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I'm just going to visit my friend Asuka in hospital. I hope she is okay.
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Wake up Asuka I need you
Oh shit
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They even get boyfriends later in the LN

Is it just me, or is impregnation treated like a variant of bug-catching in hentai?

I don't have either of those fetishes but every time I see impregnation being brought up in doujins it's treated like some super perverted and invasive act, a lot like what I've read on bug-chasing forums.

Which makes a lot of sense when you think about it.
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Fetuses are parasites so in a way it is similar to bug-catching.
So do you think sex is all about trying to get a girl pregnant each time people have it? Do you think everyone wants to get pregnant deep down?
I think you might be autistic then?
Any male can inject into any young female one or multiple small parasite like organism that siphons her calories and nutritions, shortens her life expectation (moreso if the baby is a boy), injects her with a ton of hormone, some of them making her really lonely and depressed, and greatly difforms her.
But better yet, that parasite comes with life destroying responsibilities even if she choses to abort it.

So yeah, it is pretty much like giving a girl aids, but at least aids is less of an ungrateful waste of money.

The real question is : why do you go on bug catching forums.

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Mahiro is a fool for not giving her the D
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She ended up taking it by force anyway.
Don't stick your dick into eldritch beings.
But he eventually does and almost dies for it.

He was right not to trust evil abominations from the start.

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Is there a single good anime with a tsundere in it?
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Yes. Why?
I wanted to know.
Any anime with a tsundere is a good anime.

Just finished.

Is crying normal?

So much crying.
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More is on the way, Anon. Meanwhile you can go watch your second anime.
Nothing else has really come close in the past.

Nanoha tried but it wasn't the same. Same goes for Eva.

>Crying over spilled deus ex machina.
>Crying over Mary-sue Pink

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ITT: Anime too obscure for /a/
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What's this? The GuP movie machine translated.

Can't post them here or they'd lose obscurity points

sorry senpai
Corean Cartoons aren't anime.

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Best vampire thread. Post Kisshot.
Kizu in a week.
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You chose poorly.
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I can't fucking wait. Gonna watch it once a week for an entire year out of spite;
don't sexualise the vampire

Ma si jolie femme
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Oui, Akari est très belle
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Literally self-insert : the MC. This guy has absolutely no personality. The way he constantly mood shifts and his attitude towards women considering he was a NEET make no sense. It's like the author tried to make a cool protagonist but made him extremely obnoxious instead. Shows revolving around time travel need an interesting protagonist considering he'll be the one evolving throughout the show and not resetting like the other ones, but this one fails at that.
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>It's like the author tried to make a cool protagonist but made him extremely obnoxious instead
Have you even seen the recent episodes? There's no fucking way they aren't trying to make him look as obnoxious as humanly possible.
>Shows revolving around time travel need an interesting protagonist
That's a general rule of damn near most stories.
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subaru was right.jpg
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>self-inserting as subaru

Who would do this? Subaru is a faggot, I don't want to self-insert as that.

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>just download anime anon! It's way better
>almost all the torrents are dead

t-t-thanks /a/
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IRC is your friend.
>almost all the torrents are dead

I can't even remember the last time I couldn't find a seeded torrent for something I wanted to watch, you're doing something wrong.
it isnt 1998 gramps

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Why is Polandball on Japanese TV?
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O kurwa, racja.
przynęta na polaczki: zarzucona
papiesz incoming

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What's her name?
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She gave you a boner? She looked like a guy in a dress.

Give me Bulma over this tranny any day.
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Fuck you, she was cute. Also her voice.
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Is this the kind of stuff you perverts like?
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>mfw watch illya just to see mahou shoujo punch each other in the face

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How can one fujo be so cute?
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How can one /fit/izen be so cute?
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How can an autist be this sexy?

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