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>Prisma x F/GO collab

Well then.
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I've always wanted to try this Fate GO thing.
Illya as Jack when?
Kuro as Shuten when?
Cool, another event gacha I won't have any desire to roll.

What the actual fuck, translators.
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I don't see the problem.
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my sides.jpg
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But it's better than Asenshi!

t. herkz
whoop whoop

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>Boy walks in on girl while she's undressed

Worst cliche in all of anime desu
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Shut up Shinji, you little faggot. If you wanted to fuck Rei all you needed to do was hold her down and fuck her. Why the fuck are you complaining on a board about it being a cliche?

Your dick is begging you to fuck easy, accessible women and all you do is complain on an imageboard. You truly are helpless.
ohime beast proves that you're wrong
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That goes to accidental boob grab.

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Chaika on the front of the box set!
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>you'll never have a harem of speech impaired Chaikas

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ITT: Characters who's VAs are now dead.
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Low hanging fruit time?
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Everybody Hates Oberstein.png
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Post anime nobody likes
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But I liked it, anon. Granted, I only liked it because I have a massive tit fetish, but still.
Your favorite
Komoe best girl.

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How does /a/ read their manga?
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With my eyes.
On my computer.

How do tripshits live with themselves?

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Yamada likes extremely surreal arthouse cinema like Pastoral: To Die in the Country and The Color of Pomegranates but she hasn't really gone full arthouse for any of her anime. I want her to direct a work with no restraint involved like Yuasa did with Mind Game.
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I want her to come out of the closet already.
She should just marry Horiguchi already.
Which Kyoani character is her self insert?
I always thought it was Mugi, but now not sure.

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What does /a/ think of Minori? Friendly, energetic, athletic, red head, scarier than Taiga when somehow angered.
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She's a girl
Don't put yourself through this. I think she is amazing as well but it's not a sentiment many people are going to share. You don't need to hear it from anyone else, she's beautiful and strong and funny and an amazing friend all the way to the end. Her character development was top notch. Her moments of doubt and fragility were heart-wrenching.

She was damn-near perfect, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
a shit

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Who wins?
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I want to rape Sonoshee
Speed Racer. How is this even a contest?

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tan ghost.jpg
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Can ghosts get tanned?
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More importantly, do ghosts poop?
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Sagiri and Kogarashi.jpg
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I feel ghost is inferior at the moment.
Ninja > All other girls.

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Is there a name for this specific kind if "OH HO HO HO" laugh?
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lurk more
Gee anon, that was helpful


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Do best girls ever win?
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Yes. Toradora's best girl won.
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They do. Watch Toradora and you'll see it.

reminder that you would despise taiga if she were a real person

and rightfully so

Okay, Symphogear is popular enough to warrant multiple seasons. Why is there little to no h-doujins on it?
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I want to marry Chris.
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tsubasa chris is justice.jpg
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I will post this every thread until they dock.

I want to fuck Chris while you're at work.

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Nothing. It got popular so of course /a/ has to hate it. The show itself is good.
>The show itself is good.
No, it's not.

It turned a relatively "good" and promising concept and setting into a romcom with a mary stu character who every girl wants and every guy wants to be.

If they had made Kirito weaker and really let him work to get stronger, with a lot of suffering and struggling in-between, the cringey love/daughteru shit on the side could have been forgiven.

They also missed so many opportunities and left out items and shit. Like the Resurrection stone Kiritio got from killing that Christmas themed boss.

And not ending it prematurely, developing Heathcliff's character and his relationship with Kirito (Could have been a Father-son deal) until the big reveal at the 100th floor, in the throne room of the Aincrad's castle.

I'm Not OP, but the "/a/ only hates it because popular" thing is a pretty cop-out answer. /a/ is incredibly divisive in opinions. It's literally a cesspool of no one agreeing in here and there is no /a/ consensus opinion. If you want better discussion, reddit is legit the place to go.

For your question,
what went wrong was the show having probably the most AIDs-inducing fan-base ever.
Web-novel writing is rarely good and people just need to get over that. It's a mediocre, badly written show that makes the big bucks because it gives that fan-base what they want.

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