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>>You will never have a cute sister.
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They're only cute at first, anon. Then you have to suffer when they're slowly turning into shallow whores.
Having a sister is nothing like your mongolian cave paintings
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Is Kirino suppose to be cute?

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Why do so many faggots feel so strongly one way or the other about Anno? He's not really anything special, the only reason he's popular is because his work is pseudo-deep, has cute girls and some despair to get the edgy viewers hooked in.
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>it's a this thread again episode.
At least he doesn't stay at his mom's basement and complain about other people.
You don't know this.

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Megumi Kato Plain.jpg
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I don't see Megumi.
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Kill yourself.

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Weekend Waifu and Husbando Drawthread #2

Remember to relax and take it easy.


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I would like to request my beloved Mizunashi Akari with my kitten, please. https://i.imgur.com/6HIWNmj.jpg
Maybe he could be sitting on her legs while she pet its head?

Or how about Akari eating a delicious pizza?

Please and thank you if you pick up my request!
Requesting Eureka at a computer monitor looking tired, or simply her with bags under her eyes.

More refs: http://imgur.com/a/jK9yw

I would like to request Mai Natsume in her new swimsuit, possibly at the beach. Swimsuit reference:

Other ideas would also be appreciated such as Mai holding a morning star lily or smelling lilies of the valley:

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What would you do to this cat?
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There are a couple of doujins over on /h/ that describe what I'd do to this cat pretty perfectly.
lewd things
Bring its author back to life.

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Was he the only natural counter to Aizen?
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Aizen would crush him into a fine paste.
I don't think even his Vollstandig can alter the lethality of being a fine paste.
He had enough power to crush Ichigo, Nimaiya and Urahara tho.

The reason his power would crush Aizen is that escaping his gift bereich is impossible no matter how many illusions Aizen uses.
Yuzu playing doctor with Kazui when?

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Creepin' Ass Bitch.png
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Did they ever explain why this bitch is just hiding in the locker for the entire first half of Episode 1?
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Nope, most people who watched it didn't notice her either. They probably just added her there in a whim
Do you think Junko is hiding there?
I didn't even notice.

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I miss her, /a/.
S2 when?
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Hopefully it'll pull a Yama no Susume. 2 cour full length episodes when?
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As soon as it is paid for.

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best girls.jpg
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What do you call this type of character?
Genki? Autistic?
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Best. Those are both the two absolute best yurus. Saku is more a tsundere; Kyouko is a genki.
>mfw Sakurako is thinking about Himawari
>Toshino Kyouko is thinking about how to get rid of Akari next ep

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where were you when big order gut gud
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Alright what happened now?
so what happens?
Mc decided to confess his love toward imouto
Imouto rejected by publicly announce to the world that she's the one responsible for the great destruction decades ago
Mc then went to dream land where he meet with alternate version of his imouto
Imouto slapped Mc Mc then decided to kill his Imouto and have sex with her dead body

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So, the last chapter pretty much confirmed her as wife material.
We're all in agreement on this, right?
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>wife material
>we're all in agreement
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She's always been.

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Vegeta did better against Black they said
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mfw getting ready for subs
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happy gappy.png
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Gappy makes me happy
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>team of the best mafia assassins
>two faggots
>a more confident allesi
>a guy who hide in a Mirror
>a Professional assassin sided with an autist without confidence
>a rapist with a baby fetish
>a nerd who chimpout when someone dont speak italian properly
>a edgy man

diavolo was a dumbass to think these guys were assassins material

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Felix 69.jpg
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Episode 23 is titled "Unscrupulous Sloth" and it airs in 8 hours.

Preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhCIyUX9FeI

OP2 Full https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UevOcNzMck

Theater D Full https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sak8C3poI2Y
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Respect Rem or have fun with dead series
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>[Echidna: If a boy looks at me this much I’ll get embarrassed. I’m a woman after all... on top of that I’m not all that dressed well today. I only came out to find my sister, after all.]

I wanna marry echidna-nee!
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This is my daughter. She makes me a really proud father.

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>2 seasons of Tsundere bullshit
>48 fucking episodes of blue balls
>20+ hours of fucking Yoshida



I had not seen Shakugan No Shana since I finished the second season years ago and sort of lost track of it. I was extatic a few days ago when I found out there's a third season. Not that I was surprised since the balle masqué were still alive by the end of season 2 so there'd be loose ends to tie up. I'd pretty much went in spoiler free so I assumed it just picks up from after the Christmas Eve fiasco, since it was heavily implied that Yuji picked Shana.

How could they buttfuck it all up this badly? I marathoned season 1 and 2 and suffered through the movie and the specials for the last three days. I haven't slept well because of binge watching. All of it accumulating to just having Cuckji pulling a fucking 180. This was the biggest slap across my face since SEED Destiny.

You know what I'm gonna do? I'm going to keep watching. I'm already 3 episodes in and I'm going to put up with another 21 episodes of this shit. Why? Because I fucking hate myself. I probably won't even come back to this thread because I'm sure there'll be posts about how they finally end up together or that Yuji ends up disappearing for good or some bullshit. I'm going to go suffer till the cold embrace of utter disappointment and full on betrayal kill me.
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>I'm already 3 episodes in
I think that's where I dropped it, back when it aired.
I feel betrayed. And rage.
I liked the ending. Hope you enjoy, honestly.

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