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Nails the theme of the main series perfectly. Being close to the artstyle and character designs of the original work.

Should buy the manga because the PV makes it super interesting/10


Chaotic scene composition. In stark contrast to the narrative style of the original work which is slow and about inner monologues.

forced animations/10

Shaft wins again.
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>rehashing one of its best non-original animes with the same VAs and art style.

>completely original anime written for the studio 10/10 animation, quite possibly has the potential to be the best kyoani show yet
How does SHAFT manage to always get the same person to voice their male lead?
It's so annoying.

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What makes you drop an anime immediately?
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You first.

Unless you're implying character designs are enough.

Then okay.
If it's done by KyoAni.
If /a/ likes it

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Is Non Non Biyori the best anime there is?
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Is Hotaru a big jelly donut fan?
I want to marry Hotarun

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EP3: 00d 02h 26m 16s
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Spoiler are out. This qt is still MIA.
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Rukia is the only qt I care about.
Confirmed spoilers from Yonkou. He copy and pasted them from LoN, but at least they are confirmed.

Renji releases bankai, but Yhwach breaks it.
Aizen takes the opportunity to unleash his attack, though Yhwach mocks him for siding with Ichigo against a common enemy.
Aizen uses way of destruction 99. Ryuutenmetsu (Five dragons of heavenly destruction?). Reiatsu in the form of dragons attack Yhwach but he shrugs it off and closes in on Aizen, delivering a punch to the gut that sends Aizen flying.
Then Ichigo attacks from behind.
Yhwach: I see it all.
Then he breaks Zangetsu completely and fires an arrow blows a large hole through Ichigo's abdomen and arm.
Yhwach: Farewell Ichigo, perish together with Soul Society.
Ichigo?: I see, so you're seeing Kurosaki Ichigo.
Ichigo takes the form of Aizen and Yhwach is caught by surprise by the real Ichigo, who fires a getsuga that blows him away.
The Almighty relies on sensory input, it makes sense that if you obstruct the sensory organ it'll fail.

1. Kyouka Suigetsu is not a bankai, Yhwach remarked that Aizen's kyouka suigetsu had wilted before he broke it and landed that punch.

2. The key to victory against Yhwach is to target his eyes. Take out his eyes and his ability is useless. Unless he can regen the eyes, in which case you'll just piss him off.

3. Ichigo still has a lot of power left in him and Yhwach has good reason to be cautious of Zangetsu.

Aizen's arm is left dangling from his body.
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End game confirmed.

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Legit spoiler are out. 2016 is really the year of Sanji.

Credits to sandman
The decisive battle between Sanji and Judge begins.
Sanji recalls his childhood. Ichiji, Niji, Sanji and Yonji are quadruplets. Sanji used to be bullied by them. He cried and asked his father for help.
But Judge didn't stop them since Sanji was useless for him. Reiju scoffed at Sanji, who was crying. Flashback ends.
Judge overwhelms Sanji with his lightning spear. When Sanji tried to fight back, Judge says "Wall". Then some random soldiers stand between them and the wall of their bodies prevents Sanji's attack. Judge penetrates them with his spear and attacks Sanji. Sanji gets defeated.
Sanji is forced to put handcuffs after the fight.
Judge "Your handcuffs are the same as the collars Celestial Dragons put on their slaves. If you escape from this island, they will explode. Big Mom kindly lent them to me. She has the key of the handcuffs. You must get married even if you don't want to."
Cover page is about the important characters of Film Gold. In the color spread, Straw Hats in Yukata outfits are watching fireforks and eating watermelons. (A yukata is a Japanese garment, a casual summer kimono usually made of cotton or synthetic fabric, and unlined.)
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why am i so disinterested in Sanji's story line even though it's supposed to be the main one for this arc
i wanna know more about Big Mom's powers goddamn it
because sanji is a faggot
>Sanji BTFO'd again

seems legit

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Where were you when chitoge won?
Title : false love
Chitoge : Um... I like you but... You like Kosaki. don't you?

Raku : A while ago, Onodera confessed to me. but I rejected her.

Chitoge : ?!

Raku : I've got a girl wants to be with. The first meet with her was terrible. But staying with her, I found out that she was nice than anyone else. and I realized I like her... blah, blah, blah......
Chitoge : Even a fake you all right?

Raku : Yeah. I like you.
Hugging him and crying,
Chitoge : I like you. Really I like you!!

Raku : Chitoge. I like you too!!
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Just kill me now
Who would have thought, the nisekoi girl that's being marketed all over the place wins.
Well, it was good while it lasted, the only good thing that came out of nisekoi was Marika, so thanks you komi for that. The rest, I don't really care.

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This series is so damn good.
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Goblin slaughter house.jpg
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Just let the guy slay goblin in piece, man.
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He enjoys that.
Tis no job when one enjoy it, but a hobby.
if you're getting paid, it's a job
a slut that gets paid is a whore
>Implying GS wouldn't SG if he would not get paid

JJL 56: https://hiwamatanoboru.com/2016/07/19/jojolion-55-version-2-and-jojolion-56/

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2nd for fusions
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>It's a Squad having an argument over whether soldiers should follow orders they know are wrong episode
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Watching Kasumi's reactions change as he has rude thoughts about her.

That was one of the best parts.
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Ribbons for the Ribbon dress!

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Talk about seiyuu you faggots.
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Kugumiya Rie is shit
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I'm going to marry Yuu-chan and there's nothing you can do about it !
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What's going on here?

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It's that time again.
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When's Uraraka going to join the main cast again?
It feels like she's taken a backseat for too long.
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She will when it's discovered that she is the traitor
Not even she could be paid enough, she's a good girl.
Honestly I can't imagine any character who's gotten enough of a focus for us to hear their inner monologue is likely to be the traitor.

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Precure Thread
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