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crime edge.jpg
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I can't be the only one who liked this.
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I'm sure you're not, but I thought it was dumb.
It was bad.
Only watched it for some loli fanservice, since that was already pretty rare back then, but other than that they really messed up.
Especially with that very lewd kiss with the old hag, lolicon purists cancelled preorder right away.
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This >>146708069
I figued it would be much better than it was.

>Why did you think it would be good?

I was expecting something like a comedy with the hair fetish thing, but noooo~. It had to take itself too seriously.

In other news. Anybody ever seen Arc the Lad? Not too bad actually. Kinda enjoyed it.

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When did you realize that blondes are usually the sexiest?
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A long time ago

ITT girls you want to protect from bullying
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An aqua that isn't bullied is an aqua without purpose.
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Weekend Waifu and Husbando Drawthread #1

Remember to relax and take it easy.

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Standard ref pics - http://imgur.com/a/fdPxg

Doing a Dragon Ball style power up with the same colored aura as Goku Black, maybe using the same energy blade/with some magic in her hand or even wearing the same gi

would be nice.

A joint request with Hinafag like practicing magic together or anything more specific that he may have in mind would be nice too.

Or a joint with request Irisufag if he's ok with it, like a simple outfit swap.

And of course anything cute/suggestive/lewd-ish even(within the realm of SFW of course) would be fine too.
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Mew Cyan Ref.png
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Requesting Cyan:
-wearing and using this shirt, how high you want it to go is up to you (check the eyes) (http://i.imgur.com/WxZH0lV.jpg)
-making a pouty/annoyed face with puffed cheeks
-in your favorite rhythm heaven minigame, preferably one from the wii game
-at this glowing beach, playing in the water or laying on the shore. Wearing any of her beach outfits (http://i.imgur.com/61qWl6R.jpg)
-in a cat pancake bed (http://i.imgur.com/RwfH6Ui.jpg)
-wearing the pokemon go outfit with an a alola vulpix/ninetales, or climbing an alola executor (http://i.imgur.com/p73NwzG.png)
-sitting on a ball, back view, looking over her shoulder. Wearing either a school gym outfit or a bunnysuit

Or anything else you want to draw. Cute or cutelewd is ok. Also if you want to make her assets bigger or have a different hairstyle I don't mind.
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Requesting Erza please! Anything is fine, but no lewd please.

If you want something specific, here are some ideas:
-her wearing a sports bra with spats
-Her wearing a sun dress and summer hat
-her wearing a miko outfit
-her cosplaying as Yueying from Dynasty Warriors http://i.imgur.com/JMh6c0F.jpg

Thanks to anyone that does this!

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Post best girls of their respective series.
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You seem to have posted the wrong pic. Let me fix it for you.
Sentofags are always so hard to try to shit on everyone else.

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Is this the best pompadour in all anime?
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maybe you're a fan of waffles
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"It's all about taste my friend. Some people prefer asses and others boobies. As long as you're not going around being an ass supremacist or booby nazi, baby, it shouldn't matter. The same goes for the pompadour. Let people live as they please, that's the dandy way."

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Fucking slut.
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Look at this objectively WRONG opinion being posted on my imageboard.
Wacko should have won since tea was literally dead. But by the powers of the childhood friend she still lost. FUCK JAPAN.

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Is he right?
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My grandma said the same thing to me before she died
>person is willing to help
>get helped
>somehow this is bad

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The best time of day has arrived!

Don't trust it. We're in another loops. We have to kill ourselves, it's the only option to go another level up.
You're only an hour late!

What the fuck did I just watch?
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If you want a better ending watch the movies. The ending for the show is inside his head. It's a bunch of philosophical shit no one cares about


a shitty anime.

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I'm twelve episodes into Kamichu! including the OVAs and I was curious to know how /a/ feels about it. I absolutely adore it so far and Yurie is a miracle ofthe universe.
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Doesn't that mean you are finished?
It was cute. Not much to talk about desu
No because I'm watching it chronologically with the OVAs. There's still two of those left as well as the last two episodes of the show's original run.

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ITT we post MCs who can carry their own show.
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literally why.jpg
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I just finished NGE and EoE.

Why exactly is this series considered a masterpiece and why is Shinji an such a whiny unlikable piece of shit?
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nice dogshit opinion bro
I remember EoE. I was so happy I brought to my family's xmas party.

That scene when Shinji jerks it to Asuka's breasts.

Yeah they are never letting me live that one down.
What a post. Never one like this before. No sir, fully original post full of innovative questions and arguments. Much applause!

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Happy Birthday Kuro!
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Are raws for 164 out yet?

Kuro needs to be on this site

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Did /a/ like Wizard Barristers?
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I want to watch this because the heroine is from ontario.

But I've seen the webm.
You talking about the ending? I believe that was all fixed in the BDs.
I just pretend it doesn't exist.

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