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why is nonon so sexual
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hmm i never thought to look up doujins.

sad panda pls
cute body with the personality of a minx
it's sexual by definition
Her love for mistress Satsuki is pure and that makes it erotic.

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>Finally accomplish your dream after a childhood and adolecense of hard work and striving against the odds
>End up buried in endless paperwork
>Become an estranged father
>Your wife loses her rack
>Your son hates you and looks up to your rival instead

Is there a more tragic hero than Naruto?
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The only tragic thing here is that Hinata lost her tits.
>Your wife loses her rack

This part is the only tragedy. The movie already solves the rest of those issues by the end of it but the manga is never going to give Hinata her chest back.
This is truly the fate of Naruto GT.

how can a woman loose her tits? I mean she wasn't fat so I doubt she went through some diet

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Does /a/ still hate SAO?
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It's not like it's gotten any better.
>clears throat
>scratches balls
>tips fedora
>faps to hentai
>reaches keyboard without cleaning

yes, it's still shit
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>SAO is better than all those moeshit shows /a/ worships

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cancer circlejerk general
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Hello friends

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Cute Astolfo.jpg
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This cutie needs a thread all to himself
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No homo though.
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Don't lewd him
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He was born to be lewd though.

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What the fuck is his problem?
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> hard work and overcoming unfathomable odds earns you happiness

No anon
He is a true Gainax believer.
I really don't see the point in killing Senketsu/Nia other than attempting to forcefully evoke sad feelings. You could see Senketsu's death as a Kamen Rider rip off/reference I suppose.
At least Nova's death somewhat fit. I blame Nakashima's terrible writing ability. Both TTGL and KLK were very poorly written.

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New Keijo preview:

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Oh boy here we go.
Looks amazing
>not fat as fuck girls
>That animation

Oh my

>[HorribleSubs] DAYS - 04 [720p].mkv
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720p is broken
I want Chikako to bully me.
Flat bitch is annoying

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Newest chapter appears to be a fun and interesting one.

I wonder how cute the mushroom girl really is
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Reminder Cerea is best girl
Reminder that Shire is the superior Centaur
Shire > Cerea in all positive circumstances
end of discussion

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Who has the best verbal tick?

Arashi's "-ze" is mine.

Hard mode: No Poi
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Pyon, of course.
-de gozaru desuka nyan nyaa.
[spoiler ] kill yourself [/spoiler]
>cant even spoiler right

So why did nobody question how Naegi could be the killer? The killer had to have lifted Chisa's fatass up on the chandelier and Naegi's manlet body which weighs about twice as less couldnt have lifted her.

It's really hitting home now, even more than DR2, that a majority of hope peak students are fucking retards in everything that isnt their one specific skill unless your skill is a stupid catch all like wealthy progeny or class president. Why even go to Hope's Peak? If Hiyoko is going to be stuck doing dumb Japanese Dancing all her life, it would be better served just learning from her family 24/7/365 instead of just going to a school where you can skip classes.

How are all these dumbasses LEADERS of FF branches? Munakata and the old dean I understand sure, but the rest dont seem smart or organized enough.
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Best girl
prove me wrong
This post exists.
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The killing game is not going to take all 12 episodes, r-right?

Gather 'round, anons!
Let me tell you a story that started some years ago...
We follow the adventures of Gon Freecs and his friends, going through their hardships to achieve their dreams!
Dreams of the unknown, dreams of freedom, dreams of vengeance and dreams of altruism...
Happiness, fear, courage, despair, loss, rivals, life threatening situations and pain. A lot of pain. The kind of pain that will lock your back chronically.
Start hunting!

>>144095979 = Volume 1, Chapters 1-8
>>144146180 = Volume 2, Chapters 09-17
>>144188803 = Volume 3, Chapters 18-26
>>144230506 = Volume 4, Chapters 27-35
>>144356632 = Volume 5, Chapters 36-44
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Which dumbass do you think will die by laughing out loud?

>Danganronpa 3 thread
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Best girl
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that's even worse than pretentiousness, That's just edge for its own sake.
Well how about this?

He does that to every single one of his party members.

His eyes turn black while doing it and he gets random weapons as a result

His body actually has no blood in it but a black glue-like substance that can spurt out of his right hand.

We edgy enough yet?
This is how all NTR should end.

It's time to confess your sins, /a/.
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I fap to cute anime girls constantly
I liked Minori better.
I might have looked at you naked.

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