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Post very skinny animu grills.
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sorry i'm on a diet.jpg
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AIzen-san cosplaying a school girl

top kek

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Am I the only one who remembers this smile?
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You'll never be the only one.
>Show is called Anne Happy
>Anne wasn't happy
I remember only Hibari's beautiful kiwi-fruit eyes.

I'm still mad
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Why would you be mad about best girl winning?
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>losing to a literal autist
Im still happy

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Weekend Waifu and Husbando Drawthread #6

Remember to relax and take it easy.


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Please no.
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Requesting Chelsea, please!

I'd love to see her wearing Converse shoes: http://imgur.com/a/S9016 in the color you think would fit her the best. As for outfit, something casual would be nice, though if you think the shoes would fit her general outfit, then that's fine too.

Or as a super cute maid.

Or her putting on socks or thighhighs.

Or her wearing only her shirt or a t-shirt, and underwear, and no headphones, maybe doing something such as brushing her teeth, brushing her hair, or buttoning her shirt, or anything else cute, or just being cute in general.

Anything else cute or cutelewd is also fine in case you have any ideas.

Please and thanks!
Requesting Tamamo:
-Joint Requesting with Tamaki anon >>146056496 (Dead), with Tamamo and Tamaki in bunkbeds in a college dorm, Tamamo wearing just a baggy t-shirt and some pantsu or spats on the bottom bunk. Dunno about Tamaki's outfit so I guess wait?
-Tamamo emerging out of the water at a beach or something dripping wet.
-Tamamo transformed into a demon girl. I leave the extent up to you, but I'm okay with blue/purple skin, black scleras, wings, curved horns, demon tail, magical womb tattoo.
-With the release of the Alola region I wanted to see Tamamo with white hair with an Alola Vulpix or Ninetails. She can be in the Pokemon go trainer uniform if you want, it's up to you.
-Alternatively just the trainer outfit, ecchi is okay in that case.
-Something similar to this comic: http://imgur.com/a/8yPTV
-Suntanning on the beach. Preferably on her stomach, with the bikini undone.
-Looking cute/sexy in a bunnysuit.
-Comfy pajama things/cutelewd bed things.
-Naked apron or handbra jeans.
http://imgur.com/a/u1Cy9 imgur refs

Tamamo has other outfits, too: http://imgur.com/a/zj9si
And you're welcome to draw her in any of them.

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Do you want to be Black's friend?
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"Black, you will pay for this!"
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What the fuck was his problem?
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He was bored of fighting weaklings.
He was a baka gaijin.
He was born a chink.

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Daily reminder that incest is degenerate as fuck and Kirino and Kyosuke should be executed for their crimes against nature.
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>that hint of panty

lewd as fuck, please do not sexualise my manamifu
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Is Ryuuji unattractive?
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he's very ugly but so is taiga
I would suck his dick
Why did worst girl win?

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>all these 'loli' threads
>nothing but old hags getting posted

Why is this allowed?
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That's toddlercon and that shit isn't cool.
A youjo is little girl
A lolita is a girl around puberty, 11-14.
Of course the definitions have become blurred lately.
That's my semen in the bottle.

you can only choose one
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I'd drill the left one

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Let's have a continuation of the last thread >>146768376 since it's the final volume and all
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Which version do you like the most?

Honestly I can't help but feel the anime makes armor look really cheap.
I personally don't think we should be so reticent about making new threads if the previous ones hit bump limits, there's never enough activity for them to be shitposting general and we've seen threads just flat out die if the discussions are going nowhere

Since it's not the case with this thread I'd see no problem with people carrying over the discussion as they hit bump limits, I did see many previous threads where discussion was flowing time out and no one take them over because of some sort of fear that you can't make SS threads without devolving into circlejerk general or something.

Either way postan Saint Man X

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Rewatch Haruhi with /a/!
This year marks the 10th anniversary of the series premiere, and we're celebrating by rewatching it!
Starting from April 3rd (When it first aired)
Every Sunday, 20:00 UTC (2 hours from this post)
Chat is on IRC but it's also embedded in the stream page.
#/k-on/ @irc.rizon.net
If the stream is lagging for you or you just want better quality in the comfort of your own player use the syncplay.

Today : The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya I
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Time for best director.
What show is having an anniversary after Haruhi?
Death Note october 4th (10 years), Code Geass october 6th (also 10 years).

We'll probably do Geass

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Why can't you find animes like these anymore? It's a shame that 90% of todays anime are just "schoolgirl with big tits going crazy" or the usual shonen-comedy stuff...

Does anyone here know a recent anime like Record of Lodoss War or Vampire hunter D? Maybe I'm just too old for this shit, but I'm tired of sniffing throught a pile of feces just to find one gem.
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Lodoss had an awful plot.
learn to read moon. some DnD like novels do exist in moonland
Fantasy is dead anon

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Honest thoughts on Fate stay night?
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i like it, it´s not perfect but still have a lot of fun reading the vn.
bretty dumb name desu
It took me a good 10 seconds to figure out what was going on in that picture.

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a 3x3.jpg
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It's about that time, bois.
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I like what you did here.
Hello friends

Yes there's nothing I love seeing more than unnecessarily obscure pics
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