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Why isn't /a/ talking about the new novel?
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I can't read it
LNfag where?

Still learning moon.
Because LNs don't go on /a/

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>You were born too early
>You will never meet them
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Good, I would probably ruin it all if I did.
Not too early to worship them. Start on that shrine.
>You will never watch Aria for the first time ever again

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ITT: that one page that triggered you the most
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How did it end
How do you think?

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ITT: You can pick which anime gets another season/ova/manga
What Do You Pick?
(Pic not related)
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Rokka no Yuusha

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>when your whole series cost barely more than one porn doujinshi of it
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Series sucks

It's supposed to be comfy healing series. Instead the author throws unnecessary more characters and create shit drama with it. After all the drama of her trying to kill herself, throwing her boyfriend off the balcony somehow it's just taper off into a mess and get resolved quickly.

The doujin though is pretty top tier, both the mom one and the one with the deaf girl
bullying is the main theme in this series, how is it going to be comfy?
>It's supposed to be comfy healing series
>This is what I wanted it to be so it's supposed to be this

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Yuuki Rito-san is a kissless virgin.
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but he has kissed
Even though he's grabbed more tits, ass and pussy than anyone on this board ever will. If he wasn't such a fucking beta he'd be swimming in it
labias don't count.

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Isekai genre had a boom in japan, but as every passing genre it had period of raising popularity, creation of master works and then decline.

Anime finally starts adapting some of it works, but the question is - why instead of adapting the one and only work this genre was created for - Mahouka "Harry Potter" Tensei, they adapt random shit like Re:Zero, Konosuba etc?
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I am no english good.

Thank for support.
this shit is long run and has stupid incest and padophille story.
Post more pros anon, I'm interested.

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Preview of episode 3 is out.
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Will Alderamin be worthy Re Zero replacement?
No, not enough sufferings.
Seems like 3-4 will cover the entire school arc.

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You guys don't really want to do lewd things to Megumin, right?

I mean she's just a little girl
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I keep hearing reasons for, and nothing against.
No. I'm not a lolicon, nobody is a lolicon it was all a joke
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I would explode her vagina with my throbbing cock

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Why isn't /a/ dragonsexual?
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Dragons are sluts.
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There are not enough dragon girls.
Dragons eat virgins and fuck kingdoms up for money.

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Everything from Urumi's introduction to the Okinawa trip was pure gold. Agreed?
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>Old manga
Might be a good thing I have no idea what this is.
Yeah, sure.

Seeing Anko gradually turn from a horrible bully into tsundere cutie was pretty sweet.
>Everything from Urumi's introduction to the Okinawa trip was pure gold. Agreed?
The part where Urumi kidnapped Onizuka was even better, though
It goes somewhat downhill from there.

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Where they gay?
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If you listened to the glowing leeches' speech, they are all bi and it is completely normal in their society.
On the beach, in fields, they were gay everywhere.

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I've never hated a one piece villain this much since spamdam
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An asshole to his son, omg.

Get over yourself. Akainu, Belamy and Hordy are far more annoying.
>"Men should talk with their fists"
>uses technology
>uses human shields
Yup, Judge is a Spandam-tier faggot alright.
Spandam was hilarious though, I just can't take him seriously.

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Anon, he just died.
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So the message is:
Take an electrical engineering major
Don't bother with socializing
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Didn't he major in Agriculture?
The message is: If you're going to rent a room, make sure it has a bathroom!
Is EE worth it?
Thinking about switching from CIS

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