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All this talk about best girls and no one mentioned this cutie.
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That episode was good because it referenced Fun Fun Pharmacy.
Based on what's talked about in the threads, all those cheery humanoid phantoms don't exist in the original source, apparently in there they're all malicious beasts like the ones that appeared in the first or the fifth episode. The kung fu siblings aren't vengeful, they just want a fair match, and the big villain apparently have a change of heart that she's not willing to admit early on.

There probably aren't any images of LN phantoms that I know of, but in the show all of them have some sort of spiral markings somewhere, like this witch with the spiral hair and on her shoulder. This is also why the typography of the show's title are slightly different with the LN one.

Also, their eyes have different reflections in their pupils, human's are slightly faded colors of their corneas, meanwhile the phantoms are of contrasting colors. Not noticeable easily, but this becomes a minor plot line twice I remember.

And we all really want to shag them.
I want to keep a phantom as my fucktoy

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Hei /a/
Just wondering which type of "dere" is most appreciated on this board.
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I don't like the way you put -dere on the end of literally everything like that whole bottom row. It's just a waste of space.

I love dandere, espeically when they're lolis.

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Which Ghiblis do you not like?
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Actually the only ghiblis I like are from Isao Takahata
Great taste my man.
Nit even Whisper of the Heart? It's usually well liked by Takahata fans.

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Moments that made you emotional
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Fuck off.
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If there was any really sad scenes in naruto it was this.

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Look at his face ...
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"wat i've done to deserve this ..."
Is Berserk /m/?
I'm not sure which I love more, his '...the FUCK is this shit?' face, or Rodrik's being convinced they're about to be eaten.

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where is the person who translated the other volume? Where person who did a summary of others volumes made one for volume 9
Thank you a lot ;))))
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Kill yourself, ESL.
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Would you watch a Raita anime?
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Anon are you okay?
Is the sky blue?

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I've casually enojoyed melty blood and recently got interested in the plot of tsukihime, is the anime a fair adaptation of the story or should i go for the visual novel?
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The only good adaptation of Tsukihime is the manga.

Otherwise, read the VN. All of the routes - Far Side is far better than Arcs/Ciels routes (Near Side)
What anime?
i'm pretty confident there's an anime
i guess i'll go with the manga then, visual novels bore me to death everytime

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I'm on episode 5, when does this shit get interesting?
Is it like LotR that it's a worldbuilding circlejerk or will the plot get better?
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is literally a gay show you should drop it
It does get better, but first it's going to get worse.
you'll come to appreciate even the worldbuilding episodes once you're done with it

This is your rebellious self-willingly possessed imouto for tonight.
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Throw her out and have fun with Mio and Kanae
3 imoutos are better than 2 though
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girls are girls.png
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Did you watch "Kaiji" ?

If no, go watch it ASAP and then come back and tell me how good was Death Note and his psychological twists.

(Btw i liked DN too because it isn't always mainstream = shit)
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Just finish a little while, the E card was great, the last 3 episodes were bad imo
do you mean the first season? Maybe, but it's good because it's rare that the main character lose, specially in that kind of situation. If you are referring to the second one, well it's true. Unfortunately the third arc didn't make it and it's manga only...
the bog was dragged way too long

>tfw no one will ever confess to you
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Her imouto is much better desu
Anon, I...
And who's fault is that you fat ugly autist

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Let's talk about THIS
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Lets not
No thanks.
I didn't really get the first one, like not really.
Am a the stupid?

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Which girl has the best ping pongs?
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>Blonde genki girl
>Quiet Blue hair girl.

Love this
Welp, ping pong is ruined.
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Will this be like teekyuu?

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How does this image make you feel?
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Beside aroused ?
Slightly mad about bad drawn keychain.

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