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Is the character assassination of Goku the greatest travesty of DBS?

Looking back at early Z it becomes clear he was so much more than an obnoxious retard.
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Reminder he was taught advanced maths in Dragon Ball but now can't count to 3 and has the intelligence of fat Buu
Super is terrible, they should have just left DBZ alone. The inconsistency is astounding
He had to be a retard to give the rest of the crew a reason to fight.
If he was all business all the time it wouldn't be as interesting.

What should have happened since Buu saga is:
-Vegeta exceeds Goku through hard work
-causes collateral damage
-he and Goku have a falling out
-this leads to a real rivalry, Vegeta always wants to be the one fighting the big bad but Goku needs to stop both him and the big bad
-this gives urgency to the situation and stops Goku from goofing around like a retard outside of filler
-meanwhile Gohan figures out a way to become relevant

Obscure beauties thread.
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Dude showed he was a real hero and ends up getting laid by an alien hottie.

Sophie was absolutely beautiful, very cool movie too with a unique post-apocalypse concept. Actually all the girls weren't bad but Sophie tops them all.
Novel worth checking out or is it not translated into English yet?

Why can't characters just stay fucking dead, I was ok with Gajeel, but Juvia's sole purpose of being in the manga and anime was just for Gray character development, and when she died it was sad, but know it's just resulted in me contemplating my entire life
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Her purpose is to have his kids anon
i expected her to stay dead for at least a couple chapters
>fairy tail
>character development

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OP2 Full https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UevOcNzMck [Embed]

Theater D Full https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sak8C3poI2Y [Embed]
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X for eternal suffering

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Time to wait for HS.


9 animation directors this episode, hopefully it's not as bad as last time though another wonky-looking Azu they've got in the preview images seems to suggest otherwise.
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>50 days before battle
>Battle in Egypt, Midnight, open field
>No external help
>Any weapons they can bring are allowed
>Anything found in the battlefield is allowed as weapon
>Battle ends with oponent's execution

Place your bets /a/
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Karen has the help of the entire UKIP Army and her dashing foreign husbando Mr. Pence.
Karen would win, Dio is a homo and will die from aids eventually.

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Kill yourselves if you think this is better than the original.
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>more waifus
Yeah, it's better.
This thread again
Don't you get tired of posting the exact same shit over and over ?
Lead by example anon

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You're in a bar and this guy slap's your GF's ass. What do you do?
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Complement him on his good taste in ass.
>You're in a bar
>your GF
Some OPs make me think they have no idea where they are. Is it like the image swap bug? Do some threads appear on the wrong boards?
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Remind him that my ass is more perfect than hers.

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Why didn't he just take the money and leave?
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Because he's a naive PUSSY.
Naive, sure. But considering the fact that he rekt a dude Irish-style, I don't think he's a pussy any longer.
Lawless Heaven can do amazing things

New PV is out. Anyone got a VPN/reupload?
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Jesus, this looks so fucking good.
Dayum, looks even better than part 1.

How do you like girls that try to act pure and chaste.
But are actually perverts fantasizing about lewd things constantly.
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Lewd how?
There's leagues of difference between possible imaginations.
Shit and vastly inferior to girls who act like sluts but are actually pure on the inside
Being pumped full of cum in all holes by unknown men while being broadcast for all to see.

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It's a show about bikes
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I'd ride that bike.
She's got great... plot
just look at that plot

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Anime is for _____
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Children and manchildren, not even memeing
Sure, there are exceptions like bebop or LOGH, but that's like saying porn isn't for masturbation because there are a couple with decent plots.

Remember me, /a/?
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Sex with Inori

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1st Saturday of the Month



ustream tv / channel / mogra1

START 23:00PM - END 05:00AM (Japan Time)

Chip Tanaka
KoC_kun a.k.a. droplamp (from H.K.WORKS / 合法ロリパーティー)

Esupa (AniLab.)
HokBoy (合法ロリパーティー / VOCALOID-ManiaX)
melo (elemog)
kei。 (elemog)
Oblongar (sprout's dub 94 / 2D M3NTiON)
chefoba (AniLab. / discloud / Lowfer Records)

すーすけ (A-HOL!C / Xi-lium)

23:00~23:40 kei。/すーすけ & 310 • <--- (You are here)
23:40~00:20 melo/DeLPi
00:20~01:00 KoC_kun/DeLPi
01:00~01:40 chip tanaka/すーすけ & 310
01:40~02:20 esupa/すーすけ & 310
02:20~03:00 AJURIKA/DeLPi
03:00~03:40 HokBoy/すーすけ & 310
03:40~04:20 chefoba/DeLPi
04:20~05:00 Oblongar/すーすけ & 310

For more info, here: club-mogra . jp /2016/09/03/2809/

Next Mogra event, is on the FIRST Saturday of October (Saturday 1st)
Follow it for updates and visit /ghost/ during the month to keep you informed.

For the Anons, Janitors and Mods that doesn't know what Mogra is.
MOGRA is a stream of UNTZ in a club from Akiba.
It's an otaku club. Pretty much all the music played is OP and ED remixes of ANIME series.
/a/ has been streaming it from quite some time and it even has stickys in New Years Day.

foolz.fireden.net/a/thread/99333924 (Sticky I)
foolz.fireden.net/a/thread/99338787 (Sticky II)


Regular DJ D-YAMA is going to be absent, he is taking the night off due to an excess of party in the Anniversary, he had fever.
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get in here fagets
My favorite thread of the month.
Thanks as always, MOGRAnon.
dey be gassin'?

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