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the guide
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Don't make another thread until the old one is archived or on page 10.
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>that price
Kill me please
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Delayed to Aug.

My Alter figures are never released on time.

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Be original. Or at least, derivative.
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A guy falls from the sky and lands on a girl. Her face ends up on his dick.
Enters alternate universe where President Obama is his biological mother.


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So what are your predictions for both Danganronpa anime?
Mine are:
>We are going to watch Junko do fucked up stuff
>Junko will somehow return in one way or another in the future chapter
>Kirigiri and hagakure will die
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We already have two threads.
Not enough, look at how they let rezero thread everywhere.
don't stoop to their autistic level anon. stay at your own autistic level. despair, but also hope

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The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of /ai/ - Idle Activities.
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Apparently, I forgot the guide: http://pastebin.com/iDebHQu6
The only science I need is how to make me an army of loyal vocaldolls.
>you'll never go out with Lala or Mirei

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>[HYSUB]High Speed! -Free!Starting Days-[BDrip][BIG5_MP4][1280X720].mp4

Subs are out.
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>chink subs

No seeds. But at least it's something.

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We've been having a lot of shipperfag tears here lately, haven't we? Which shipperfags are next on the butthurt train?
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yfw Mikoto and Touma could be the next ship BTFO because NT16 in a few weeks
Raildex is due for a really big shitstorm isn't it
If they sink Tomika the series will die in a flaming ball of scorn

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JJL 56: https://hiwamatanoboru.com/2016/07/19/jojolion-55-version-2-and-jojolion-56/

From the last thread, a sad message from dubanon's brother:
Hello, as you might all know, my younger brother Steven has been a part of this community for a while. You may know him as the user who organized the dubs for the past few weeks. Unfortunately, I am saddened to say he has passed away due to a car accident and was pronounced dead at the scene. Looking through the community that he has been a part of, I have seen that Steven has arranged for a dub and that he was in the middle of preparing it. Regretably, I do inform that the dub may no longer finish due to his passing. Steven's friends and family remember him as an outgoing person who was eternally young at heart. We understand now that Steven is in a better place and in the hands of God.

Rest in Peace Steven,
Your favourite big brother, Jake


RIP ;_;
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first for best boy
1st for best boy
RIP dubanon

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous Thread:
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>last /djt/ post was almost 2 hours ago
That's kind of scary.

I decided to come back to these threads after a few months, is /djt/ finally dying?
i hope so weve been trying
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so if I was typing this word out how do I do the "dot" part? ive never seen this "radical" in any other word...

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Episode 17: At the End of Disgrace (醜態の果てに)

Natsuki Subaru
Otto Suwen
Betelgeuse Romanee-Conti
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best girl

Hello, friends.
It's up.

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Yoshiko a cute.
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I want to tangle my tongue with Yoshiko's!
>hottest girl
>is the gayest
Love Live: The School Idol Movie is the most aesthetically pleasing name of any anime in existence.

Rabu Raibu: Zah... Skoor Idol Mooby

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Loli is hungry. Feed her.
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She isn't a loli though.
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Orihime a cute.

Anyway, here the spoilers that were posted last thread. They are most likely fake, but still.

Ishida meets up with Orihime, Rukia and Chad. They leave through Yhwach's portal.
Ichigo despairs and completely hollowfies, the stripes on his mask are now crossed. His bankai breaks. but he uses the broken sword. Every injury Yhwach inflicts on him regens and he fights more and more viciously. Aizen as support with kido behind a modified danku, which Aizen speculated would stop Yhwach's sight since it is similar to kido.
Aizen uses Getsuga after Ichigo creates an opening. No chapter next week.
>the deus ex machina is a retarded retcon because nanao was drawn years ago with a fucking zanpakuto

All Shinigami have a Zanpakuto, most of them remain Asauchi until their respective Shinigami obtains Shikai.

Nanao's issue wasn't that she never owned a Zan, it was that she could never bond with one to obtain Shikai (because she was already bonded to the Mirror Sword). In other words, it's not a retcon, you're just retarded.

Reposting because old thread is dead.

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How do you feel about elves?
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They're for exterminating. You can use their bodies as long as you dispose of them afterwards.
Knife ears only good for rape.
Their age is over and they should cede their lands to humans.

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Post favorite doujin. Pic unrelated.
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Look up Girls und Panzer gender bender on sadpanda.

Good taste.
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You're waifu and your are eating lunch at a park. Suddenly she produces this fruit and tells you she doesn't want it and that you have to eat it. She says if you eat it, she will do something for you.

Do you eat it? What do you have her do for eating it?
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is this show yuri?
Are you yuri?

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is there an anime that revolves around a pizzeria?
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loli haet pizza
she looks happy though, unless cross pupils mean something else.
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>Japanese "pizzas"

I hope there is no such anime.

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