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Who do you pick guppies?
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Maho of course. Why is this even a question?
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Let Miss Homura show you how to have a civilized Madoka thread.

It's easy.
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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous Thread:
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日本人, 人類恨之
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ITT: openings you NEVER skip.
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My favorite op got nuked on youtube so here's the nightcore version


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Gather 'round, anons!
Let me tell you a story that started some years ago...
We follow the adventures of Gon Freecs and his friends, going through their hardships to achieve their dreams!
Dreams of the unknown, dreams of freedom, dreams of vengeance and dreams of altruism...
Happiness, fear, courage, despair, loss, rivals, life threatening situations and pain. A lot of pain. The kind of pain that will lock your back chronically.
Start hunting!

>>144095979 = Volume 1, Chapters 01-08
>>144146180 = Volume 2, Chapters 09-17
>>144188803 = Volume 3, Chapters 18-26
>>144230506 = Volume 4, Chapters 27-35
>>144356632 = Volume 5, Chapters 36-44
>>144410671 = Volume 6, Chapters 45-54
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What kind of agreement could have done humans and titans?
What's the meaning of that apple?
Ymir's ancestral lineage was foreshadowing since Ylse's letter.
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I want Bert to get out of this alive.
This is pretty stupid, you do realise I still can continue posting here right?
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This is another reason why Erwin has to live. Levi would be lost without him.

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Is this shit right or need changes.
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>no Kaneki
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Fixed your chart OP ;)
Add Kouji

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So which one of them is the imposter?
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Best girl
Left is pretty fucking hot.

Has Persona MC fucked her?

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The series is confirmed to end in two chapters.
Also spoiler for the next chapter:
Confirmed spoilers from Yonkou. He copy and pasted them from LoN, but at least they are confirmed.

Renji releases bankai, but Yhwach breaks it.
Aizen takes the opportunity to unleash his attack, though Yhwach mocks him for siding with Ichigo against a common enemy.
Aizen uses way of destruction 99. Ryuutenmetsu (Five dragons of heavenly destruction?). Reiatsu in the form of dragons attack Yhwach but he shrugs it off and closes in on Aizen, delivering a punch to the gut that sends Aizen flying.
Then Ichigo attacks from behind.
Yhwach: I see it all.
Then he breaks Zangetsu completely and fires an arrow blows a large hole through Ichigo's abdomen and arm.
Yhwach: Farewell Ichigo, perish together with Soul Society.
Ichigo?: I see, so you're seeing Kurosaki Ichigo.
Ichigo takes the form of Aizen and Yhwach is caught by surprise by the real Ichigo, who fires a getsuga that blows him away.
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>The series is confirmed to end in two chapters

So kyouka suigetsu surpassed omniscience lol
Three new series are being added to the magazine and because of both Kimetsu and Yuuragi surviving, three series will be axed/ended. Mononofu ended in this issue (counting for the bleach chapter tomorrow). The next issue after that Nisekoi or Bleach will end. The other one the week after that. Which means at best there are two more chapters not counting the one we're getting now.

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Cotton mom confirmed to got preggo at 13
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Thanks, OP.

Holy shit, Carol's father's face on the last page
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>hfw she hears you whacking it furiously inside her changing locker

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>without me it would have been a lot worse

But Subaru being alive in the fantasy world is what caused all these events.
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what was she doing alone in the market district in the first place?
hey do you think its possible she is the witch and when they held hands in the moonlight in their dying breaths he somehow leeched her power and received the witches genes?

anon, despite what you may have heard holding hands does not transfer genes.

JoJo Thread

No Joshuu allowed.
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Waiting for Part 4 to be over so we can get to the good parts
Post your top 8 stands and rate others

1. Tusk ACT 4
2. Speed King
3. Cmoon
5. Chariot Requiem
6. King Crimson
7. Civil War
8. Tomb of the Boom

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> [Anime]
- upcoming episodes
Ep 17: The End of Shame
Ep 18: From ZERO
Ep 19: White Whale Capture

- Re:Petit latest episode
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1st for unrequited love!
I want Reinhardt to hammer Subaru's butt!
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Stop this. Subaru isn't gay. Reinhard can go jack off or whatever.

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I'm still mad.
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she is still best girl
>There are people that don't think that Junko is perfect
>There are people who wouldn't support her cause
>There are people that dare to say she is not best girl

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Kotori is looking forward to her date with onii-chan.
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So what the hell is Shido?

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