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Why does Oda suck at creating good female characters. Nearly all of them are bland and forgettable and don't do anything really important. Any one that argues is usually a permavirgin waifufag. Take pic related for example. Just a walking fetish. Her devil fruit ability is also really lame and uncreative.
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Because Oda is machist......... or maybe very japanese men.

Japan has a shitty culture about the women, always.
Oda is better than most shounen mangaka at female characters, he just sucks at drawing them.
>Just a walking fetish
Where's the problem?
You type like you need more vitamin D
It's just his style. He's not as bad as Locon and his sameface traps.

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Find a flaw, /a/.
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It's not /a/ related
geezer fucking gutter slut
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>implying there's anything wrong with liking older men

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Those lyrics are so wrong that I'm actually embarrassed for you.
Bites the Dust should have activated while Kira was a ghost.

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9 episodes already, what are your opinions about this?
Thread theme
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Its nyaanderful.
>that pv
Its inevitable I guess.
No contest.

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Weekend's here, let's party the night away! Post gif/webm of dancing animu grills

It's time again to listen to anime remixes and EDM tunes straight from Japan, mixed live by our fine crew of little DJ girls!

Link is in the pastebin

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dance thread you say?
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is cute
The bullying goes too far sometimes...

Which one of these lovely ladies do you pick for tonight?
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Whoever is the flattest.
Has Ninja been stripped yet?

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So Hi Score Girl re-released volumes 1-5 along with the release of volume 6, and each of the volumes have 1 extra chapter in them.
This is the first of those bonus chapters, and it's about the game Double Dragon. I've played it a lot so this chapter gave me a lot of nostalgia.

Also, the translator who's doing the vol 1-5 extra chapters is too busy to do volume 6 so I'm also looking for a translator to help with volume 6.
A kind /a/non translated the first chapter of volume 6, but would anyone be interested in translating the rest?
I have all the chapters cleaned and redrawn and I can do the typesetting myself.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter
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Everyone misses me, but sadly the mod didn't.
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What was his name again?
Carding Chimpanzee
Krusher Kong

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These are your 15 year olds for tonight.
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Translation fucking when?
I'd berry my dick so hard skittles would name a flavor after me
Can I have some meat instead?

Does anyone even still care? 5 episodes devoted to the battle beast.
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Tfw you'll never see her duel again aside from saving her from the parasite thing.
We have three episodes to go and Yuya is down to 100 lp already, I'm ready for some bullshit.
Wait, Yuya's already down to 100 lp already? Jesus fuck and Jack intruding already cuts him down to 2000, christ, that definitely means Yuya can't use his synchros now, Tuning Magician's effect will make him lose if he summons it and I doubt he'll have a turn to summon both enlightenment paladin and immediately go into Nirvana High

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What did /a/ think of this manga?
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A masterpiece.
Overrated garbage.
It needed a more satisfying ending.
Also Kenji and airport cop got shafted hard.

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Is Kokoro Connect worth watching?
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i don't know haven't watched it . but i would say no . seems to be moeshit
The first story arc is pretty good, and the best girl wins the MCbowl but that's about all the praises I can sing
Do it for Inaba.

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Aoi Asahina is the killer.
Lets talk about how great Chisa is!
I just love her. She's so loyal, motivated, and cute.
She also taught all my SDR2 pals about comradery.
It sure is nice to have such a great character in this anime!
Now, I understand that there's a lot of people out there who think she's the mastermind...
I highly doubt that personally but, if she is I am sure she'll be the most adorablest mastermind ever with only the best intentions.
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She's also a big liar.

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Nice thread
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What did he mean by this
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/a/, I'm not sure how to tell you this, but I actually have no problem with Iroha winning.

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