程的山中孤立洋樓
第二次試驗是個人戰, 考官是遠藤, 考試主題是麵料理
會場只有準備最低限度的食材, 考試時間3小時

創真、小惠和塔克米被安排在同一個會場, 場內製麵的材料只剩一點點
洋樓外面又刮起暴風雪, 小惠叫計程車都來不了

這是老太婆考官給遠藤出的點子, 遠藤原本還很得意以為能成功消滅反逆者了

創真: 這種小鬼的把戲算啥, 我們之前受過比這個慘100倍的折磨呢(?)

回想起北海道出發前數日, 極星寮大夥被折磨到傷痕累累倒在床上

回想結束, 創真他們之外的反逆者也都開始進行料理
創真: 等著看吧, 會給你奉上最好的一碗
He's found a woman to cook while Souma remains a frigid shounen MC
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Is there anyone more based than Mimasaka Suburu? I'm not talking about just plain old Suburu. I'm talking about a Suburu that imitated Joichirou, Gin, Azami, Senzaemon, Shinomiya, Tsukasa, and all the former first seats.

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So were they really as good as legacy has it? Because I'm looking at a release here (b.leach #110 to be precise) and they're using .avi and their shit is HARDSUBBED.

Also their release looks like ass compared to superior Zero-HP release. Explain yourself /a/!
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New to anime, eh?
Most of current /a/ wouldn't even know about that group, OP.
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Here's undeniable PROOF that Zero-HP is the SUPERIOR fansub group. Damn you blue skies!

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I'm going to dump my hot fat throbbing penis into her slimy tight sticky meat hole and thrash it in and out over and over till it makes our love juices viscous and make all sorts of erotic and vulgar noises. She will beg me over and over to stop because it feels so good and shes going to lose her sanity but I will deny her and give her pussy a mind of its own till she cant live without my huge piece of meat stuffing her slimy walls full
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quality thread
Maybe I just missed something, but wasn't rararagi kind of contemptuous to shinobu in bake? what happened there?

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Help me /a/, I want to have sex with a loli!
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Check your local orphanage.
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i'd the middle.webm
2MB, 800x334px
Only 2D ones, right?
There are other kinds?

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Why don't they make anime set in historical Japan anymore? It's such a cool setting, with samurai and ninja and shogun and all that. You can even throw in some vaguely Buddhist / Shinto mythology in there like youkai and kappa and kitsune and asian dragons and miko's casting spells and all that if you don't want realism.
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Samurai Champloo.
No. It's fucking garbage.

There's only a handful of decent Nobunaga/Samurai anime out of the hundreds that already exist.

Exact same thing with Japanese folklore.
Because it won't sell

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You are now in this situation, what do?
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let go and apologize profusely
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Bury face in butt and inhale.

Did she secretly enjoy it?

I mean she could've just told Mika to punch him off while he was vulnerable.
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It was just shit writing.
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Fuck that pedophile!
Om nom nom.

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About to watch this because /a/ says its the most feels worthy anime ever. Although I already know going in Nagisa dies. What should I expect?
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Everything to be contrived or if you have shit taste the most amazing animu ever that changes your life completely.
Dragonballs resurrect her.
Nagisa dies

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