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Chapter 69 is out, niggas.
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He still remembers Ringo exists.
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First for haruna

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Chapter 45 is out: http://imgur.com/a/Oton3
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I found a shiny Oct
I'm... actually sorta okay with this color scheme
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Muh diq

If Armin or Erwin gets the serum, what is the first thing they would do in human form?

Would Armin save Annie thus causing a rift in the friendship between him and Eren as Isayama implied?
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I want Bert to get out of this alive.
They would lament not dying instead of the other person
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Objectively speaking Erwin is the much better choice but I have a feeling Armin will get it so that the "muh ocean" end goal is still possible.

Erwin's face after he sees Armin back to human form.

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This was a really dumb name
Losto Rage?

What does it mean?

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first for buff araki
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It's a Joshuu episode
Gay priest is here.

Asuka or Rei?
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/pol/ stole the precious Asuka
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Asuka and Mari.
>Shinji's mother's clone
>emotional 28 yr old in a teenager's body

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Which fight are you most hyped for?

>Issei's current peerage for the world rating games some characters are tournament only and not permanent.

Queen=Bina Lessthan (mystery masked character)
Rook 1=Rossweisse
Rook 2=Unregistered
Knight 1=Xenovia
Knight 2=Irina
Bishop 1=Asia
Bishop 2=Ravel
Pawn (3 pieces) =Bova Tannin (Tannin's son)
Pawn (5 pieces) =Unregistered

>Elmenhilde appears at the very end to join Ise's group(cliffhanger).

>Ria's team.
Rook 1=Koneko
Rook 2=Unregistered
Knight 1=Kiba
Knight 2=Lint Selzan
Bishop 1=Gasper
Bishop 2=Valerie
Pawn (8 Pieces) = Mr Black (God-level or an actual God. Still a mystery)

>Vali's team
Rook 1= Gogmagog
Rook 2= The current Zhu Bajie
Knight 1= Arthur
Knight 2=The current Sha Wujing
Bishop 1= Kuroka (In this tournament even those who had been used 2 Evil Pieces will be treated as 1 piece unless you are a God which will automatically be counted as 2 pieces or 8 Pawn pieces. Pawn pieces has more strict rules in order to prevent getting many God-level members in 1 team.)
Bishop 2=Le Fay
Pawn (3 Pieces) = Bikou
Pawn (5 Pieces) =Unregistered
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>Life.0 spoilers

It starts with Akeno and Ise on the bed because she wants to lose her virginity. Akeno got herself her own erotic room dimension like Irina since the Fallen Angels became competitive towards the Angels creation. Akeno strips and lures Ise's hand to her breast. She tries to kiss Ise but gets interrupted by Rias. Though that doesn't stop her from doing french kiss with Ise despite Rias's dismay. Rias also strips naked and french kisses Ise. Ise has both his hands on each of their breast. Akeno wants to take Ise's virginity but Rias says it belongs to her. Even Ise starts to make up his mind and as he tries to get laid.....he obviously gets interrupted once again. Ravel appeared

After Ravel the Church trio appears. They heard that Akeno got her hands on this room and Asia started saying that perhaps each of the girl will get their own room in future. Rias asks Ravel what she wanted to talk about. It's about the International Rating Game. Rias and Akeno leaves the room to go to Underworld. They both kiss Ise on the cheek before leaving.
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>Life.1+2 spoilers

1.Ise is in his last days as a second year student.
2.From next term other characters will be joining Kuou academy. Like Le Fay, Bennia, Kunou, Tosuka, etc.
3.New character appears such as Tannin's son who wants to serve under Ise (though not as his peerage since he knows Ise wants women). Ise postponed his offer. And another character who joined student council under Xenovia. His name is Nakiri Ouryuu who is the heir of Nakiri clan.
4.Vali was appointed as a Ultimate class devil.
5.All the guys Ise had fought till now is implying that Ise should participate in the tournament as himself as a king.
6.Even Ise's parents appears in Ise's High-class promotion ceremony. He gets his evil pieces. Ise trades his pieces with Rias for Asia and Xenovia. And Ravel's mother with Ravel. Her mother implied something about Ravel's true potential and that she took her from Raiser because he didn't know how to use her properly.
7.Shiva and the prince of Asura clan appears to congratulate Ise. Shiva invites Ise to his army for a possible war against Indra.
8.Cao Cao and Vali also appears in his ceremony.
9.Ise proposed to Rias in Life.2
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Life.3 is the end of Story Arc 4. From Life 4 onward is Story Arc 5, the final story arc.

>Life.3 spoilers

1.So the third year finally graduates.
2.Rias and Akeno becomes emotional at ORC room.
3.Rias decides to have Rossweisse join Ise's group for the tournament. Irina also joins his group.
4.Kiba, koneko, and Gasper will be calling her "Onee-sama", "Onee-chan", or "Rias-neesan" from now on.
5.Again, Ise proposes to Rias. He finally tells Motohama and Matsuda who became really shocked and had blood of tears from their eyes...

Why is this a DESPAIR instead HOPES (and DREAMS) ?
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Because you'll never get to taste them.
Because hope is for fags
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Is Frejya crying?
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She's sweating.
Anyone knows (or can estimate for that matter) when the new tracks will release like full op ed
Been Mirage is suffering ;_;

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Pick one
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I want a tomboy tomgirl (male)
>gyaru translated as valley girl

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What went wrong?
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>everyone is a girl, even the girl that's actually a man

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ITT: Characters who got botched in the dub
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>characters who got saved by the dub
This so much. Sean Schemmel was born for that role.

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What kind of tree would she be?
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My tree
The most Poplar tree of them all.
Best girl.
short stack.

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>tfw suicide occurs in front of your face
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>tfw you'll never see these two together again
at least the tits are on model
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Re:Zero has been pretty cringe-worthy lately, until I started looking at it as a series of moral life lessons in what NOT to do.
There are many paths to enlightenment, and one of these paths is the Skillful Path.
The Skillful path teaches that if one is unhappy in life, it is because they are unskillful in certain areas.
To become happier, one must become more skilled.
Subaru is unskilled emotionally. He has ZERO control over his emotions, and this lack of skill/emotional control is creating many mistakes which cause him pain and unhappiness. He is unskilled mentally, as shown by his horrible negotiation skills and while he tries to plan things out, he doesn't think far enough ahead.
Physically, he is also a zero.
He also does not have any particular specific skills to be useful or make money.
The creator of this show is trying to teach people the dangers of being a ZERO in life.
Natsuki Subaru
Scale of 0 to 10
Charisma- 0.5
Emotional Control- 0
Physical Strength- 0.5
Money Making Skills- 0
Social Skills- 0.5
Determination- 11
He was slothful in the real world, not putting in the time to work out, improve his communication skills, learn various skills to make money, etc etc.
While its annoying to watch him be stupid, emotionally unstable, weak, and useless, I think the lesson in this show is determination to improve oneself as well as learning self-control.

The Greed of a Pig- basically wanting something for nothing, instead of trading the only thing he had, which was information, quid pro quo
Sloth is somehow represented by this crazy guy but Subaru was lazy as fuck in the real world
Pride was shown in stupidly fighting a guy and making an ass out of himself in general, wanting to be praised as someone exceptional when he has not put in the time and effort, but also Wrath was there, as anger has clouded his rational decision making.
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>Physical Strength- 0.5
you haven't watched the anime have you
yay new bait thread like every week
The second manga, that graphic one is what the anime should have been like. The character design and gore would've been 10x times better

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