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This is a Japanese bat.
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I love how normalfags dropped the series during that scene
She's not japanese though
bat an cute


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Why is no one translating this manga?
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Looks like generic shit to be honest.

Pity post.
I don't know what it is
Post more of it

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Where are my peeps at?
What are you looking to be translated?
What do you think about the current scanlation community? Or lack thereof?
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nothing's ready.jpg
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Some Day

3 low-tier NEETs = 1 complete chapter

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Hey you virgin over there, fill me up some more
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Why is this fine goddess drinking virgin piss?
I'll fill you up alright
Fuck you and fuck those digits too you piss stinking rancid cunt. Hope you die of yeast infection and AIDS. You ain't got a sliver of a change in the Kazumab owl so do us all a favor and neck yourself you useless piece of mutilated urethra

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Did she kill Kizuki in the Fate route?
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IIRC HA reveals Gil did it.
Well shit, I literally just read that part too.
So much for this thread.
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>implying Caster would ever kill Souichiro-sama

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Post pictures that represent your life. Pic related
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Wammu is my life

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How does /a/ feel about Gravity Rush getting an anime by people from Trigger and Khara?
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Pretty excited for all the potential new Kat porn
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don't tease me like that, anon

Who doesn't like Phantom World and why? More importantly, why does anyone not like Ruru?
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It's just a dumb fan service show, which is fine but that type of thing just doesn't appeal to me. Outside of the fan service it was super cliche powers LN fare, with a couple tiny details of originality.

The only episode I really enjoyed was the one where titty chick becomes his new mom. If I were ever going to recommend this show to somebody I would recommend they watch only this one episode and none of the others, because the existence of all the other episodes degrades the experience of this one episode.

The rest of the show was just boring. It was in large part a comedy by I only distinctly remember laughing at one joke, the one where cockroach loli gently glides down in that weird mushroom world, then MC slams into the ground at a million miles an hour. It was predictable and obvious, but it was able to get a laugh out of me because it was very well executed and directed. The stories for the individual episodes (other than the one mentioned above) ranged from barely engaging to horribly predictable, formulaic, monotonous, and sometimes offensively bad. Probably the best example is the episode that focused on the brown fairy getting all big or whatever. The end of this episode was just really god awful. All I remember about it is that she did this whole sacrificing herself bit, MC got all upset, then she immediately came back. This was all patently obvious the second the sequence started, and it was just a really cheap plot device to try and force some heart into the episode. I really hated that episode.

The show wasn't made for me. If I were a bigger fan of fan service then I probably would have enjoyed it. But I'm not.

That being said, the art, animation, and design were all gorgeous.
where can I subscribe
Because it's pretty meh compared with the original novel.

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Is MILF > 3 daughters
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I need to catch up on the fucking OVAs. But too lazy.
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You really should, cause the next OVA is shit involving the worst girl
looks interesting
is this ova 7 or 8?

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>JoJo will become the new dbz by October
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it....it isn't?

Explain why the "mystery" kept going after the only adult suspect in the show was revealed to have a glove compartment full of candy?
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Explain why the "mystery" kept going after the first episode? "Narrowed it down to the guy I know" is in full effect. If we know it's not the guy who got framed (or his father), the teacher is the only adult male left. Especially once we get the guess that the killer know the 3rd victim was male ahead of time.
He was just trying to quit smoking
That's because he actually likes candy.

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Post characters you want to start a family with
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how do two girls make a family?
I fucking hate that face.
I would give her adult entertainment if you know what I mean.

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Reminder that there's probably a few people here actually watching this and enjoying it like Endride and nobody cares even me and I made a thread about it.
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I'm trying to watch it with my brain turned off, turns out it's still not enough.
Did you turn it off and on again?
It's hard to turn it on after what this show does with it. At least the deadpan was cute.

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So why can't /a/ or 4chan in general not make a Yotsuba anime?

I mean you guys did create a video game, so why not challenge yourselves and make an anime?
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I can only draw stick figures

If you're /a/, start making the anime.
If you're not /a/, get the fuck out.

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Why didn't Spike just run away? They could have been happy.
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>The past always comes back to haunt you

seems to be the series big theme
Edgy Cowboy
He wanted to see if he was ever truly alive.
I'll admit it was stupid, but whatever. Can't blame the man.

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