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Question /a/
What is the nips obsession with the highschool setting?
Is it just wish fulfilment because the author had a boring school life and wishes he could ReLife and have a more interesting youth with adventures, magic and cute girls?

Compare Taboo Tattoo and Darker than Black, does TT suffer from the generic setting?
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It's better than the west's obsession with middle aged men going through a midlife crisis who cheat on their wife.
Common wisdom among westerners who watch japanese animation and read japanese comics is that most of those so-called anime and manga are mainly targeted towards teenagers who do still go to high school.
1. everyone went to high school, so everyone can relate
2. teenage emotions make the storytelling possiblites endless
3. life after high school in japan is a black hole of nothingness

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So this manga, also known as Letter Bee, by Hiroyuki Asada just ended recently and translations are out. Was anyone else following it? What did you think of it?
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did you finish it? i have the anime backlogged still.
I think I need to catch up.
Loved the setting and story first time reading it, and I'll have to see how it concluded since last I saw it seemed pretty bleak
Never read it or watch it.

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People say that Hanakana can only play one type of character (the shy submissive ones), but when you think about it her most famous characters are anything but submissive.

People hating on her are full of shit and she's one of the greatest voice actresses ever.
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ya I used to hate on hanakana because I wanted to fit in but she's really good
The more popular something is the more likely it is that someone will shit on it to be contrarian, regardless of the actual quality. of it.

Congratulations you spammed it everywhere so I finally gave it a watch.

There is nothing memorable about any of these girls, but WORSE, the choreography uses that awful 3D modelling that looks like total shit and completely breaks from the normal animation. I have to look away every single time because it doesn't blend in the slightest and makes the girls look like horrible corpse puppets on strings.

Why the fuck would you watch a show like this except for some great choreography and now it's totally ruined?

All I want is for you all to go "haha u fell for the meme XD" and we'll all laugh and go on with our empty lives. Just for the love of god don't try to defend it.
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You make it sound like anyone cares about anything you have to say.
You cared enough to reply. Checkmate
2 things.

1. If you don't like the show, why did you make the file name something that a LL would? Nitpicking here.

2. I never told anyone it was a great show. I like it but I have admitted to others that if they don't like any of the characters, they won't like the show. Maybe the music though but that's about it.

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Though it ain't the original one, it's still an Illyas' birthday today fags.

Oh and I guess Prisma episode later as well.
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I want to give Illya a birthday present if you know what I mean.
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Miyu fig.

Looks pretty good. Hopefully the kuro figure is not too far off, need all 3 of them.

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Sad panda thread.

Wrestling tank translation project finally continued.


Other recent works:
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Holy fuck, all that cute and that soft, as well as a nice and plump lolihagbutt. This artist seems pretty new too, I hope he doesn't disappear after putting out only a few things.

I love this world.

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Pilot the Eva.
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Can you repeat the question?
n-nande??? nande otosan?
Get in the robot, Shinji.

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So /a/, what's your AOTS so far?
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Tie between Amanchu and Mob Psycho 100. 91 Days is really dope as well.
I don't see anything worth watching this session.

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why do i love anime girls so much /a/?
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Because you took the easy way out in loving something that cant hurt you
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Wapanese faggotry run wild.
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Delete this

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Bat >>> the rest, this is not up to debate.
Why is shinobu-chan so low on your list anon? ;_;

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I rewatched A Certain Magical Index's prologue again. I still don't get it.

Touma gets hits by feathers.

Touma suffers selective memory loss, but it isn't memory loss, but it is.

Absolutely no one notices.

Like, doesn't he get calls from his parents or something, or did they die, too? How does he know where his apartment is? How does he know who his teachers are? Won't he fail literally every class from now on?

How does he know what his own face looks like now? He has homework, how does he know to turn it in? How does he know where his keys are? How will he remember anyone's phone numbers or addresses or even their names? Does he just say, "Hey, you!" from now on, to literally everyone?

Foreign languages. If he knew English before, he doesn't now. He's doomed. He can't compete in the global market. Maybe I'm overthinking this, and the 14-year-old who looks like a 30-year-old said, "Don't touch the feathers, they doom you!" he was actually referring to their tendency to erase knowledge of English. What about Japanese? How does he still know Japanese? How about human mannerisms? How does he, from now on, know when he's being a faggot or when he's being super-fly? Crossing lights? How won't he get run over? Sidewalks. You are not born with knowledge of side walks! How does he know how to use them?! Fucking CHAIRS, how won't he mistake a chair with a desk? THE FUCKING FLOOR. How does he know what is and isn't appropriate to walk on? Wax finishes. How will he learn to manage them /if he doesn't even know what wax is/?

Eating. Some things need to be cooked. How does he know about cooking? Fire?

Bad air. He's in a child-like state now, but everyone around him thinks he's smart enough to think. Sure, I'll grant him a gift of newfound neuroplasticity greatly exceeding a high-schooler... but what's to stop him from going prone and deeply inhaling the exhaust of a car? How will he know what air pressure is? Tires? How to exercise? Where will he learn wit?!
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Sounds like the author is a bad writer.
because they wipe 1 year of memory via magic
thats why they need to chase index around to redo it all the time

Are you seriously telling me that a certain magical index is too deep for you?
Storing an entire magical library inside the mind of a little girl seems like a pretty bad idea.
-It's much more difficult to steal an entire library than to kidnap a single person
-A library can't get up and wander away
-A library can't die of old age or by accident so easily
-Making a military asset "cute" (ie, a little girl) can cause your minions to treat it irrationally, instead of treating it like a military asset

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Will it get an Usagi Drop ending?
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That shit disappointed the hell out of me.
Please end yourself.
I hope so.

This is at least a little bit fucked up, right?
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Nah, it's perfectly legal to fuck her in that form.
That plot
Oh. OK my mistake

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Rena is for ________
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Pump and dump. Someone else can deal with her emotional baggage.
her boyfriend

listening to intently while she tells you about her issues.

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ITT: Guess who the best girl is in a show you haven't watched.

I'm guessing top left is the best one in pic related
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Bottom right sorry. You should watch it, despite being a show about idols it isn't like a real idol show, more of a normal sol
Top left isn't it?
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I know most of /a/ hasn't watched Love Live. Can you find the best girl?

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