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Is /a/ ready for OVA4?
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Here are the designs for the show, starting with Tenchi.
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Why did I watch this again?
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To make a shitty thread on /a/.
To see if you're interested in the LN like most adaptations
>season two never

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What went wrong ?
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>Animal Crossing
Wait, what?
>7-8, maybe 10 shows max in 06 that are notable in retrospect
And that's only because supposedly they're good and well liked. I didn't like a whole lot out of that season besides Galaxy Angel.

I'm planning on starting at least 25 shows this coming Fall. Even if I drop 20 of them it'll still be a better season to me than fall 06.

If you're one of those faggots going "hurr only 1 show to watch, only drifters or 91 days or whatever is MANIME enough for me" then take a hint, the season doesn't suck, your taste sucks and Japan doesn't cater to it. Bitching at us won't change this; leave the board if you don't like it.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I never liked it that much.
I already like it, but please continue posting until the end of time.
I liked it before it was cool.

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Episode 22
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>Episode 23 preview.
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Final form <- Third form <- Second form <- First form

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Did they fuck?
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>Ishida and Nishimiya fuckin
>she doesn't know how loud she's being
>Ishida tries to muffle the sounds
>mom walks in while it looks like he's raping her
What part of the manga is this from?
Looks like the part where he catches her cleaning all the graffiti off of his desk

What went wrong?

It needed more yuri.
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Cross Ange is not a series about yuri love, it is a series with lesbians. Get it right.
>no subbed festa event on the Sentai disc
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>It needed more yuri.
Accurate. It just needed one more episode with SoL antics and lots of lesbian sex.

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On your side, to protect someone
Is it just to destroy what is in your way?
Can't deny, to continue on that logic
There is possibility to make an empty world

There are times where you cannot see anything
Times to believe only the /ai/ idle activities you see
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>Hibiki think those old ass wings still cool
Maybe she will use the Paradise Coord next.
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Bien hecho, OP.
Juri ruins everything once again.

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Betelgeuse 20.png
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Next episode (23) is titled "Unscrupulous Sloth".

Preview in 3 days.

Get hyped.
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best boy.gif
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I want to kiss and cuddle with Felix under a starry night sky. I would gently put my hand on his penis and carefully massage it, listening him moan in the darkness. He would try to hold back his first orgasm, but fails.

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Who is the cutest?
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Sonia, of course.
I want to fuck the little bunny.
When will Despair go back to actually focusing on the 2nd game's cast who isn't Chiaki, Hajime, and sometimes Nagito?

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How long will we have to wait before we get another crack at getting Warspite?
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1 year.
>failing such a easy event
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>ksm lives a hard life is back

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The animeonly cancer is reaching critical density
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EoH Dance.webm
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Don't open it
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The universe has been reset. It is claimed in the name of God.

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When will everyone's favourite pharmacist and straw hat appear again?
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Only LufyxHancock and SanjixNami will happen.

How is it pronounced?

La-Fee or La-Fye?

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so which char of dr1 will die
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My guess is that Makoto will die

Why is Kirigiri so thicc?

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Ahahah! Mhahaha!
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Black is PERFECT
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first for OTP
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Did you think you could outspeed him with a post based on emotions?

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