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Defend this.
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Miyazaki-sensei is pedo?

what are your top 3 this season /a/
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91 Days
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New Game
Ange Vierge
Rezero amanchu and new game.

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In all seriousness, why is there such a fervent fanbase that defends Kyoani?

Yes, their technical animation skills and quality control are fantastic, and they treat their employees well. All that is great, but it doesn't mean SHIT when you've been creatively bankrupt for years and keep adapting from garbage source material.

Haruhi, Lucky Star, Clannad s2, K-On, and Nichijou were all unique, exciting, and experimental in one way or another.

Hyouka, Chuu2, Hibike? Nobody besides a self-proclaimed "Kyoani fan" would ever claim those are the height of Kyoani's creative works. Nobody has ever been like, "You know, I never much cared for Kyoani's other stuff, but [Any show post-2010] finally made me a believer."

What is it that compels you to keep defending this studio?
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i not giving you a (you). but shut up
Because a healthy self-esteem is derived from being among like-minded people.
Kyoani just so happens to have a lot of people in their fanbase, so liking their stuff is a "safe" choice in sorting yourself in the social hierarchy of anime fans
Hibike made me a believer.

>"This metia can track the white whale"
>Of course a fucking lie
>"I can tell you are not lying so Ill believe you"
>"I have the ability to read the fucking wind, its like a lie detector."
What a fucking retard.
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>"This metia can track the white whale"
technically it does
It does op. He knows when the white whale will show up, and his phone does an alarm at the time that it appears. He is telling a truth, even if he ommited some details.
He said that it tells him when does it appears.
Not really a lie.

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Who are the worst parental figures in anime?
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Sabato from Rinne. Naruto and his runaway father minato.
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She did nothing wrong and didn't deserve that ending.
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She did EVERYTHING wrong
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It's not her fault that she's so cute.
Who is this?

What a beautiful smile.
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When is she going to rape megane-kun?
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I cried /a/, I cried like a little girl.
Definitely the best Orange. She has so much more personality and she has almost no lines compared to Naho.

I mean, we have access to Naho's inner monologue, but if we ignored that, she's the most quiet, say nothing, do nothing character ever.

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Is she pure?
You fucked up
No. But she's not a slut either.

Delinquent girls, yes or no?
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Only if they're wearing long skirts.
Any girl that can fuck me up is a yes in my book.
With titties like that I'd agree with anything.

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>[HorribleSubs] Arslan Senki S2 - 06 [720p].mkv

My prince.
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So, Etoile still in the same rails towards her novel death, or has this episode changed anything?
She was almost beheaded this episode, I thought she was done for
Now she's going to see her husbando Arslan
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do it for him.png
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The rampage continues
Oh the humanity
Will sempai ever recover from the anal wrecking he took today
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upsizing will always have problems, huh.
Senpai suffered for their sins

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What's his problem? This is just another shinobi tool right? No different than using a summon, or carrying weapons in a scroll really
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the same reason you aren't allowed to use graphing calculators in most mathematics courses in school
Still did it anyway.
It doesnt use his chakra though so its not the same. Summon requires the users mana and so does weapon scroll

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How many times do you fap to anime girls every day? Prove your love to your waifu
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2 Times
obscene question
4-8 times. Also, you imply I fap to things other than anime girls. Things with more dimensions.

If a messiah ends war, reduces crime by 70%, and trims the populace so that hard working and intelligent people are the majority, would you kill that guy so all that good shit goes away?
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If that messiah was an arrogant sociopathic cockmongler who killed anyone he felt even had a chance of getting in his way and thought he was god's gift to humanity, sure.
Would you take 1 arrogant sociopathic cockmongler who killed anyone he felt even had a chance of getting in his way and thought he was god's gift to humanity or thousands of arrogant sociopathic cockmongler who kills anyone they felt even had a chance of getting in their way and thought they were god's gift to humanity.

Basically 1 hitler
1000 hitler

No other alternatives are available. If you choose not to answer, the by default the 1 hitler will kill 1000 hitlers.
Towards the end, Light killed people whose names were posted on an anonymous site. And what about people whose innocence only gets proved years after he is in prison? Light was an edgy teen whos thought he was intelligent but actually didn't think through everything hard enough.

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