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Yuyushiki tuesday thread!!

All yus and yuyus welcome
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yui, we're cats
More yuyu butts
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Time to make anime great again

>The staff of the Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love revealed during a livestream presentation on Monday that the series will be a seven-part theatrical anime project.
>The first film will premiere on February 25, 2017 and will screen in a two-week limited engagement in 15 theaters in Japan.
>Limited edition Blu-ray Disc will go on sale on the same day at the theaters that are screening the film. Film will ship on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on March 24.

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>Time to make anime great again
>a shitty sequel to a shitty remake

No thanks
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>here comes that salty anon shitting in every 2199 thread and calling everyone secondaries
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>Warriors of Love
>Harutoshi Fukui (Mobile Suit Gundam UC original novel writer, screenplay for Harlock: Space Pirate) is writing and overseeing the scripts.

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What does /a/ think of One Punch Man?
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I thought it was a pretty boring anime
"0/10 fucking incredible" -ign
big fan of the webcomic
hated the anime
never bothered reading the manga
chapter 104 when, ONE you fucking hack

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New Characters were made for the card game that will appear in the manga at some point.
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The far right hero has to sound like daffy duck or there's no point.
This is like that DB Heroes arcade game right?

I'm actually pretty interested in seeing footage, since MHA doesn't have everyone just beamspamming the animations should be more interesting
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What are we going to learn in the second volume?
All of that is still... In the most chaotic shambles.
That is... DOROHEDORO!

Volume 1: >>146433218

Official Soundtrack: https://mhzmusic2.bandcamp.com/album/dorohedoro-original-soundtrack
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>Gusty swordswoman who going to beat these goblins with nothing but her guts and bravado.

>Sisterly fighter who sacrifices her self so others may flee.

>Tsundere sounding black mage who didn't want to be there is the first place.

>Moral fag priestess.

What was the Author of this Series trying to convey with this motley crew of adventures?
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Why do people keep trying to force this meme that the swordsman is a girl?
>the guild is dumb
>gobbos did nothing wrong
>why are goblins even a threat?
>when is the next rape?
>mfw I will never rape cute girls with my gob bros
>swordsman is a girl meme
>priestess heals him with her virginity meme
>how does the guild work?
>who gets raped next?
>I am the goblin
>bad anatomy
Did I miss something?
>Is Goblin Slayer Mental?

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Best girl coming through
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And I'm gonna give her a cockblock
Illya, Caster and Saber are all better.
>UFO table Rin

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Which Trinity would you fuck seven times?
And why is Liese the best?
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>Having to choose
That's why you aren't as based as Arata.
They're all perfect.

Besides Lilith and Anna which are just boring and ruined the series respectively
>why is Liese the best?
because other girls shucks

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Who is the best hentaifu?
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Demon Asagi is pretty great

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How do you call this archetype?
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Insufferable bitch

I don't know how she can call herself unattractive when Rin practically wet her panties just by looking at her.

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She just got finished telling you how some people on the street told her spiders are gross and no man will ever love a spider girl. She is clearly about to cry.

How do you make her feel better?
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Those people were right.
>He can only get a spider, he can't get a regular girlfriend! It's so sad! Gotta get a spider!
Darling is perfection.

I want to coil around him

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Purest waifu
Seriously why did she just give up when things were in her favor. And where did Monaca really go? It's so stupid I almost don't believe it
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Friendly reminder that Ibuki a best.

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Let's have a serious discussion about anime panties
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Stripe a best.

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Next episode (23) is titled "Unscrupulous Sloth".

3 episodes left.

Ram did nothing wrong
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I want to kiss and cuddle with Felix under a starry night sky. I would gently put my hand on his penis and carefully massage it, listening him moan in the darkness. He would try to hold back his first orgasm, but fails.
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I'm plugging like a madman.

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Why is Saten so perfect?

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