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Pic related
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This worth a watch for the girls alone?
You're my pure virgin girl, anon.
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I've heard a lot of different opinions, but I want the full truth. Is Shaft the greatest anime studio of all time, or are they a bunch of hacks who just pander to fat otaku and use powerpoint slides to save animation costs?
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Overrated hacks.
Greatest hacks of all time.
You want the truth?
You can't handle the truth!

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Akari is for _____.
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I want to fuck this hamster.
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Fuck off you smelly cunt.
Your cock will get bitten off
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ITT: Anime only you remember.
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I really ought to finish this show
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>that one anime that you watched back when you first got into anime and were marathoning show after show
>you can remember it well enough to know it existed, but not well enough to describe it to someone else to identify
This is a fucking living hell.

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I see that our board is suffering from a severe lack of UMR. Let's fix that.
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Fuck off /c/unt
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Can we call her UMR without the mask on?
Any good doujins of her?

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Is it out yet?
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2 posts in and its already shit. Happy friday boys.

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Dakara shunto shinaide
Nee hanashi,kiku you?
Yuujou no Change. Daijoubu da you
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You on suicide watch
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perv you.jpg
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It's finally time for this stupidly overrated character to shit the bed.

Just remembered gantz and im gonna watch it again. Fuck man, has there ever been an anime good enough to rival gantz? I mean the MC literally fucks a girl before a fucking mission, his old hoe comes in and guess what? The nigga keeps fucking her. Not to mention top tier animation, characters, and the story was off the fucking charts. I love re:zero and all, but if any of you niggas want an anime that's actually deep, gantz is the to go show.
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dont be a homosex like these anon

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>anime ends and leaves an empty hole in your soul that can't be filled by any other show?

What's her name, /a/?
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Sekkou Boys
>unironically liking this train wreck

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I fucking cried. SHIT.
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Why is Kuro so unsexy?
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are they doing this shit on purpose?
should have dropped it before they changed the focus from from loli to edge

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>visual novels
>light novels
>puppet shows
>video games (though only as a scenario writer)

I think it's time to drop the "Urobuchi is a hack" meme, as he is shown to be versatile in writing whatever genres there is out there. Wait until he reveals the twist that the godzillas are humans all along.
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Saya is the only good thing he has ever written.
>Puppet shows
Gonna need sauce in that, OP.
>gurofags actually think this

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Wooooo new scans, that is great. Definitely going to give the second half of VA a reread when JJCA is done
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Gay priest is here now. What sins do you have to confess?
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So, allow me to explain Diavolo.

I feel like everyone underestimates him as a villain and, while i admit he is far from the greatest, he is still an interesting and one of the most symbollic villains in all of Jojo.

Why do i say this?
Because Diavolo more than anyone encompasses the concept of FATE.
Diavolo feels chosen by fate, because everything on his life lead to him being on top: finding the arrows, taking over Passione, getting King Crimson, etc. His sole motivation is for that to remain that way. Diavolo doesnt want to conquer or change the world, he wants to be on top, unbothered, receiving the blessing he feels he has received since born.
In the other side, take a look at the protagonists from Vento Aureo. Right from their upbringing, they were all abandoned and have all reason to believe fate has nothing good in store for them. The difference is, as Giorno points, the way on how they act.

Diavolo believes only in results. What happens in the middle is of no concern to him: for him, as long as fate supports him in the end everything is alright; contrary to the gang, who actually has a working moral compass. This is better showcased in Giorno words: "This action was made on reality, and as such wont be erased." Even their stands show this difference: while KC skips time to its result, GER can keep the action indefinitively.
Diavolo has escaped karma his whole life, via luck or via karma itself being redirected to Doppio. He erases his past with obsession, killing everyone involved, opposed to that the gang suffered, persevered, and ultimately attained things by effort, never forgetting their pasts and their realities.

As for Doppio, we can conclude more than a few things.

First of all, the backstory.
We can presume Diavolo got King Crimson before even finding the arrows.
Why is that?

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he deserved it
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>>146708546 (You)
Yes he did

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16 hours till subs delayed
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Will we ever get an explanation as to why Chiaki is an AI in Danganronpa 2 and considers Chihiro her father?
Become a Soniafag today!
Sonia is best girl. Fuck Souda not seeing the real Sonia.

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