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So /a/, how's that "Original Manga" of yours coming along?
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If I were to write a manga it would be an OEL since I'm not a Japanese person in Japan.

and OELs are garbage so no thanks (I might make a comic though).
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eh... drop pic related due to some certain... circumstances
now I dont really know what to do except for trying to make moe sol with elves
Trying to sort out the second major story arc as we speak.

Post funny/bizarre Eva related pages from doujin or wherever. Avoid hentai stuff,

If you want to post funny images that are considered H-related post here.
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Why do boys make the best girls?
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because you're gay
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What kind of fucking faggot says shit like this

kill yourself OP
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>not wanting to tap a girly trap with feminine penis

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Episode 22
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Ranka Lee is my waifu
Did Freyjafags kill themselves yet?

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> Dick freeze
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is it going that far?

It should right mob doesnt have that much stuff to cover
The scene of mob fighting all of the ghosts/demons was in the first episode so maybe.

We need a aoba
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No, we need a Nene.
What we need is Yun fanservice, or even Nene.
Why are my favorites always getting the cold shoulder.

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Stayin' Alive
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Posting here again:
What's the mastermind plan? Why blowing up the tower?
The bombing reminds me of someone, but I don't still get the point

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>Suffering and more suffering
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I don't know which part of last episode was more erotic, Reigen's massage or Ritsu getting his face kicked in.
It gets worse

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are you living a fulfilling life, /a/?
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Sure, that's why I'm here.
is this Ako lv. 99?
I would say she's more like Tomoko or Hex Maniac.
She needs to get mating pressed as soon as possible, why are there little to no girls designed like this?

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Silver Spoon put out a chapter

let's take a look because I like this manga and am a raging insomniac
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Why is Mio the "favorite" girl of K-On? Yes, some have other girls as their favorite but Mio seems to be the poster girl, the universal "best girl". Why is that?
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>long dark hair
>awesome tits

She's hot as fuck, thats why.
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>not liking actual best girl
>pic related
Must be that because her personality is kind of meh. She's not bad or anything. I see why people like her personality but she just kind of rubs me the wrong way.
Actually pic related is best.

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What is Galko looking at, /a/?
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Nothing, because she's not real
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I always thought that ice cream cone with the square top was weird.

>middle schoolers
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Cute middleschoolers. And they're not actual middleschoolers they're in junior high, or 中学校 chūgakkō.
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JC is best Joshi!
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Budding is true justice.

Why is a non anime the best anime of the season?
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What part of 3dpd don't you understand?
the 3dpd part. Sorry, I'm not familiar with your autismal made up acronyms.
Because every puppet is best puppet.

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Best girls
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Reminder HITOTSU NI killed this show.
Are these ratings? Views?
From >>146468728
>Gooks compiled nico nico ratings for Arc-V from the start of Synchro and through statistical analysis determined episode 92 was where Arc-V went to shit.

If there's one for Standard, I'd love to see it.

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