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Old thread

So in the last thread we started compiling data to form a chart with numerous characters who suffer. Here's the latest cop of the graph.

The Y axis quantifies how much a character suffers in his/her given work, while the X axis quantifies how much a character deserves to suffer in this work.

Now, I'm no mathematician, but there seems to almost be some sort of relationship here. Look at all the data points we have... I've drawn a line of best fit for the data and it seems like there is some kind of parabolic relationship between the suffering a character goes through a show and how much he/she deserves it. I'd like to see if this theory holds true, so I need more data points.

Let's expand this chart, /a/. If we get enough data, we might be able to create a unified model of suffering in anime and manga. This could be huge, we could get ourselves some serious funding from educational institutions if we keep working!
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It's shit, remove everything and start again.
Fuck off.
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But Riko is the dogfucker
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Riko is pure.
Fuck off.

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Was anime a mistake?
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no, but you are. ask your mom.

But Prisma Illya was a mistake.

>3 months until the AOTY airs

Are you hyped yet?
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Sheit it's about time.
One can never have enough variety in Kumikos.
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Pretty much.

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Hey /a/, you ever been to the top?
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In the beginning you'll get crazy.
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Left or right?
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Aids or Cancer?
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Left had better taste in waifus

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Help! I have a crush on Aoba Suzukaze.
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Sorry, she's already taken.
You forgot your kaomojis.
I want to fuck her in the ass.

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This is your elf tonight
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Nah I want the superior blonde.
Send it back, it's burnt.
I want to fuck that elf

Why people say this is the best manga ever and then they cannot explain why it has not a damn plot.
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>they cannot explain why it has not a damn plot.
You need to re-read again.
But it has. Fucking speedreaders. It's not like it has much dialogue and yet you still fail.

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Get in here, you!
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Is anyone else having trouble accessing the site?

It was fine for me until earlier today but now it just blocks me even after I logged in on the forum
anyone got good lolis?
Could be various reasons.

This is fine.
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better psychic show than meme shitco 100 sales
>This is fine.
I had the same idea
Now if someone would upload a raw.

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Why is Bogue so cute?
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>Not Macross Freyja
One job, anon.
It's Boguefag. They are still stuck on episode 7 of Macross Freyja so they are a bit out of loop.
>Boguefags are stuck
Just like Bogue himself on his stock footage!

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What the hell is wrong with him? Rem dies and he goes crying he doesn't want to die?

Why doesn't he just accept death so that he can save Rem? Wasn't that supposed to be his goal?
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I don't wanna die! Except that time I did a sweet backflip off a cliff to restart. I wanted to die then.
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He should just get some kind of enchanted amulet made in the city that will instakill him when it's crushed, or a poison borgia ring or something.

>inb4 no money
He can play the market, gamble horses or even just take out loans
>help...I don't wanna die!

the scariest part of death is the unknown after, but Subaru knows he's just going to get returned. Even if you say he's scared of the pain of dying that still doesn't explain his reluctance as he was mentally and physically ruined after Rem stopped existing yet continued on in pain.

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Is Mob Psycho 100 going to be loved by anime casuals the same way One Punch Man was?
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Blessings. Blessings everywhere.
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Megumi is so hot and cute. Truly the best girl.
I just came here to check for an actual discussion or at least a detailed summary of Volume 10. Although I wont expect too much due to the last thread.
Eriri a best.

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