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>Put your hands behind your back!
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is this Hitman Reborn?
Upper left corner of the image, idiot.
PP nigga

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Is it true?
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Let's find out anon.
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Why aren't there more male magical girls? Is magic sexist? I think little boys could be magical girls if they wanted.
If there can be male catgirls, then there can be male magical girls.

And yes i've read the manga.
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I liked them too, only see people complain about the animation but I thought it was pretty good.
I am a fan of the original series.
I'm a fan of the manga.

I have not watched any of the movies or the animated series

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ITT: Best filler characters
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Tell me about Lain. Why does she wear the bear suit?
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Who the fuck is Lain?
Cause its comfy
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Can't this fucking retard just say something like "I can see the future" to justify what he's doing without going against the rules of his power?
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The writer needs him to be retarded otherwise he would stop dying and the gimmick would end.
>oh so you can see the future?
>*punchs his face*
>I guess you can't
>Can't this fucking retard not be a fucking retard

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Wait a second, why does Madoka's dad act like a mom and her mom acts like a dad? Did I miss something?
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Meduka is a very proggressive series.
Madoka is gay and her dad is a stay at home dad while Momadoka works.
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It's a trend that makes japanese men angry

Kodansha Ltd. has been forced to shelve a new manga centering around the training of "himo" (string), unemployed men who aspire to live off the purse strings of women, after its creator drew criticism on the Internet. (...)

Higashimura created the recent installment with her male assistant and other men around her as models and the series is intended to describe “what actually occur to them after getting such training.”

But her work came under fire from critics who accused her of looking down on her assistant and other men. (...)

The manga revolves around training men who are searching for girlfriends who have good jobs. These males have big dreams but little money and few skills, so they try to make themselves more attractive to working women by becoming adept at such things as housework.


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You can also name the board which the character reminds you of.
Pic related reminds me of /tv/ the most.
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Either /jp/ or /a/
Why post a selfie though, OP?
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Why is she so perfect?
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She's an irredeemable, selfish, crude, horrible piece of trash and yet I love her so much. She's even got a bit of a pudge left. She'd be worst girl anywhere else, but she's best girl at where she is.

Don't know this show, don't know this girl, don't remember the last time I've seen a 2D grill animated with a stomach that didn't look like a magazine model's.
She's best girl because she is worst girl. It's a thin line to tread.

Why was this praised?

It's garbage.
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Utter garbage.
Best grill deserved better.
It wasn't praised: it was shat upon from before the first episode. Thank you for your post; please leave /a/.
For the same reason that trash like Hyouka or Hibike gets praised.

Slackjawed mouthbreathers think that a series looking pretty is enough to make up for terrible writing, and praise it with phrases like "god tier visual direction" when none of them can actually explain what something like that means.

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What does /a/ think of Gash Bell?
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it was essentially pokemon, if the monsters were little children instead.

it was pretty fun.
I saw it years ago and didn't think it was bad. If I saw it again today, I wouldn't think it was that good, but I wouldn't think it's bad either.

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chapter 47 released

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How come poor girl never wins?
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because shitty angry/violent tsunderes or first girl bullshit
File: 1461217189254.jpg (86KB, 960x544px)Image search: [Google]
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But anon, she did win.
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What is /a/'s final opinion on this show?
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It was shit.
LOST without the enjoyable first seasons.

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