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Just started watching NGE, haven't seen it in a good 4-5 years or so.

What music does Shinji listen to on his walkman?
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That emo garbage you liked when you were an edgy teenager.
American Football.
Kidz Bop

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Spoilers out maybe
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Annie is love
Annie is life
Annie is everything to me
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
85話 血
煽り 友を呼ぶ悲痛な叫び…!




ハンジ「まだ逃げた奴らがいる 辺りを警戒しろ!」

フロック「は はい!」



アルミン「……皆 あれ…?」

エレン「アルミン ごめん ごめん…」



ミカサ「生きてるよ 生きてる…」

アルミン「…僕に 注射を使ったの…?」


ミカサ「アルミン 聞いて」


リヴァイ「アルミン お前は超大型討伐を成功させた よくやったな その結果巨人のガキを1人捕獲する事に成功した」



エレン「ハンジ さん…?」
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Goodnight Sweet Commander Handsome.
You'll always live in our hearts.

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Name a better anime

>Protip - you cannot, it is the greatest story ever told.
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Really no challengers? I should have known
Boku no Pico

That's not anime that's kino

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find an earlier blond twintailed tsundere
protip: you can't
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what, on /a/ op still can't bump his own thread?
its because of manga dumps isn't it?

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Part 2 is the worst part. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it or anything but I just want to fit in and it's not that good!
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why is he so smug lads
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>no "break your face that is"
at least I got to hear S-H-I-T

I can't believe a thread hasn't been made yet. 2 hours to go senpais.
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homo reunion today, right guys?
I want to fuck Edna
Why does Sorey look so lewd when he's armatized?

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ITT: Characters that will never get doujins despite being absurdly hot
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kawaii chan.jpg
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Granted they'd probably be shitty fake femdom doujins. But it's better than nothing
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Form a team using only characters from anime or manga and post them below.

If you want, you can judge people's taste and try to guess their age based on their picks.

I'll start.
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It's an old one, I made it back when AssClass started.
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I've already won.

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What are /a/'s thoughts on this manga?

I feel like it's underappreciated
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did he fuck the gimnastic girl already ?
He promised her to after she comes back from America.
So it's either been discussed to death and no one is interested anymore or people weren't interested in the first place so it gets no love.

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This anime is just depressing. How do I watch this without getting ptsd from my highschool years?
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You don't have PTSD.
Stop taking yourself so seriously. If you want to blog about how nobody understands the terrible darkness within your heart, do it on >>>/r9k/.
She gets more socially accustomed later on in the manga

She changed, so can you
I dunno I've thrown up several times from watamote induced anxiety.

This has a better ending than the anime
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Why is she wearing glasses?
Is the actor the one that performed the original Death Note movie?
How did it end?

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My problems with this list would be:
>I don't know what's really significant about Fantastic Children
>Midnight Parasites is a better Yoji Kuri choice than Au Fou
>1001 Nights but no Belladonna
>no Animal Treasure Island or Ali baba
>no FLCL
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Back to r.eddit.
Thats because you are a pleb. Educate yourself.
Fuck off.

Now you feel like Number one
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Was this the worst shounen ending of all time?

I honestly can't remember anything as bad as Bleach's ending. Even Naruto had some decent closure.
>new bankai
>nvm hahaha
It somehow managed to be worse than Saint Seiya.

Jabberwock Island—will we get it this week, or won't we?
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I honestly have no idea what to expect anymore. It could be about Ultra Despair Hagakure.
We won't.

"this week" is almost over.

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What if India started producing anime?
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I've always wanted an anime is lacking in musicals. But I don't like Indian music.
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See, we have material with our fuckload of mythology and stories but good lord does our animation department suck.

Pic related is the only good thing that has come out of a union between "India" and "animation" and surprise surprise, it had a Japanese director and animation studio.

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