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So did Smile lost on purpose or Peco won even with him abusing his bad knee?
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He probably genuinely lost, if Peco couldn't win for real he wouldn't be much of a hero.
Peco won, heroes have no weaknesses
Is ping pong really that fun?

Sooo.....since the mangas almost over, do yo you think we'll ever see an anime?
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No, and it's better that way, Dorohedero wouldn't translate well to anime.
Don't do that.

Also, no, obviously not.

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Guys... what does it feel like to hold Melona in your arms?
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Really nice.
Rather explosive don't you think?
As in you'd explode all over her?

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What did /a/ think of this show?
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approximately this:

I see what you did there
The cuck without me gave me the hardest laughs I've had in years.

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I'm trying to get into To Love-Ru, and I can't find any torrents on nyaa for the first season. It's all either Motto or Darkness.

Did the BDs never get ripped or am I retarded?

Are later seasons remakes so I can skip the first season?
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Watch Motto, the OVAs, and Darkness
Do I get whatever story there may be from that?

I've started the manga, but the voices are half the fun.

Yeah you should be fine with the story.

I started at Darkness and was able to follow. Save the yourself the time of reading/watching OG TLR and skim through the wiki

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How do we save Taku Iwasaki? He's gone from TTGL and Battle Tendency to Qualidea Code.
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It's called job security. He needs diverse roles and a wider variety of acting skills to get him around.
>acting skills


Get him the fuck away from Aniplex before they do to him what they did to Sawano and Kajiura. Already too late probably.

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>Star Trek with Range Murata designs

Color me intrigued. A shame they felt the need to announce it two years ahead of time.

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sounds promising.
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Guess I can't blame /a/ for the lack of interest over an adaption of a book from a guy no one's ever heard of. I'll just sit here and get hype for new cute Murata girls by myself.
We already had a small thread earlier, I think all five people who cared got it out of their systems.

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Why is this allowed?
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it's not

delete this
i aint see no nipples
80s my friend

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I thought this guy's quirk was a little over-hyped.
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Quake kid gas a god tier quirk it's going too be bullshit when deku wins
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that boomerang quirk was dope
there are infintely more useful quirks than punching shit hard, like this guy. it's bullshit that OFA is considered GOAT.

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What was her fucking problem?

>perfect body
>excellent grades
>best athlete in the school

>incurable shrinking violet who keeps shoving her hand into a rabid stray cat's face
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>an azumanga thread this deep with no replies
Bullying Sakaki is a terrible way to start a thread.

Besides, it's just a Misunderstanding:
>Wants to do cute shit
>Everyone at school thinks shes cool and spicy, because tall and quiet
>Feels like she can't do cute shit without looking weird

Sometimes u dont want to be the badass, sometimes u want to be cute and smol

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>What's the worst series you've ever watched? Now say something positive about it

The art was good, and the threads on /a/ when it was airing were hilarious
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They tried.
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Why is bullying of half-elves allowed?
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They're sluts
Because why would you want half an elf?
Should be Brazzers

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Hurry and go to sleep so you can wake up to a new episode of BERSERK (2016)
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Maybe this time I'll get lucky and won't wake up
I love it so far, just disappointed they are skipping arcs.
Personally i love how badass they make Guts seem in this. It gives him justice

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Is femdom the best fetish there is?
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Is that Kakegurui? I thought it was pretty mediocre aside from Mary.
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It is.
>aside from Mary
Why is she so much better than Yumeko? Yumekos design hits all my weak points but I vastly prefer Mary.
Yumeko has orgasms when she makes people suffer and when she gets bullied.
It doesn't get better than that.
Also volume 4 never

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Remember me?
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You were the best meme of this year

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