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Never trust an alien.jpg
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Never trust an alien
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that rinon is a nice touch wow, almost made me forget about how absolutely D E S T R O Y E D kanna is just behind it

This is your Prince tonight.
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I didn't vote for him
i want to masturbate to him
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What are you, a faggot?

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Why didn't you guys tell me about Nichibros earlier? This is by far the best comedy anime I've ever seen.

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Cause we don't bring up good anime to hear shitty opinions, OP you are one of the few with good taste.
we did. repeatedly. Did you figure out the twist yet?
I want to be bullied by nee-chan's friends.

Why didn't they fuck?
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MC is too beta
Nibu prefers dogs
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Why didn't they fuck?

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When were you when Megumin changed job and became a Thief?
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Fuck my shit up sempai.

That's Iris btw.
Link for fanfic preview

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What do you think of Japanese girls and their husbando?

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It's an imageboard based around some kind of voting system, looks like?
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kek the translation
> we grim reaper now boys
They're all terrible.
I have way better taste in men and I'm a strong 60% straight.

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You've been put in charge of creating the absolute comfiest anime of all time. How do you go about it?

Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WpMDhtWin0
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In a banana
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Harem of girls turned into furniture
MC needs to choose his true love by the end of the month or they stay that way forever!!
Including snuggly blanket girl, mattress girl, massage chair girl, fan for cool day girl (can be obsessive about MC, his biggest FAN) and comfy slippers girl

Fan service is him using their forms with extra animation put into the comfy department while they make lewd embarrassed noises, a lot like hair brushing in GJ club
Slippers best girl

So it's night time, so dark in fact that they need to use the "night banisher", at 3:15pm in the afternoon? Even in winter the sun does not set that early, and these scenes are clearly not taking place in winter. Massive plothole or what?
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Have to say I just binge watched Re:Zero from 1-21 because all I ever saw were the meme waifu posts about rem here and tought i its another trashy ecchi anime you autists praise because maido posts, but have to say its quite good and for only once I have to agree Rem is best girl.
It was nighttime when Subaru was at the convenience store, and when he appeared in fantasy land it was day time. The time on the phone is clearly not accurate.
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all according to keikaku.jpg
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When Subaru was teleported it was the middle of the night in Japan and daytime in Lugnica.

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Why aren't there more manga/anime about mma like Teppu?
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Because MMA is too gay for Japan. Also, a lack of competent Japanese fighters to base characters/MCs on IMO.
I don't think that MMA is too popular in japan
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Nate Diaz should have won that fight desu

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How much does Madoka really do differently compared to typical magical girl shows? I've seen some people say that it does things far darker than other magical girl anime, but I find that those people often can't name any magical girl shows beyond Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon. So did Madoka really change things that much? Or was it just a show that happened to be in the right place at the right time?
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To be fair, Card Captor Sakura and Sailor Moon are pretty much the quintessential magical girl shows. If I have to choose truly genre-defining shows, I'd go with those plus Cutey Honey. I'd say everything else (i.e. Wedding Peach, Tokyo Mew Mew, the bajillion Precure shows, even Cutey Honey Flash), while still having their own merits and flaws, follows the path one of those three set.

Madoka set out to be the Evangelion of magical girl shows, but sadly the time for an Evangelion to change things forever is long past.

It's still a good show, but it doesn't have the weight it was planned to carry.
This is a bit of a difficult question. Akiyuki Shinbo set out to do something different for the magical girl genre and put together Butcher, InuCurry, and Ume to help create that. He succeeded at this. They really didn't expect anything beyond a seasonal hit. At this point, I think the franchise went from attempting to change to game to finding it's niche within the magical girl genre as dark fantasy.
Akiyuki was just trolling everyone.

Calling it an eva is a bit overboard.

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How do you feel about Sena?
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I feel like I want third season already.

>coming 1/12/2016

Also, fuck Sena. If the show ships Kodaka and Sena together, they'll fuck it all up.
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Sign of pleb and shit taste.
Speaking of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next, isn't pic related meant to be a reference to mayo chiki's Subaru Konoe?


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donald trump.jpg
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How can non-Japanese enjoy anime?
Subs are awful, burger dubs are worse, you don't understand the cultural references, and your eyes are glued to the bottom 1/8 of the screen all the time.
How is this enjoyable?
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>He can't read subs in under a second
How can ESLs enjoy 4chan?
The posts are awful, burger posters are worse, you don't understand cultural references, and your eyes are glued to waifu pictures 7/8 of the screen all the time.
How is this enjoyable?
So, you know what dubs are, and you still seem to think I have to read subtitles?

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Why does this anime decrease in quality after the first season? Is it a lack of exploration of the supporting characters throughout the series?
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They took out the slice of life part and made each episode just racing
It's because Takumi stops being the underdog, and once he gets to Project D, they put too much focus each race on how he's improved some minor aspect of his driving skill that's not really noticeable to someone who isn't a racing enthusiast.
Is this an eurobeat thread?

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This is the best Kyoani anime.
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This is the best Kyoani anime.
i disagree
Its easily one of the worst, almost as bad as Phantom World and KnK.

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Daily reminder that 10 bit h.264 is a niche, incompatible setting that's only ever used in anime fansub groups and will take YEARS to be adopted by any professional media outlet like iTunes, Google Play, etc.
>Can only be played on modern windows and quad-core+ android devices
>Even when streaming via Plex, issues arise when streamed to non 10 bit h.264 supportive devices (i.e. everything else)
>Benefits are negligible from a properly encoded 8 bit h.264 file encoded on very slow settings with a decent CRF

The only time it will ever be used is in h.265, which is at LEAST 5 years away from even being thought of by digital providers like iTunes, and by extension the devices they use like Apple TV. (i.e. shit that an overwhelming majority of the population uses) The population that pirates shit is usually in the camp of not giving a shit (i.e. YIFY) and only a FRACTION OF A PERCENT cares about 10 bit h.264 even though it breaks compatibility with things the other 98% of the population uses.

The progression of mainstream codecs will go from 8 bit h.264 -> 10 bit h.265, and even that will take awhile and new devices will likely have big "H.265" labels to differentiate this, and even then a lot of people may still use 8 bit h.264 because, when done correctly, it's still a perfectly viable encoding option that's been refined over and over.

10 bit h.264 is the red headed step child of video codecs and will NEVER EVER have widespread support like 8 bit h.264.
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inb4 Daiz
Daiz doesn't care anymore, he won.
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Yes, and so?

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