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3x3 thread, you know how this works
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You look real smart op
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Is Fang of the Sun srs bsns or is it more light hearted?

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Ignoring this image, would Musashi and Nagato get along? There isnt much talk about what kind od relationship they would have. Perhaps they would be spots of envy from Nagato for the younger, more powerful battleship.
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>In middle school f(art) class.
>Asked to draw favorite complexish machinery/inanimate objects from memory
>Continue to BS with friends then draw a topless heavy armament Yamato.
>It's alright, well shaded and smoke obscuring nipples.
>D- See me after class.
>He says destroyers are the backbone of KanColle.
>I say something along the lines of "why would I aspire to be a unknown background ship instead of a loved and celebrated pride of the fleet ship"?
>he draws a line in between the D and makes it a B-.

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Say something nice about a series you hate. I'll start.

Bleach: The anime had a pretty awesome OST
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Gatari: The girls are fine as fuck
Psycho-Pass: the concept of Sybil is cool
Madoka: It ended quickly

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10/10 episodes.
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this is not even the best episode in HxH.

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Fuck, Marry, Kill.
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Marry, fuck, kill.
If you're going to make an [email protected] thread then talk about the OG. Otherwise go back to your circlejerk on >>>/vg/
Fuck Lyn
Marry Dooks
Kill OP

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Best boys.png
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What makes a good villain, /a/?
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Their powerlevel
>make protag
>make the readers have feels for protag
>turn the route to an edgy one
>one event occurs
>everyone suddenly is against him/her
In a general sense I'd say either someone with understandable/relatable goals and reason why he would be go to villain lengths to achieve them, or someone dispicable who is at least fun to watch.

Most stuff in between is just rebel without a cause or cruelty for cruelty's sake.

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Do you like girls with Nikuko's bodytype?
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No but she can outrun me so she gets points for that.
>fat but fast
I like this, this should happen more.
Yes, I'd like more of them.

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How is your country and its people represented in anime?
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Either rich fag with guns living in the mountains hating on all them foreigners who wanna steal muh bank secrets, or muay thai boxer.
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Switzerland is depicted pretty acurately.
It also made lolis popular.
Thanks us /a/.
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I'm french.

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You may pick 2 for a threesome.
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Best Girls.jpg
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Well obviously I'm going to pick the top two girls.
Strawberry banana mah nigga
Saeko and Shizuka.
And some Bus slut on the side
Which Triage X's would you like for dessert?

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I unironically like Cocoa
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>All your favorite mangas will get adaptations
>In 3DPD

Which one of you fuckers touched the monkey's paw?
Nothing wrong when it's by Polygon.


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So how does she make the hair buns?
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By cooking them, of course.

I wanna cut off her hair buns and take her allowance.

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Can we agree that Rem is the best waifu of the year so far?
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That time of the week.

Also have the final volume of puchi tan. So let's get started on this shit.
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Summary of last time
They saw the Triple Booking live event.

The story this time
They're staying in a hotel for the night.


"I forgot to give them the performance request. For the cultural festival"

"We don't have a chance to meet them anymore"

"This is weird"
"So now what?"

Bump for interest. Thanks OP!
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Comic 1
Uninvited idols

Shiho from Triple Booking
"We're sorry for coming in uninvited"

"This girl here forgot the key in the room"
*Auto lock

"We'll be in your care until our manager comes back"
"Actually, can't you just ask the front desk?"

"If we do that, they'll write 'Shiho got locked out of her room again' on the internet!!"

Comic 2

"Have some juice"
"Thank you very much"

Karuna from Triple Booking

"This is a nice scene"

"This is a nice scheme? No no. You can't sell things that an idol used" [TN: Slight pun between 絵になる (e ni naru) and 円になる (en ni naru)]
"I have morals, okay!?

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Why's a retard allowed to have a butt this fat?
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It's a drawing, you can do what you want. You could even draw yourself without the neckbeard and the fat.
Why are you allowed to make this thread for what feels like every day?

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