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worst girl, suffers from autism
But that makes her the most fit for /a/.
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Find a flaw.
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>thinly veiled "shitpost about elves" thread
Kill yourself to be quite honest
No dick.

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What is your favorite hairstyle?
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My waifu rocks short hair and I love it.
Sidetail, bob cut, ponytail.

And I really fucking hate drills.
I fucking loved that oneshot.

Her face is 10/10 but her height... Would you, /a/?
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Of course I would.
I thought she was an abomination but she's just 5'6". What the fuck. Meryl's 4'6".
Also Vash is only 170cm

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Mob psycho chapter 96 (part 1) is done. This is taking an interesting turn.
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thank you kind sir

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best look
how many haircuts she had? I think she is the character who had the most, EVER
This ain't counting her Super hair

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How come I've not seen a single thread about this?

I'm enjoying it quite a bit so far, is no one watching it or am i just missing them?
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Don't worry anon I feel the same way, confused why no one's talking about this. I think it's great, and Naho is also a perfect girl.
It's shit.
It's for girls and despite the little girls meme, /a/ is overwhelming male

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Everything, really. Even the dub.
Space Dandy is Cowboy Bebop's retarded cousin, and that's why i love it.
Quite a turn around. Bad first episode turned amazing series.

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When does it become good?
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Never, people just watch it until they like it.
Episode 3
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What is it about Japan and its fetish for blondes? Do the people there secretly wish they were Aryan?
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Next thread please
You're boring.
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This faggot again.

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Hey, the new Shishunki Bitter Change just came out. (In Japanese.)


Well, is this the end then? Because there has been a theory around that they would switch back once they kiss.
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I read the first couple of chapters but sort of lost interest. Have the two body swapped people fallen for eachother? As I recall they were childhood friends, so if they have that is my shit and I'll probably pick this up again.
Huh? It's still continuing though?

The original web novel seems to end in bittersweet note but it left tons of mysteries since it skips chapters. Hopefully this won't end with Yuuta sacrificing himself or some shit because Yui is looking more like ungrateful bitch in recent chapters.

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Is this worth watching /a/
>pic related
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I feel that it was kinda okay. The main story isn't too exciting.
The best thing about the show were the medieval battles.
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It was fun. Hilarious how the central conflict of Maria was resolved by getting over her sexual frustration of not getting laid. "Fuck and your problems will be solved" was incredibly stupid but actually very fitting for her character and story enveloping her. Bernard was also very fun characters. And of course the owls, Viv and messenger loli. Too bad Josef was weak character as hell.

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Has this been the worst year in recent memory? Literally nothing good from Winter/Spring/Summer and Fall isn't looking any better
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No, 2015 was.

And nice thumbnail you dipshit
Another garbage thread by a worthless phoneposter.

Stop lying. 2015 was full of nice shows like

Why does almost all fanart of Rory use the anime design? Which one do japanese fans prefer?
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>Which one do Japanese fans prefer.
Obviously the one that is pumping out fan art.
but that might just be the artists who prefer it
something something secoundaries

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Why aren't you a fan of the greatest couple in all of anime history?

Ugh Anno hurry up and finish giant fighting lizard so you can work on ya real masterpiece.

Pic related, reifags plz go
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Fish are caught mainly with the use of bait.
>greatest couple in all of anime history
That's not Kirito and Asuna. What's that even from, some old shit no one cares about? Get with the times grandpa.
I have literally 0.0 hope for 3.0+1.0.

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