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My haughty alien can't be this cute, can she?
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no. she sucks
gg when?
the way the draw all the girls lower lip does something to me along with all those chubby cheeks

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Why does she wear the commie shirt?
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Because she's best girl, Антоша.
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>that outfit
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Best girl, best fashion.

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Is this the best ongoing ""isekai"" right now?
>No RPG mechanics
>No-nonsense protagonist
>plot remains interesting and foreshadows a serious twist
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Well it would depend what genre we're talking about here.

Doubt it's the best comedy.
Its not Isekai it's Fantasy you dumb ass.

Mc just time traveled.
hence the double quotes. It's part of the fad of second-chance fantasy world overpowered protagonist thing that's been going around the past few years even if ti's not strictly isekai. And shit, it doesn't suck.

Just finished this.

I was alright.
Short, comfy, cute, no desire to fuck any of the characters, no unanswered questions, but boring at times.

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sketchbook pchan.jpg
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P-chan best girl
nah it sucked
pretty fair guy.
I rate your rating 10/10

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Is this show the definition of forced drama?

Pretty much all the problems could be solved if he could tell about his ability, but he is not allowed to because of reasons.
Then Subaru keeps acting like a retard making everything worse.
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>Pretty much all the problems could be solved if he could tell about his ability, but he is not allowed to because of reasons
The reasons for his not being able to tell people about his ability are described in the story. Unless forced just means "the author wrote it that way" in which case every single piece of fiction ever has forced drama.
>because of reasons
Get fucking oFF.. Retard like you are killing the threads of Re:zero. 3 fucking thread of the same autist faggots shit.

>Muh bad writting
>I can't selfinsert
>Muh solution.
>because of reasons
I don't think you are using this colloquialism correctly.

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What do you think of Galko chan?
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I bet she smells amazing.
>looks like a slut
>actually wife material
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>Makise Kurisu's birthday
>No threads up /a/

Come on, /a/. It's already the 25th in Japan.

Happy birthday Kurisu!
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>no threads
Uhh >>144624494
when are they animating s;z 0

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Beato molesting Gretel.jpg
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For new people getting on the ride with the Steam release, welcome!

For you all who want off the ride, who the hell are you kidding? There is no off the ride.
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Posting best girl
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Who /NVA/ here?
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Chapter's out

Aizen, Renji and Yhwach are fucked. Based Ichigo, Ishida and Chad are safe.
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>oh no! Aizen died!
>Merely pretending!
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>Aizen did it again
>You think you are gazing at Ichigo
>Mfw it is this shit all over again

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Never thought I'd see the day.
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Choo choo all aboard the yuri harem train.
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To be perfectly honest, my favourite chapters are when these three are together.
> my face when the other one cucks tomoko with the blonde one

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Araki wanted it to be less sudden but he got rushed into doing the last 10 chapters by WSJ. Basically Pucci and DIO wanted people to know their fates because then they'd realise that everything they did was meaningless and would hopefully come to the conclusion that they should spend their time with those they love and hopefully put up no resistance to DIO and Pucci ruling over them. In the JoJoverse, when the universe ends it then restarts in an endless cycle and things play out again as according to fate, only some small changes occur. By gaining the power o accelerate yime itself to the end point of the universe Pucci could influence the changes that happen in the new one and the change he made was that the Joestars were replaced with lookalikes with different fates so they could no longer interfere. All he had to do in the new universe was slow time back to normal in time for Cape Canaveral in that universe ie when he activated MiH in the old universe, and then his changes would become permanent. Emporio put a stop to this and the universe was in a state of paradox and reset itself but with more changes and dumped Emporio into it with his old memories because he was inside his Stand when the final reset happened. In this universe, everyone Pucci killed (probably himself too) was replaced with a copy with the same personality and soul but different memories and in this universe they lived normal lives. Everything up to Part 5 happened exactly the same only whoever Pucci was replaced with either never met DIO or never befriended him so none of Part 6 happened. Emporio is the only one left who remembers the old universe and who knows about the sacrifices that Jolyne and co made to create a world where they could live freely, even if the them that exist there will never know about it. That was the end of the series until SBR, which is in a completely different universe unrelated to any of the ones in 6.
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1st for best boy
Joshuu really steals?

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Incest is wrong.
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Incest is not wrong
What is incest with Sora like?
Ask Haru.

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This is it /a/ !
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Well shit
File: 194-2.png (51KB, 758x476px)Image search: [Google]
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Chapter 345 spoiler are out!! Guts speaks about his homo lover and the egg he has.
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Episode 2 of Despair arc in a few hours.
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He can if it's a simulation
>They kill best girl

What the fuck.
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When is Monaca's game coming to PC?

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