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Which studio has the best girls and why is it PA Works?
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>oldest to newest, clockwise from bottom-right
I don't know if they improved or got worse
Makes me sad seeing Benten in the middle of all those high school sluts with the PA works sameface.

Jesus, that takes me back

Is there a better girl paired with a worse show in all of anime?

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I want to mock Akari's hairbuns so she'll grow self conscious and stop wearing them
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I want to make Akari look at me like this!
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You wouldnt dare
gimme the source boys and free my soul

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Post girls that did nothing wrong.
>pic very related
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She wasn't selfish enough.
Didn't do nothing at all.
She didn't do anything wrong, she just dug her grave

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I don't get it: what's wrong with taking your own life, and why are you punished for it? Isn't it completely your choice what you do with your body and life? Or is the town some kind of purgatory, and only those with peace-of-mind can leave and move on into the afterlife?
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Consider the Following.jpg
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Sora no Woto is Haibane Renmei done right.
Killing yourself is bad for the economy, and we can't have that, can we?

Considered, rejected.
Doesn't matter if you get it or not. It's a common view held by many religions that suicide is a great sin.
You can agree or disagree with that but that's a different matter. The concept itself that suicide is frowned upon and the idea of a purgatory shouldn't not seem strange to you even if you disagree/aren't a religious person.

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It all comes tumbling down

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kill yourself you fucking cancer
We all knew this was coming.
The mangaka has a habit of using NTR to finish off his stories and force the characters into action
Good, fuck him and his shitty NTR he has to shove into everything.

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You forgot the best one.
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Why such revealing dress?
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Semen demon.
Why not?
It looks good.

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There is a chance that your favorite hype active happy girl in your favorite slice of life anime is secretly suicidal.
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In this day and age, who hasn't considered suicide?
File: 29984946992775919.jpg (78KB, 477x341px)Image search: [Google]
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Even though women attempt suicide thrice as often as men, they actually kill themselves three times LESS often than men.

There's very little chance that your favorite hype active girl in your favorite slice of life anime is secretly suicidal, but a gigantic chance that she's "secretly" an attention whore.

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two pairs.jpg
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Doesn't it weird anybody out that girls with animal ears still have a pair of working human ears? It also seems weird that the side of their heads would just be smooth without them either... It's like a no-win situation
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It's fapbait. It's not meant to be examined. Just fap faggot.
Not if you got an ear fetish. You could gently stroke the human ears while gently nibbling her animal ears.
That's not the case in Dog Days. The girls there don't have human ears.

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Oh my~
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>namis thong
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I hated the rapey part when they were dressed up tho
They really need to stop using Minami Hamabe as a voice-actor. Her performance as Olga drove me near suicidal.

Was punpun schizophrenic?
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Was Shimizu a genius?
Probably Asbergers mixed with depression.
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Would you go on a car ride with him to hear about dad stories and go to a rave?
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Maybe when she's older.
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Something seems awfully fishy about that guy
He's just your friendly neighborhood Ryo.

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You will never hug Rem's belly like this.

Tell me just how bad it feels to realize that.
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Neither will he, no one will soon enough.
Nice armpit. Did her sister shave that?

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I just finished Dragon ball, are the movies worth watching?
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By Dragon Ball, do you mean Majunior or Majin Buu?
As in, the entire series? Are you including the continuations?

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Why did this hurt so much? It's not like I care that much about any of them.
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Dog best character
Because out of them all, she was best girl.
There's something I couldn't understand and that's probably because I'm watching the shitty adaptation.
She never made it to the rooftop, right? That rooftop flashback from Megu-nee's perspective was all in that autistic MC's mind, right?

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