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Come gather, round /a/nons
It's high time ye learned
About a hero named Guts
And the wounds that he's earned
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So they recently showed Serpico battling some Gators warriors for the new game so I'm guessing they're gonna adapt up to the boat.
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Best SYD girl? Best SYD girl time.
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How can the other girls compete?
Thanks to her season 2 sucks.
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Said no one, ever.

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Whatever happened to Cedar the Pharmacist?
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I love SanjixNami lots and lots
>tfw mohmoo managed to get through calm belt and travel from east blue to the grand line

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>Berserk made by some fucking no names
>one of the worst shitfests in recent years

>Mob Psycho 100 which looks like drawn by 10yo
>gets great animated anime from Bones

How can this be?
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It's actually weird to watch both.

Mob100 is one of the best adaptation of the year while Berserk is one of the worst.
psss they are both shit.
Is berserk seriously like 90% CG?

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ITT: post best girls of their respective shows
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Truly the most memorable.
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Post your hentaifu
Sorry boys but hana is claimed
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Fuck you faggots. She's mine.

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Does your waifu got the booty?
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Uncensored airing soon (subs later)
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Aine is a best! A BEST!
is it time for the prude to give in to her filthy desires, because I think it is
5 mins
get in here niggas

Why was the adaptation done so badly?
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Shit director, all budget already went to Rakudai.
At least the soundtrack, OP and ED were good.

Full volume 12 translation fucking when.
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Never :^)
Because its source material wasn't popular.

And so the publishers didn't see the need to give it much budget in the first place.

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Blonde winners.jpg
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Seriously, what gives?
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Superior color
Nips are retarded and don't realize they have the best hair color.

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What the fuck was her problem?
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She didn't get a 2nd Season.
gun nut
just watch her fire a weapon for the first time, you can tell a part of her brain came online, that killer instinct in our lizard brains, you cant turn it off.

too pure

Smoker thread.
Smoking is underrepresented in modern anime.
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We got a smoker MC this season, although I don't think I remember him ever smoking on screen
smoking is disgusting, i automatically hate all characters who smoke

>caring about characters that are willingly giving themselves lung cancer

no thanks
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no smoking allowed.jpg
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>It's summer.
>It's hot.
>You wake up, peel your futon off your glistening body.
>Dazed in thought you pause.
>You rub your body along your chest and feel two small lumps.
>This unusual sensation alerts your mind
>Wide awake your hand slides down your tummy, unusually hairless and smooth.
>Your hands reach your groin and instead of the usual penis surrounded by the pubic hair forest you feel a soft, fleshy vulva.
>You gasp as you pull up your underwear, face close to your new petite cunny, stickling with beads of sweat
>As you hyperventilate over the realization you are now a cute girl, you hear a knock.
>You quickly glance over your shoulder, noticing your room is laid with traditional tatami mats, surrounded by wooden panels and paper doors.
>The knock grows louder and as you stand up, your loose clothes fall off your now-petite body.
>Suddenly the paper door is pushed in
>Amongst the debris, you notice two pink buns, hastily marching towards you
>Before you could react you are yet again laid down on your futon, pinned by the shoulders.
>"Akari-chan, kyou wa KISSU no renshuu shimashou"
>Startled, you can only stare at your assailant
>On top of you is Chinatsu Yoshikawa age thirteen (13)
>As you shake on the pillow you feel a bump on each side of your head
>You reach to feel the foreign lumps on your head, only to find two hair buns.
>As you pull a strand of hair over your eyes you notice the light red tinge
>You add two and two together and realize, you are now Akari Akaza age thirteen (13)
>Before you can react, Chinatsu Yoshikawa age thirteen (13) presses her forehead to yours
>"shh nakanaide, mou yume dake da yo Akari-chan"
>You feel Chinatsu Yoshikawa age thirteen (13)'s lips press against yours, a fleshy tongue penetrate your mouth and explore your teeth and inner-cheeks
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I am actually bothered that this is not true.

Is this "Chinatsu"

>Chinatsu Yoshikawa age thirteen (13) (Female)


Chinatsu Yoshikawa age thirteen (13) (Male)
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What are your views on knife ears?
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What an ugly elf.
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>rounded off ears instead of pointy
Dungeon Meshi elves are the best, and Marcille is the cutest.

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Show me your war face, /a/!
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