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Name five good tsundere characters

I bet you can't
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She's not tsundere, just shy

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Post your favorite hentai faces
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I think this belongs in Hentai!!
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please post everything rem, I just....

after watching ep 15 I need nothing but rem, anything rem I just wanna see her happy please god please
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Yes please
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I wish to have a good shagging before I lose my head.
Will you fulfill my small wish, anon?
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It bodes well for me that you said "small" wish.

>You can't chop off my head, I've got years of shagging left in me

Nobody will ever get this reference

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Nico cosplay.
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Ruby is for r___ing
We need more ponytail Dia.
please post some cute Ruby

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Who is the dumbest character?
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She's the closest thing we have to Cirno until ZUN caves in
You're waifu.

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>Throwing her arms out She wrapped around Subaru’s neck and snuggled up next to him.

>“Uh, eh, eeeh!?”

>“Don’t move. I’m checking something out right now.”

>Since they were about the same height, her face was now right next to Subaru’s. Her voice whispering directly into Subaru’s ear, his whole body felt like it was being tickled. His face turned red from the sensation. He looked to his surroundings for help, finding Rem loitering near the mansion’s entrance he instantly turned pale.

>She had on a blank face, one could see from afar she was unconcerned with what was happening. Towards the now gasping Subaru, Rem gestured her hands in a small mincing motion. It wasn’t like this gesture had any meaning in particular, but the intent was clearly conveyed to Subaru.

>“I’m going to tell Emilia”
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Felix 4.jpg
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Not again. Why do we have to start with this thread with queer?

Felix is not a queer, he just likes to tease people.

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which is your school position?
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Me reaching for that guy's dick
The seat on the far right that's mostly cut off from the picture.

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But where's Lala.jpg
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Which girl has the best proportions?
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I think we know the answer
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You posted the wrong picture.
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Doppel is the Superior Girl

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Reminder that Saint Subaru-sama did NOTHING wrong.
Reminder that Emilia, Rem, the other candidates, the stuck up knights and everyone else is an enemy.
Reminder that Saint Subaru-sama was wronged and rejected by them and it is his RIGHT to carry out retribution.
Reminder that Saint Subaru-sama is the Lelouch of our time.
Reminder that REEEE:Zero is the AOTC.
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Elliot Rodger reference is always good.
What does Subaru have to do with Elliot Rodger?
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You really have to ask?

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So now that Pic related is cleared up, it means that the two handed Aizen that fought against Yhwach and was blown away was either Renji or it was Ichigo who tanked that shit and ran back at the end of the chapter to fuck Yhwach over. Who do you think was it of these two?
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Repostan ruses

>Your illusions are weak. I saw this future as well!
>Is this the future that is sure to come, or the future that I made you foresee? Kyouka Suigetsu!
>It is I who crafts the future. Your illusion are yet another thing of my design. *SCHWANG
>You believe you craft the future with your own hand, but you do not see the strings by which I guide your hand. Hado #90!
>Your stings do not escape my gaze! *FWOOOOOOSH
>Your gaze sees nothing but what I put before your eyes. Hado #99!
>I knew what you would put before me even before your birth! *KAPOW
>Then my illusions have captured you before I even activated them! Bankai!
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RIP Renji ;_;

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New chapter is out.
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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous Thread:
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Don't forget you can still do your アンキ while riding the 新幹線
>don't do kanji, do vocab
Aren't they the same thing? Or do you just mean to learn to recognise the hiragana equivalent?

Gather 'round, anons!
Let me tell you a story that started some years ago...
We follow the adventures of Gon Freecs and his friends, going through their hardships to achieve their dreams!
Dreams of the unknown, dreams of freedom, dreams of vengeance and dreams of altruism...
Happiness, fear, courage, despair, loss, rivals, life threatening situations and pain. A lot of pain. The kind of pain that will lock your back chronically.
Start hunting!

>>144095979 = Volume 1, Chapters 01-08
>>144146180 = Volume 2, Chapters 09-17
>>144188803 = Volume 3, Chapters 18-26
>>144230506 = Volume 4, Chapters 27-35
>>144356632 = Volume 5, Chapters 36-44
>>144410671 = Volume 6, Chapters 45-54
>>144451959 = Volume 7, Chapters 55-63

Reminder: There are anons jumping in the boat for the first time, so be subtle with spoilers (or use the spoiler tag, AKA ctrl+s)

September 1st is here!
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It begins.

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This is probably the most disturbing flashback so far.

Every Strawhat's story is pretty tragic but at least no one was tortured by their own family like that.
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robin was treated pretty badly by her uncle's family
Luffy was literally thrown into chasms and beaten the shit out of by his own grandfather for 'training' purposes

The guy left them to be raised by mountain bandits.
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>"L-Luffy senpai! H-his electricity is just t-too much for me!"

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