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ITT: Characters who should be fat.
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Ko is a fun dude. Draws a lot of shit and posts it on his twitter all the time.

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It would have made more sense if this would have been the look of a SUPER SAIYAN 4.
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SSJ: Good
SSJ2: uhh, basically the same but ok
SSJ3: Now wait just a minute here what the fuck is that. where his eyebrows, why his hair so long
SSJ4: nigga what the fuck. Good idea on how you become SSJ4, but fucking horrible execution, mostly because of colors

SSG: Literally red goku. wow
SSB: Literally blue super saiyan. wow
SSR: Literally pink super saiyan. holy shit

Fucking Dragonball. Where did it all go so wrong.
Kaioken: literally red Goku, wtf, this show is dogshit, who even comes up with this stuff
Was there any physical difference in their appearance in SSJ2?

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This thread is for the debate on why Rem is/is not a good character, try to keep it objective.

Personally I don't get all the hate on Rem, I also don't get all the memes like
>Le Rem keeps the series alive

I guess I like Rem over Emilia but I'm somewhere in between
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memetic seasonal waifu
Personally I don't get why anyone is watching this shit at all.

What are you, a gay?

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Anime about pregancy and birth
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No ntr please
NTR does not exist outside of porn
It's often love triangle and nothing more
Huh, considering Japan's declining birth rate I'm surprised this isn't a whole genre let alone so rare.

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Wow my emotions are all over the place. Why did she have to die
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Im not gonna jump on the hate bandwagon

I liked this show. Animation was just a little too over the top
>Animation was just a little too over the top
Seriously this, especially with cherry blossoms. Giving Clamp a run for their money.
People hated this show?

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Guess a character by their legs.
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Satsuki or Ryuko?

Incorrect. Think more comedy.

Have you forgiven her yet?
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Chiaki died again
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Stop liking waifubait girl gamers.
Wait at least another page, anon. Christ's sake.
Why is she smiling?

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Would you guys consider the first season of Berserk more about politics while the second season is mainly action and demons? That's how I explain it to friends.
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There's no second season, newfag.
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you saying that cause you hate it or you dont know?
There literally isn't one. There's a one season anime, a movie trilogy, and another ongoing one-season anime.

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>ecchi manga has hype plot
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loli wonder>jailbait wonder >milf wonder
I want to cum on their butts.
Source? I'm an ignorant idiot, help me pls.

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ACT 3 and Kira shenanigans tommorow
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Can we get some screen caps of the development of the JOJOARCADE?

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Mou sugoi, Warspite-chan!
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Here we go with disappointment
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Seriously, how did he go from this to this?
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>Hibiki: My Commander is
>Hibiki: Hmm
>TTK: Uwahh?!
>TTK: H-Hi-hibiki...?! | What is it, all of a sudden?
>Hibiki: Mmm...nothing, really
>Hibiki: I just suddenly wanted to hug the Commander.
>Hibiki: Very easily embarassed.
>TTK: What do you mean just wanted to hug...

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Who was in the wrong?
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They were both in the right.
>Osiris/Slifer is the retarded half brother of the Egyptian Gods since he only knows how to the blow the fuck out of his own allies

>Obelisk had to twiddle his thumbs during the final duel because both he and Atem forgot about his proto DM infinite attack god hand crusher instant win effect

>Ra is literally the worst god card and even if you count the sphere mode and phoenix mode cards it means that you'd need 2 extra cards for him to not be complete shit

the sangenshin were a mistake

I want to fug Nenecchi
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I want to make nenecchi get an abortion
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Only one person is allowed to fug Nenecchi.
Where'd everybody go?

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Please describe this child.
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both right answers

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