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I've created a simple image viewer to read manga/comics. It's a python script that generates a web page and opens it in the browser. Don't know if it will be useful for you here, but I want to share it.
The code will be available in the github soon.
You can use it as an alternative image viewer as well.


Install the latest python version (3.5.2) and make sure to check "add to environment variables". After that, just run the .pyc file and select your compressed files or a specific image.

Post impressions.
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Not virus, but feel free to do what you want.

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I know it's not what we've come to expect of JoJo, it feels like a song that belongs on a pleb shounen series. That being said, it's a pretty good song, and introduced me to another JRock band with a nice punk/grunge sound. The OP itself was better than the previous OP, although I loved Crazy Noisy the visuals were somewhat lacking compared to Chase.

What I really made this topic for, was the fact that the full song is only 2mins24s long, what the actual fuck. is there some full(er) version or is this what we're stuck with? why is the acoustic version like 3:30 (and with such a different sound that it doesn't feel like the same song at all in acoustic form, which is interesting but normally it's not a total reimagining like this)? And no, it wasn't one of those uploads that just loops the song twice, it was the full song. Also, 192kb/s? what is this garbage, please tell me the official release will be better than this.

someone wake me up pls
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Even when I prefer CNBT as song, Chase is top tier as a jojo op in general, the visuals are to damn good.
And as far as I know that's the full version.
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First OP was better all around, but the amount of hype in this part makes up for it.
Honestly my favorite OP

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Rest in peace monke
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Oh shit.

Toriko's been on a roll lately.
Holy shit, no....

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Post the first anime girl you ever had a crush on/your first waifu (if that's how you define the term).

Mine is Kiki. I was probably about nine or ten when she became my first crush (2D or 3D). Besides rewatching the train scene again and again with a vaguely understood sense of arousal, my attraction was entirely innocent. She was just so nice and cute and adventurous; I wanted to be her friend and hold her hand and maybe even kiss her. The fact that she fell for a dork like Tombo meant that I might have a chance, too. The biggest obstacle to our imaginary relationship was our age difference. Ironically, that continues to be true.
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Sheeta got my little 11 years old pee pee hard.
And I remember being jealous of pazu.
Too bad he didn't died in the movie.
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Good taste.

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Seriously, how bad is Lambaian Filem? Because I just bought Gurren Lagann, Cowboy Bebop, Patlabor, and Nichijou. (One of them may be from Hong Feng, so comments on that company are also appreciated)
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(OP) I'm asking because through my 5 mins of research completed after the payment went through(sigh) I've heard both good and bad depending on the series.
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(OP) I guess if it ends up being terrible and I can't get my money back then it's my own darn fault.
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>what are torrents?

Is she the most beautiful girl in the world?
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naw nigga bitch look like a ghost
she the type of girl you see inna japan horror movie
Nigga u gay or what?
bitch gonna murder you in ya damn sleep
she clearly fuckin crazy

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Why do millennial animeonlyfags have such a hateboner for part 3 and Jotaro and overrate hamon an part 2?
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Part 2 is overrated as fuck but don't pretend that part 3 was all that great. 4 is where stands stopped being shitty for the most part. Also feel free to stay in your containment general.
people overrated part 3 because they started with the OVA

now they overrate 2 because they started with the anime

The actual rating is
7 > 4 > 6 > 2 > 3 > 5 > 1

animeonlies tend to suck part 3's dick and shit on hamon

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The last word you read is now your Stand.

What powers does it provide you?
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Helps me start shit threads.
Helps me post about people starting shit threads.

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Post demon girls you would sin for.
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Can you please not murder images with shitty filters?
I think that's just misused waifu2x.

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Which one of you put their cocoa on the table without a coaster?
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What did she ruin this time?
File: 1467225764256.png (188KB, 327x328px)Image search: [Google]
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> there are people who prefer caffe or tea instead of cocoa
I'm not going to use a fucking coaster you narcissistic troglodyte. If your table was worth protecting you wouldn't even need coasters to protect it anyway, you'd use varnish, and I'm not going to go through the effort of looking away from whatever I'm doing and carefully aiming at that little piece of cardboard fascism you shackled me with every time I want to take a fucking drink. Seriously, if you aren't going to take the effort to protect your table from everyday use then don't push that burden onto your guests.

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Just finished this poorly made turd. How do you fuck up this badly?
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Are you perhaps mad... about being cUcked...?
You're a little late.
The town where I got cucked

>tfw MAL normies AOTS
>tfw /a/ used to believe the same until the cuckening happened

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Would I enjoy the Grisaia anime if I have never read the VN?
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maybe but you should read the VN
I plan to do it eventually, but for now I was wondering if the anime is worth a shot until I take some time to read the VN.
You should probably just read the vn, it's way better.
Consider this, I probably spent something like 50 hours reading Grisaia and enjoyed every minute of it, the anime tries to cram all of this content into only 13 episodes. If you watch the anime you'll miss a lot of content.

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download (3).jpg
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I just finished reading this, and I don't know what to think.

Did he become crazy? Was he always crazy? Were the homunculi a figment of his imagination? What the fuck?
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Imagination or not, it doesn't change how fucking spot-on he is about his visualizations.
Also did Nanako died?
That's what i mean, how could he know the things that he did? Ito insisted they were, but was he just being an asshole? Was he wrong the whole time?

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that tl note.png
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>Gender bender manga
>The now girls stay straight
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Boku no Google
Reverse google it by clicking the arrow to the right of the post number
>You will never get to call your male friend turned female a skank

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This is supposed to be amazing apparently?
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A boy falls in love with a girl.
I've had this downloaded for like a month and haven't watched it yet. Maybe I should do that tomorrow.
Spoiler it has a happy ending

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