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pic unrelated
Madoka and Evangelion.
all anime is bad

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For Tensai.
eh it was okay
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>Wasn't even about going to places to look for treasure but some retarded family drama I don't even remember.
What a shame it could have been so good.

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Part 1.jpg
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Brand new SHAFT show airing in the Fall, finally a PV has been released. Unfortunately it has shitty 3DPD clips spliced between animation. Oh well, better than nothing.

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Yep, this is the one there was a camrip of a couple days ago (or was it yesterday). Looks quite nice.

I actually am very fond of the pop-art/minimalist/contrast and lighting motifs in some SHAFT shows, but this is fine without it.
Oh no, a good seiyuu!

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Reminder that Felix and Julius are the best bros.

Also EP 25 is gonna be a double episode.

OP2 Full https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UevOcNzMck [Embed]

Theater D Full https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sak8C3poI2Y [Embed]

Title of the Next Episode:
>自称騎士と最優の騎士 "Self Proclaimed Knight and Most Valuable Knight"
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I want to start this thread off by saying Julius did nothing wrong.
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Dear animeonlyfriends,

Allow me to explain, for those of you who seem to be confused. This anime is based on source material that is based on source material that is light-years ahead of wherever this anime is in terms of story. Some of us didn't want to wait every week for another forced cliffhanger so we either read on ahead, or read synopses from the wiki page.

So, when you say dumb shit like, "Omg, whale is ded how it wipe????" Don't be surprised when the people in here who know what will happen laugh at you. You can whine all you want, you can say how it isn't fair, and you can call us faggots. But, what you can't do is somehow pretend you're right when you only have about 10% of the information we have.

I hope this was educational, my buttblasted friends.
Come back when Ep.25 hits or spoil yourself now and enter the abyss.
>Also EP 25 is gonna be a double episode.

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In restrospect, I don't think Hajime's brilliant plan to join Chiaki in the Main Course worked
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What kind of next level twist is going to be waiting for us at the end of this one?

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This is your scientist for the night.
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Am I allowed to teach her how humans reproduce?
I didn't know scientists were so poor that they could only allow lab coats as clothing and nothing else.

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What is the modern day Neon Genesis Evangelion?
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Neon Go Fuck Yourselfion.
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a beauty.jpg
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Would you reject this cutie?
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She's kinda boring tbqh senpai.
is this an ova?
You wouldn't be able to think straight in her presence because of her cutness anyway, so you wouldn't notice.

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>dead manga
>dead thread
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>Chinks create Kancolle but with guns and no fucking compass
>Designs are better than Kancolle
Explain this boatfags
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>>Designs are better than Kancolle


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The funniest thing is that Japanese guy ripping of Chinks designs for his manga and then denying it.
Did you perhaps misunderstood the article?

>The design of Girls Frontline's Moselle Kar98k character (shown at left) debuted on August 7, 2015, while the design of Mushibugyō's Onmyō Karakuri Shikigami character Iyo (shown at right) debuted in the manga on January 6, 2016.

See image here: >>146728262

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Would these two have had a chance if Zouken wanted them to win and gave his full support? Their biggest problem was Berserker had no versatility, just attack attack attack, and Kariya was an awful tactician who never remotely did anything clever. We saw easily he can manipulate everything in HF if his cards are right.
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If he had shown himself to be someone even remotely capable of winning, Zouken might have done something. Doubt he would put too much of his effort into it though since he was putting basically all his chips on Sakura. If he had killed a single master, maybe Waver or COORUman if he bum-rushed his shit before their respective servants could do something, then I could see Zouken getting at least a bit interested. But no matter what, there's no way he would've had full support. As you said, Kariya sucked. He was too retarded to do anything even remotely useful and it doesn't help that Berserker can do fuck all on it's own other than fight stuff.

Being Kariya really is suffering.

Technically, how do you even lose with a Berserker? That's the strongest fighter one-on-one. Your plan would be "Berserker? Fuck this nigger up. Collateral damage? Who gives a shit, I want his head."

Like, Fate/Zero is better at this than in F/SN, where the fights end for no reason, but I can't help but think that the War would be very brief and very brutal.
Gigantic mana drain on the master and very predictable strategy.

I'd like to encourage everyone to take a quiet moment and reflect on how wonderful this show was.

Did it make enough for a second season?
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Manga is on hiatus, they simply don't have enough material to work with for second season.

I wouldn't mind them to make something original though.
I typically like this kind of SoL, but Makoto's incompetence at just about everything was really off-putting.
So she wants to be independent as a witch and there is absolutely nothing she can actually feel confident about - especially nothing witchcraft related?
Loved it, wish there was more but like the other anon said, there's not enough left. We might see an OVA or something but I doubt we'll get a second season.

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im gonna do it
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The thread will be gone before you can. I have faith in the mods.
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Lurk more.

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>original design has a small chest
>anime gives her nearly cowtits
Why is this even a thing?
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That doesn't make much sense considering that it's the same timeline.
They both look like nearly cowtits to me.

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