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yo check this out
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delet this

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What the fuck did I just watch?
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I don't know if this has become a meme, its shitposting, or there's always someone new watching this and posting the exact same threads.
Most autistic anime ever created
I believe you watched Neon Genesis Evangelion, anon.

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konata socks.jpg
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You want to making fuck with konata?

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Was this the greatest moment in anime history?
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Good way to get out of a marriage proposal
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Is Magi another forgettable shounen or actually worth watching?
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>muh djinn
Magi was fucking great, man. Go watch it for the soundtrack alone.
its decent as far as shounens go, anyone know why this never got another season?

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Why aren't you watching One Piece /a/?
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>watching any of the big3
>posting outside of your designated general
I stopped anything OP related at Gear 4 reveal.
>Shittiest shounen
>It'll never end
>Almost every female character look the same(pretty much shit waifus)
>Super tier animation
>Peaked at ennie's lobby

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download (1).jpg
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Redpill me /a/, is it shit?
Pic unrelated
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Other people can't tell you what you like. Read it or watch it, fag.
Boring but cool(spelled with a k) animation just watch all the fight scenes on youtube
lurk for 2 years before posting and watch more anime

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What are some of the most signature kissing scenes in anime?
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I regret not finishing Cross Ange now.
>tumblr gif
lurk for 2 years before posting
Elfen Lied
Fate/Kaleid Ilya

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KyoAni is promoting Robot Heart Update again.

>Robot Heart Update is a romantic comedy about a cynical assistant manager named Naoto who works at a electronics store and his robot girlfriend named Snow (White). Naoto name is an anagram for adult (Otona). Like most people, Naoto stopped believing in magic and Santa when he grew up until one day meteors filled with magical rocks landed in the ocean and scientist used those rocks to build cute robots amongst other things. So this is like a "do you believe in Santa Claus" kind of story. Naoto also juggles his feelings with Snow who is literally powered by love. If a robot is programmed to get your love in order to recharge her batteries, can she actually truly love you? And all of this takes place during the Christmas season and ends on Christmas day.

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Anime when?

Also, it seems even their LN plots are getting weirder and weirder by the year.
Bizarre, but intriguing.
I've never seen an anime centered on the theme of Christmas before. Could be interesting.

>Naoto name is an anagram for adult (Otona)
Are you serious? They think a common japanese like Naoto is an anagram

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RIP sweet prince.png
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I hope you guys enjoyed all Sweet Guy up until now.

Because it's the last thing of it you're going to read ever.
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Not anime or manga related. Fuck off.
Is that something about ecology or genetics? Koreans seems to have zero immunity to all kind of oncology.
I'd say genetics as most of the times it's something passed like a hot potato from generation from generation

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What's the fascination with 'slice of life' anime?

I want to try one but I don't know where to start, I tried watching Yuri Yuri but I couldn't pull myself through the first episode.
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lurk more and watch more anime
ask for recommendations on >>>/wsr/
On it
look at the catalog on /wsr/ before making a thread

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I really like them and find them pretty cool, post any pics of these outfit styles
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delinquent high school uniform
I figured what id type to find these is that, but is there more of an "official" name, like for example you know 'ahegao' would be the orgasm face for hentai but its better known as 'ahegao' than "orgasm face"

This is AOTS.

If you are not watching it, you should be.
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Didnt the director of cromartie do this?
>sakamoto clone
It's actually funny and has a drastically different feel.

Why is Aoi Yuuki so absolutely perfect as evil crazy sluts?
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Does she like hugs?
She is quite juicy.
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Goddamn do I want to fuck her.

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You better follow our ruurus if you know what's good for you.
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I want Scanty to teach me the rules.
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>Scanty will never crush your balls
>barely any decent doujins at all
Why did this shit bomb so hard?

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