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>Post-fall East Germany and Czechoslovakia
>Enemies are former commies, corrupt current government, and super-alpha pulling all the strings

>Decides to scapegoat white nationalists as the easy enemy
>Liberal BS about shooting people always being evil

Y tho
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nips aren't allowed to own guns, so they haven't been hypnotized by the powerful feeling of having an instrument of thunder and death in your hand.
>Liberal BS about shooting people always being evil
This has nothing to with liberalism
It's just Tenma's morals as a doctor and who he is
it's only recently that they (japs) started having any kind of casualness around guns like watch any anime before 2006

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Who else wasted their time watching this garbage?
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I did, unfortunately.
i learnt my lesson i was a fucking faggot for listening to MAL
Why all the threads about this suddenly ?

so when is the next groundbreaking animu announced?
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imaishi/urobutcher collab when?
gravity rush
Luluco aired last season

You're with your waifu and this human comes up and slaps her ass, what do you do?
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reported to the council of ethics

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Post a better girl ass, I bet you CAN'T
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I just wanna say Boku no pico is one of the hottest things in existence, and it truly is the best anime.
This is fact

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Are you attracted to boy chest?
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Nigga that's pretty gay
flat enough to fly an airplane off of?
flat enough to chop vegetables on?
the flatter the better.

What the fuck did I just watch?
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Judging by the pic i'll say Evangelion

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It's midnight

fap to this webm and then go to sleep
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Brown lolis are the miracle of the universe
Too plain and simple for me.
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It's only 10 though

don't worry ima fap here in a sec anyway

Thoughts on Kirito?
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he is ok
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Thoughts on Penn Jilette?
I had no problem with his excessive edginess, but his personality became so inconsistent (specially when he got "married") that I started not taking his character seriously... nor the anime itself, either.

He should have become an antagonist at some point.

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Dizzy Winpose.webm
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Why is 3D in anime always so shit?
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Not enough quality 3D animators in anime business, probably.

>harder to do

>more expensive to make look good

>The "anime" style is hard to make look good in 3d are even when done well usually looks pretty jarring.

>traditional 2d is liked more to begin with
>3D in anime is shit
>posts vidya

at least post the real eyecancer to make your point

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Precure Thread
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Mirai is the greatest, cutest, most wonderful girl in the entire world!
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You forgot lewdest.

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Why do you hate me /a/?
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But I don't hate you.
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Creepy, ugly, violent, murderous bitch. Worst girl by a wide margin.

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Did they fugg? I need to know, it's really bothering me.
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He just walked her home gently.
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First post is best post yet again

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It's official, Anno's new Godzilla is a masterpiece judging from the first reviews:


The man is finally starting to show what he's capable of when he actually gives a fuck.

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Previous thread
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Godzilla's Atomic Breath is Fucking Purple!
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Why does Japan like those meidos so much?
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Because many of them are betas who live every day being henpecked by mothers/wives and the notion of having authority over cute girls releases all their emotional and sexual tensions.
something about raping the maids

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